Best Blow Up Mattress For Guests

Best Blow Up Mattress For Guests

Guests may drop by in your house, and you have to be prepared for such events such as a sleepover or even all-day entertainment. In such cases, you will need best blow up mattress for guests. Blow up mattresses have been improved from yesteryears as just being thick layers, which keeps you just a little bit above the ground. Nowadays, there are tons of products on the market. Choosing the right product is all about knowing its intended use and the budget you are willing to shell out. 

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Types of best blow up mattress for guests

Many consumers will be attracted to a raised mattress. With this type of mattress, it is easier to get in and out than an option that is low on the ground. Raised mattresses also look quite similar to traditional mattresses, and once they are inflated, they also give superior comfort. 

Convertible air beds are another option and can serve as a piece of furniture too. This bed is a great option if you just want comfortable seating and aren’t ready to go to bed. Self-inflatable products have pumps built right on the bed, which is a great convenience. 

Lastly, there are best blow up mattress for guests that already have frames and rails and will be a great solution to your sleeping needs since they look just like real beds. 

Best blow up mattress for guests–how to Choose an Air Bed

Comfort Level / Thickness

Overall, the comfort level that a mattress give is related to the level of thickness. Thicker mattresses will give a higher level of comfort than thinner ones. Thicker mattresses mean you will have more air under you throughout the night.

It is normal and common to lose some of the inflation overnight. This happens most, especially if the night is cool. As you start out, it is crucial to have a thick pad of air underneath you. If the mattress is thin, you will be slightly comfortable, but as the night progresses and it deflates, you will be waking up with your body partially on the ground. 

Another comfort to be considered is the use of different materials like memory foam. In this regard, the air is used in the mattress to support body weight. As a plus factor, you get high levels of comfort with the memory foam. This option is more expensive, but it does provide comfortable sleep. 


Similar to regular mattresses, inflatable beds come in different sizes as well. They range from twin sizes to king sizes. Selecting the right size is a crucial consideration and make sure your choice suits your needs. Twin beds and full-size beds are an excellent choice for outdoor use. If you don’t have a big family there really is no point in getting a super-sized bed, especially when you are using it for camping under a tent. 

The most popular size is the Queen type. It is large enough to sleep a couple of adults, but it is smaller than a King size. It is small enough not to take up an entire living room space or bedroom. A lot of manufacturers make the Queen size more than any other size; thus, consumers have tons of options to choose from.

Finally, the King size is great if you have extra space and room and don’t mind shelling out the extra cost. If you are using a King size for guests, they will be grateful for the spacious sleeping space you provided for them.  


Pets are much loved and indispensable in your life; if you keep them inside, you might find them leaping in bed with you, and their little paws and playful nips might cause holes and damages on the air bd causing it to deflate. There are qualities you should look for in an air bed, so you and your guests will not wake up on a slowly deflating surface. 

Best Blow Up Mattress For Guests

Materials that are heavy duty and have enforcements help stop damage. These qualities also help the product to have a longer life span. A good warranty ensures that punctures and other damages will be answered for. Of course, for your health and the health of your pet, choosing nontoxic materials are paramount. 

Many choices on the market have pumps built-in, making them even more convenient, especially if you are using them in camping or outdoors. Make sure that you choose a product that fits your pet as well as something that provides comfort and support for you. 

Ease of Use

The process of inflating a bed can be a challenging chore. If you have the right equipment, it can be quick and easy. Pumps are incredible and give convenience in these situations. However, it is a surprise that some products still require the use of manual hand or foot pumps. This chore requires sweat and effort before you can finally use the bed for the night. 

However, some products come with inflating devices that can run on electricity. You can use them either with batteries or by plugging them in an outlet. This option makes inflating your bed so much easier. 

The best advantage of a pump that is automatic is the ability to add air back to your mattress any time during the night. If you wake up with a deflating air bed, you can immediately pump air right back into it with just a flick of a switch. 

This option is a great convenience, and the extra cost that entails will be worth it in the end. A lot of people will be reluctant to re-inflate the bed manually in the middle of the night. 

Air Holding capacity

Of course, it is a crucial point. With a spring mattress or ordinary mattress, you don’t have to think how well it will hold up during the night. However, you have to think about the holding ability feature when only the mattress and air separate you from the ground. 

This is acritical point, especially when you are using the bed for sleeping in a cold environment such as outdoors or camping in a tent. 

If you are outdoors at nighttime where temperatures fluctuate and drop, your mattress must hold air as much as possible. Cold temperatures condense air, meaning there is a higher chance for your bed to deflate, and by morning there won’t be much padding between you and the ground. 

Although there really isn’t much, you can do with cold weather; you can pick a product with a greater air holding ability. If your bed suddenly has a leak or two and combined with the challenge of a cold temperature, you will find yourself flat on the ground in no time. Look around for high-quality products that have well-built design and superior materials to prevent leaks when it happens. 


It is a great plus if your best blow up mattress for guests come with some kind of warranty protection. At the very least you should buy from a company with a good reputation and good customer service. If something happens and goes wrong, you don’t want to be left alone to fix the problem. You need a backup for troubleshooting the problem. 

Warranties and service are especially crucial if your purchase comes with a motor. 

However, it should be noted that your warranty coverage will depend on the amount of money you have invested. Going for expensive options should return you with some warranty protection. If you purchase a cheaper model, you will be more likely on your own. 

Overall, you will want to think about the perks you want to get and how long you want it to last. Getting a product with a good warranty coverage gives you peace of mind. You will be paying for the benefits of the purchase price. 


The price of the product is as crucial as all other points considered. Expect to shell out two hundred dollars for a quality product. If you go the inexpensive route, you will be paying less, but the features, comfort, and other benefits will be slashed. 

Overall, you will be considering what your mattress can give you and whether it will be suitable for your needs or not. 

If you are just looking for something decent to lay on your tent’s floor on a camping trip, you can save hundreds of dollars by picking an inexpensive option from a respected brand. 

If you need to inflate a best blow up mattress for guests in a spare room, you may want to go for the higher priced sophisticated models. A nicer product will give you a better sleep surface for a good night’s sleep. Consider what you need and set a budget range for one that matches your needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make the bed softer?

A fluffy cushy topper is an excellent way to change your mattress’s feel without having to purchase a whole new bed. Topper products are great since they add a few inches of padding for ultimate comfort. However, sinking into a comfortable surface takes away your body’s exposure to circulating air, which will cause you to retain heat.  

Best Blow Up Mattress For Guests

It is a good thing that a lot of companies are thinking ahead and have designed toppers that deal with the additional heat. Some added features of these toppers are gels and breathable textiles to counterbalance these issues. 

Is the air is too much?

It should be noted that best blow up mattress for guests should never be overfilled with air. Although it may be tempting to fill it up with air to the maximum capacity, especially in cold weather, leaks may occur. 

Each product is different, and while some beds have a pressure gauge, other models need to be manually checked. Many manufacturers recommend filling the beds up to 90 percent capacity the first few times to ensure that your weight and the maximum pressure don’t cause leaks. Although you may be attracted to a super firm bed, you have to deal with a little less air to minimize the risk of leaks. 

Best blow up mattress for guests—Top 3 choices



Product Name: SoundAsleep Dream Series Mattress

Product Description: SoundAsleep Dream Series Mattress best blow up mattress for guests to make sure sleepovers are comfy and promote sweet dreams. There aren’t a lot of sophisticated features on this mattress. It is pretty basic, just a solid all-around performer. It has gotten top ratings as a best blow up mattress for guests. It features 40 internal air coils for support and durability. A push of a button means easy inflation. The internal pump will do all the muscle work, and the mattress will expand in just under four minutes. The size of this best blow up mattress for guests is queen size and is a double-height model. Many reviewers rave about this best blow up mattress for guests, and their comments range from the comfortable sleeping surface to its attractive looks.

Availability: InStock

  • Materials
  • Durability
  • Comfort


The design of this best blow up mattress for guests is top-notch. It has comfort cell technology and sure grip bottom to promote firmness and stability. No slipping or sliding. The 40 internal air coils give durability and support for your bed. It will remain flat and firm, so you are guaranteed a good night’s sleep. 


  • Patented one-click internal pump
  • Premium double-height raised bed
  • Extra thick waterproof locked top


  • Bows in the middle

Fox Air Beds Plush High Rise Mattress

Fox Air Beds Plush High Rise Mattress

Fox Air Beds Plush High Rise Mattress best blow up mattress for guests has memory foam, which is just a bonus. The memory foam is fixed just above the air chambers. 

As part of the set, there are two pillows included in this best blow up mattress for guests and a two-way air pump for easy inflation. You can also inflate it with an external pump. There are several size choices to choose from, ranging from Twin XL to King size. 

  • Durable even for taller and heavier users
  • Easy to inflate
  • Great sleep quality
  • Tends to get cold

Insta-Bed Raised

Insta-Bed Raised

This best blow up mattress for guests is great to b used for extended periods. Longer use requires the best comfort at all times.

Insta-Bed Raised may differ from a traditional mattress, but it does have great features. For one thing, it is 18 inches tall so you will have an easier time getting in and out of bed. 

The pump provided also pumps quietly to re-inflate the bed as you sleep so you won’t be surprised with a deflated bed that lays you flat on the ground by morning. 

  • high-quality material
  • Perfect for outdoor and even indoor use
  • Included carry bag for convenient storage and travel
  • No negative reviews so far

Final Thoughts

Don’t miss bonding times with friends and family and invite then for long stays and sleepovers on the weekends and holidays. Technological advancements in the best blow up mattress for guests makes them easy to use and super comfortable. These inflatable beds are a better option than traditional beds since they are easier to store and transport. Use them indoors and even outdoors. 

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