How to Clean Inflatable Pool Toys – Steps and Tips 2020

During the summer season, the most convenient and economic way to cool down from the summer heat is to set up an inflatable pool over your backyard. To make it more enjoyable, it is better to add some inflatable floaties. Yet, the main concern that comes with it is the way on how to clean inflatable pool toys. 

As we go along, we will share to you the proper way of cleaning inflatable floaties. We will also give you a brief idea on how these inflatables acquire dirt along the way. So, if you’re ready, check those tips and helpful insights below. 

How do Inflatable Pool Toys Accumulate Dirt and Molds

Generally, inflatable pools and pool toys can actually make your backyard an enjoyable water park. This can be a big help for kids to cool down during summer. Moreover, the inflatable pool floaties are generally affordable and durable which come in various shapes and sizes.

However, there are times that the inflatable pool and floaties can get slimy. When this is already the case, you should need to decide to use those ways on how to clean inflatable pool toys. Keep in mind that these slimy texture over your pool and inflatable toys are an indication of bacterial and mold growth. 

But, how do molds and bacteria penetrate these inflatables? Actually, the water in an inflatable swimming pool must be changed for every 8 hours. The moment the water is left on it for a few hours or days, it will usually become stagnant. Through this, the growth of bacteria and mold is on a significantly high level.

How to clean inflatable pool toys

The most common bacteria present on stagnant waters are the E.coli up to the species of Shigella. They can actually breed on waters that are not moving. Because of this, bacterial growth on the water will also cling to the surfaces of the pool and inflatable floaties. 

Moreover, they will stay there until the next time the kids go into it. Stagnant pool water that is dirty enough can typically a factor for stomach upset and pink eye. That’s the reason why it is very essential to deflate inflatable pool and allows the floaties to dries up completely until its next use. 

Many families tend to worry about the water bills that may be highly crucial every time kids jump in. But what really matters is the kids health by cleaning those inflatables around.

Effective Ways on How to Clean Inflatable Pool Toys

In swimming or taking a bath in a tub, putting on some inflatable floaties is a way to enjoy the water. Playtime over the water gives an amazing experience for the kids regardless of the type of inflatable pool floaties you place on it. However, leaving these inflatable toys over the water for a long period of time frequently may accumulate mold and mildew growth. 

Below are the common steps on how to clean inflatable pool toys.

  1. Initially, drain the extra water from the toy.
  2. Using soap and warm water, basically, brush those inflatables.
  3. Moreover, through a towel or air drying process, dry out the toys.

However, these are just the basic ways on how to clean inflatable pool toys. Fortunately, there are other options which you can choose to effectively clean those floaties. Regardless of the methods being used, we will guide you on finding out the best and effective ones. 

How to clean inflatable pool toys

Natural Cleaning 

Actually, the best option on how to clean inflatable pool toys is to use natural substaces that are available within your home. The vinegar and baking soda generally help you to avoid the use of harsh chemicals.

Vinegar solution

To use this natural cleaning method on how to clean inflatable pool toys, basically mix 2 parts of warm water and 1 part of white vinegar. Basically, this natural home remedy will remove unwanted residue. Give credits to the acidity of white vinegar. 

In case the solution is already prepared, it is already time to soak the inflatable pool toys in there. Allow the floaties to submerged into the vinegar solution for around 10 to 15 minutes. This time will generally ensure that the solution will get into the toys as well.

Moreover, once the soaking process is already done, its time to scrub the surface of the inflatable pool floaties. This can be effectively done through the use of a small brush. After that, rinse those toys and dry them with a towel. You can also let them expose into the air for the natural drying process.

Aside from that, keep in mind that during the drying process, the inflatable pool floaties must be in an upright position. This will generally reduce the amount of water that penetrates inside the toy. After drying, then it’s time to play with it again.

Baking Soda Solution

Generally, different floaties require various treatments. Along with this, it also entails different ways on how to clean inflatable pool toys. Moreover, chlorine on the pool is one of the best ways to keep the inflatable toys sanitized. But, the moment you observe a slimy texture over those floaties, it’s basically time to clean it. 

Additionally, another natural way on how to clean inflatable pool toys is the use of baking soda. Preparing this solution is almost the same with the vinegar solution. It basically needs ¼ cup of baking soda and 1 quart of warm water. Primarily, prepare those floaties by letting them dry prior to cleaning.

In case, the floaties are just small, then it is better to soak them. Just guarantee to place a maximum coverage on it. Meanwhile, large inflatable pool toys must be wiped with the baking soda solution before rinsing. 

Generally, the solution of baking soda will naturally scrub out dirt and algae. Aside from that, it will also take off chemicals from the surface of the floaties. This will basically prevent the formation of mold thus reducing the risk of acquiring illnesses.

Deep Cleaning Method

Another way on how to clean inflatable pool toys in a more thorough approach is the use of chlorine and water mixture. Generally, this will sanitize the inflatable pool floaties. However, this method must be used infrequently. And, once there is the presence of molds on the floaties, relatively high levels of chlorine bleach may be harmful to the toys. 

The regular combination of these substances must be 1 tablespoon of chlorine bleach and 1 gallon of water. With an average of 2 minutes, soak the inflatable pool floaties in there. Moreover, make sure that it completely submerge into the water. In case the soaking is finished, rinse the floaties roughly and dry it out in the air through upright position. 

This way on how to clean inflatable pool toys is also generally applicable for pool toys made of plastics. Aside from that, it is also good for cleaning foam toys such as noodles. The only downside is that foam is a porous substance which allows the quick growth of bacteria and molds. In case of mold formation over the foam toys, the only best option is a total replacement. 

On the other hand, the solution for cleaning pool toys comes in slight alterations. It usually demands about 2 tablespoons of chlorine bleach over the water of 1 gallon. The moment the deep cleaning solution is already prepared, scrub the inflatables using a brush. Rinse it after and generally let it dry in the air. 

Proper storage after cleaning

The way on how to clean inflatable pool toys is only a halfway to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Moreover, proper storage after the cleaning process will contribute to the increased probability of reducing molds and mildew over inflatable pool toys. 

Additionally, once finished with the water splashing, ensure that you follow proper rinsing of floaties and prevent any extra water. Aside from that, make sure that the pool toys are completely dry prior to storage on a breathable and low moisture surrounding. 

Helpful Tips on How to Clean Inflatable Pool Toys

Inflatable pool floaties have various usages when placed over the pool waters. Actually, most of us tend to see the importance of cleaning and maintenance of the inflatable pools. But, the sad reality is that the way on how to clean inflatable pool toys is not given much priority. 

Basically, simple scrubbing of those floaties can help your kiddos and even other family members to enjoy the water more. Moreover, clean foam toys like foam noodles every three to four times every swimming session. Generally, it is necessary to schedule the treatment for inflatables and plastic pool toys. 

Afterwards, let it dry over the air prior to storage. Keep in mind that leftover moisture is the main cause of mold and bacterial growth. Below are helpful tips on proper inflatable pool toys storage.

Storage for Inflatable Pool Toys During Summer

Basically, the proper storage room for inflatable pool toys is highly important. Yet, ensure to damage those floaties during rainy, windy, or other harsh weather conditions while in summer is also of great importance. Once finished with the cleaning and drying of the inflatable pool floaties, it is better to keep them in an enclosed and dry area. 

Storage for Inflatable Pool Toys During Winter

When the summer season has ended, winter is on its way out. During this season, it better keep and store inflatables including toys and pools for longer periods of time due to its being off-season. Storing those inflatable pool floaties clean and sanitized may be a big help to have a safe and enjoyable swimming time for the next summer. 

However, always ensure that the inflatable pool floaties are clean and completely dry before storing it. The recommended storage areas for these inflatable pool floaties are the basements and garage. Moreover, cover them securely to avoid any damaging winter elements. 

Final Thoughts

Along with the inflatable pool, the inflatable pool floaties are actually wet all throughout the day. They may typically accumulate the growth of molds and bacteria when stored without drying them out completely. That’s why the proper way on how to clean inflatable pool toys is the best method to clean and sanitize it. Moreover, utilizing the appropriate cleaning method is also a great way to make those floaties clean and safe for the next use. 

Since the inflatable pool always seems to be wet during summer, so the best way to prevent mold and mildew from growing is to use it regularly. Chance the water every time and scrub the pool wall with a towel. This inflatable pool can bring your kids a wonderful cool summertime. 

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