The 4 Best Blow Up Mattress for Home

Having the best blow up mattress for home is the key to a good quality sleep. Whether you are in a temporary living condition, have regular guests coming to your, or you are going camping, it is important to have a quality blow up mattress. While regular mattress are durable, there will come a time when you will need a blow up mattress that is simple to set-up, store, and transport from one place to another.

Due to the wide array or blow up mattress in the market, looking for the best one can be intimidating. Do not worry because you are in the right place. Upon careful evaluation, we came up with our reviews of the 4 best blow up mattress for home. Aside from that, we will also provide a short buying guide for blow up mattresses.

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Choosing the Best Blow Up Mattress for Home

If you are an extrovert and you love to bring friends and relatives in your house, then you will most likely have people to stay over most of the time. Or you are fond of camping. Either way, it is a great idea to have the best blow up mattress for home that you can also bring with you on trips. The primary reason why a lot of people prefer to have blow up mattress a home is because they are compact, lightweight, easy to store and transport. Aside from that, they are also much cheaper compared to a regular mattress.

Due to the advancement of technology, airbeds have evolved in durability, comfort, height, and size. As a matter of fact, there are air mattresses that offer real bed-like comfort. When looking for the best air mattress, below are some factors to consider:

  • great design features like the air coil technology
  • budget friendly with good quality
  • top rated reviews
  • structure and comfort
  • durability

What do you look out for in the best blow up mattress for home?

✔ Price and Materials

Price is normally the first thing that buyers will check when shopping for a blow up mattress. The most expensive airbed can cost up to hundred dollars. However, a higher priced mattress does not always mean they are made with superior quality materials. It is still important to look for a budget friendly mattress or a high priced mattress that are durable.

The reason for the different prices of air mattress is the materials that manufacturers use in producing them. Laminated vinyl is the most popular choice when it comes to blow up mattress. Lamination prevents the material from wearing down easily from frequent use.

Aside from laminated vinyl, another durable material is the PVC. Blow up mattresses that are made with vinyl are more expensive. If you want a unit model that will last you for a long time, we recommend going for PVC.

✔ Power source for pump

Several blow up mattress get their power source from either an electric pump that you can plug in a main socket. Others have a battery powered pump. In the present times, only few models of blow up mattress come with a manual pump.

The most powerful pump is the plug in air pump. However, it is very loud. If you prefer a lighter pump, the go for D-cells. The downside with D-cells is that they are not always able to inflate the whole mattress.

While manual are not commonly used in inflating mattress, it can provide a surprising degree of firmness that is not comparable with that of electric pump and D-cells.

✔ Dimensions

Who is going to use the blow up mattress? And how many persons are going to sleep on it? Aside from the number of persons, height and weight are also important. More often than not, height is the selling key of most manufacturers.

Also, for persons with disability or older people having difficulty rising from the bed that is too low, dimensions are more crucial than price.

✔ Does it hold air?

This factor is very important when looking for an airbed. You do not want to inflate your mattress and it will just deflate in the next hours. How excellent a mattress is when it comes to holding air is the main focus of most customer reviews.

The majority of blow up mattresses have a disclaimer about the stretch on inflation. The purpose of this is for the customer to not assume that the airbed is leaking. That being said, plenty of air mattresses leak without even stretching. The problem is that it is hard to determine how airtight a mattress is. It is also important to consider the warranty. It is best to choose a model that offers at least 1 year warranty.

✔ Assessing your needs

Looking for the best blow up mattress for everyday use can instantly turn in to full-time work. It can be troublesome to buy one without even having to test or feel it. If you are looking for mattress for outdoor use, you must look for models that are made with PVC materials. They are stronger but they are more expensive. Also, they last longer and can endure tough conditions.

In addition to that, blow up mattresses that are made from PVC materials offer additional support and comfort. Since you are using the mattress for home use, a laminated vinyl will work just fine. Mattresses that are made from vinyl comes with an internal pump or manual pump because of the connectivity feature that is included in the home setting. Furthermore, they opt to duplicate the features of a mattress and can provide other benefits.

Best Blow Up Mattress for Home – Our Top 4 Picks!

Our #1 Choice

Our Top Pick: SABLE Blow Up Mattress for Home

Product Name: SABLE Blow Up Mattress for Home

Product Description: The Sable Air Mattress Inflatable with elevated built-in pillow bed comes with an internal high capacity pump and a height of 17". This product will never disappoint you as its new structure gives stronger support as well as improved spinal support. If you are looking for an air mattress that gives similar comfort like that of a regular mattress, we highly recommend this product. This air mattress features the newest I-beam air coil that adjusts to the shape of your body for a one of a kind sleeping experience. Not only that, it also comes with a built-in electric pump that instantly inflates and deflates in just 3-5 minutes.

Availability: InStock

  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Easy to inflate
  • Overall Quality


Have a good quality sleep with the Sable Air Mattress that has extra strong support. Designed with superior quality puncture-resistant material and the latest I-Beam structure, this will certainly the most luxurious blow-up mattress that you will ever have. Also, this blow-up mattress is perfect for people of all ages due to its ergonomic design. Best of all, it only takes 5 minutes to inflate with the built-in electric pump 


Highly durable

Built-in raised pillow 

Real bed-like comfort

Built-in electric pump 



none so far



Product description:

If you are looking for the best blow up mattress for home that you can easily bring with you on the trip, the Simmons Beauty Rest Hi-Loft Inflatable Air Mattress is another great option. It is also the perfect solution in case you need an extra bed for your guest or sleep over. What is great about this mattress is that you can easily from firm to plush in just a touch of a button.

Another great thing about this blow up mattress is that the plush velveteen sleep surface keeps the sheet from slipping and is made with superior quality puncture-resistant vinyl. Furthermore, it is 100% leak tested. Cleaning this mattress is also easy as you only need to spot clean it with water.

This air mattress also comes with a nylon carrying bag if the mattress is not in use or you are planning to bring it with you. No need to worry about rocking and side to side motion that can disturb your sleep because of the vertical beam construction with buit-in edge support. Inflation made easy with the hands free electric express pump.

With this air mattress, you will get what you pay for. The quality of materials and structure of the mattress will surely give you a good quality sleep.

  • Electric Express Pump
  • Made with the plush velveteen sleep surface
  • Vertical beam construction
  • Not suitable for every day use

INTEX DURA BEAM Blow Up Mattress

Product description:

The Intex Dura Beam Deluxe Blow Up Mattress is made up with thousands of polyester fibers that work together to give you amazing strength, world-class comfort, superior stability, one of a kind durability, decreased weight.

Other amazing features of the Dura Beam Plus are, edge lock construction for added sleeping space and mattress stability. The indented slides prevent the fitted sheets from slipping, resulting to a more comfy, snug fit. In addition to that, the plush dual air pillow top system provides extra sleeping comfort.

With the Intex Dura Beam Blow Up Mattress, your comfort is their utmost priority which is why they made the mattress covered in a soft, plush sleeping surface to give more comfort. If the mattress is not in use or you will bring it to a friend’s house, the storage and transport are made easy by the convenient carry bag. The blow-up mattress will fold compactly after you use it to fit on the carry bag. Best of all, of instant inflation and deflation, it comes with an internal electric pump. If you prefer to use a manual pump, you can also do so.

The Dura-Bed series are the only mattress available with Intex’s patented Fiber-Tech interior Construction. The regular interior construction has been improved with lightweight, superior strength fibers for one of a kind comfort and durability.

  • Edge lock construction
  • Velvety sides
  • Indented slides to prevent the mattress from slipping
  • Comes with an electric pump for easy deflation and inflation
  • Air can leak out at the beginning

COLEMAN SupportRest Blow Up Mattress

Product description:

Last on our list of the best blow up mattress for home use but definitely not the least is the Coleman SupportRest Elite PillowStop Double-High Airbed. Have a wonderful sleep with this superior quality air bed. Homeowners and even guests will surely fall into amazing comfort with the world-class pillow top. In addition to that, the antimicrobial treated sleep area is free from odor, fungus, and mildew. That being said, you can comfortably this blow up mattress to your friends and guests even if your are using it every day.

Another great thing about this product is that it perfect shapes to your body and improve support and sleep quality. Furthermore, it decreases bulging for a more balanced and parallel sleeping surface. Aside from the coil construction, it also has double valve lock which prevents the air from escaping once you get rid of the pump. As for the second lock, it keeps the air while you sleep.

Unlike other blow up mattress that deflates in just one week, this airbed by Coleman made sure that such circumstance will not occur. The mattress also has extra height that keeps you cozy off the floor. In the even that the blow up mattress is not in use, you can store it in the included zippered storage bag.

  • Airtight system
  • Double lock valve
  • Comfort strong coil construction
  • For indoor use only

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you sleep on an air mattress every night?

A: Fortunately, yes. Thanks to the advancement in technology, manufacturers are able to produce high quality airbeds that are perfect for every day use. The above-mentioned blow up mattresses are durable enough to use every day. It is also important to choose the type of mattress depending on how you are going to use it. This is because there are mattress for home use, camping, and guests.

Q: How long does an air mattress last?

A: Depending on the quality of materials used, proper maintenance, and structure, a blow up mattress should last for 10-15 years. It is important to take note that if you have the best blow up mattress for home and it is not use, then make sure you store it properly.

Q: Is it bad to leave an air mattress inflated?

A: You can easily inflate a blow up mattress in a few minutes using either a manual pump or an electric pump. On the other hand, they take much longer to deflate. If you leave the air mattress for a long time, it can be dangerous for the mattress. Forcing the air out stretches the seams and may cause the seals to burst.

Q: Can my air mattress explode?

A: The truth about air mattress is that they are not made for every day use. Otherwise, they can burst anytime especially if you are using it everyday and it stays inflated for a long time. Good news, there were very few cases that a blow up mattress exploded. Good thing the fabric is a sturdy stuff. Furthermore, not all blow up mattress have auto shut off but they will not explode.

Q: Why do my air mattress get holes?

A: There are various reasons why your air mattress get holes. If you end up buying a low quality mattress, then you should expect that it is susceptible to holes, scratches, and damages. The most common cause of mattress holes are frequent temperature changes.

Final Words

Those are the 4 best blow up mattress for home. Regardless of the product you choose, you or your guest will definitely have a comfortable sleep. The above-mentioned blow up mattresses are made with durable quality materials and come with electric pump for easy inflation.

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