10 Blow-up Toys for Swimming Pools – Our Ultimate Guide

Swimming is actually fun, but to completely enjoy it the use of inflatable toys is highly advantageous. Actually, even adults may love to play over the water through this blow-up toys for swimming pools. In case you want to enjoy the water by having these inflatables check our list below for your ultimate guide. Aside from that, we will also share creative ways for inflating those blow-up toys.  

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Ways on How to Blow Up Toys for Swimming Pools

Below are creative ways in blowing up toys for swimming pools. These are also applicable for other inflatables such as pools, sofas, and mattresses.

Through Electric and Battery-Operates Pumps

Most inflatable mattresses, chairs, and sofas are blown up through the use of electric and battery-operated pumps. Usage of this pump is an advantage as it inflates faster. Moreover, electric pumps entail various nozzles which enable it to blow up fitness balls, inflatable kayaks, and pool toys. 

Use of Shop Vac

Having a shop vac is a slicker technology that can generally saves bucks. This technique can basically inflate sofas, chairs, and mattresses. However, this tool generally cost a lot.

Through Manual Air Pumps

Generally, a good option for blowing up air mattresses and any inflatables far from a power source. Yet, the use of hand pumps can be tedious so the foot pump is much better. In case, you are near a power source, this manual pump is highly economical as it saves you money. 

Take the benefit of using a hairdryer

Actually, if you are opting for a more economical alternative, a hair dryer is a big help. However, you must have to use it in a cool setting in order to inflate the product fairly. The only drawback is that it does not have any nozzle to fit securely into the plug of the inflatable tool. In order to properly inflate it, you must have to hold everything to keep it in place.

The Trick of the Garbage Plastic Bags

The cheapest way of blowing up inflatable is through the use of the garbage plastic bag. However, it is not as fast compared with the use of pumps, shop vac or hairdryer. 

What to Look for When Buying Blow-up Toys for Swimming Pools

Letting the kids enjoy their day while splashing their feet over the water must need your keen eye. Aside from that, blow up toys for swimming pools generally help kids to enjoy the water more. Not only that kids may be happy for these toys but adults may also do as well. However, allowing these toys over the pool may also be a factor for more safety measures. Below are the important things to consider when buying blow-up toys for swimming pools.


Basically, things that last longer are really a good choice and may not disappoint you. That’s the reason why you need to check on this matter once you decide to buy blowup toys for swimming pools. Moreover, look for those that can adapt easily and ensure that they will still be there as your kids grow.  

Moves easily

Most of the time, blow up toys for swimming pools are intended to be moved from one place to another. A good choice of blow-up toys will guarantee that they are not that heavy and that you would easily carry them around. Aside from that, the ease of moving the toys over the pool is a great factor to saves time and energy.


The ideal blow up toys for swimming pools must give a guarantee that kid even adults may have more fun and truly enjoy their time over the water. Additionally, it should give a fun swimming experience for people of all ages.

List of Blow Up Toys for Swimming Pools

OUR TOP PICKS: Intex Recreation Color Whirl Tube

Product Name: Intex Recreation Color Whirl

Product Description: Intex Recreation Color Whirl Tube is one of the good blow-up toys for swimming pools. Its classical pool tubes that are highly inflatable make this toy really great. Actually, it is a great pool tube that can be enjoyed when splashing over the water. Additionally, it has air chambers that come in two pieces and also has handles that are really heavy-duty. Another great thing about this blow-up toys for swimming pools is that it has a repair patch included in the package. This is highly beneficial when tears appear on the toy. The Intex Recreation Color Whirl Tube comes in a size ideal for adults and the materials are extremely durable. Aside from that, this blow-up toy for swimming pools is perfect for floating over the river and lake as well.

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  • Durability
  • Movability
  • Suitability



Generally, the Intex Recreation Color Whirl Tube comes in a sturdy and durable tube design. Its durability should be credited on the 12ga vinyl material. Moreover, for additional safety, it contains two pieces of air chambers and grabs handles that are really heavy-duty. This blow-up toy for swimming pools is highly suitable for nine-years-old and above.


  • Made of durable materials

  • Includes a repair patch for repairing tears


  • Difficulty of blowing


GoFloats Flamingo Pool Float

blow-up toys for swimming pools

Another good blow-up toys for swimming pools that sell up too fast is the GoFloats Flamingo Pool Float. Both kids and adults become generally obsessed with this inflatable toy because it is understandingly appealing. 

The design of the bright pink tube showcases the pretty pinkish flamingo head. It also has space with a measurement of 48 inches that is a perfect spot for relaxation. Parents should not need to worry as this pink inflatable also has an available size for kids. 

GoFloats Flamingo Pool Float is really valuable at its measurement of 45 inches in width and 3 feet in height. Due to this, it is highly suitable for swimmers of different body built and weighs around 500+ pounds.

The material of this bow up toy for swimming pools comes from a premium thick vinyl which is UV-treated. This generally makes the GoFloats Flamingo Pool Float an ideal inflatable toy to be enjoyed within any bodies of water. Another thing that makes this blow-up toy excellent is the valve in it that permits the rapid inflation and deflation process.

  • Cool fun design
  • Perfectly huge size
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Valve outlet for faster inflation
  • Seams are weak

Intex Pool Volleyball Game Set

The next blow-up toys for swimming pools on the list is an inflatable pool volleyball game set from Intex, again. Taking the game over the swimming pool water is actually an enjoyable thing. This design only needs to dunk the head underwater for a refreshing cool-off. Moreover, this Intex Pool Volleyball Game Set has a ball that is inflatable as well.

Moreover, it also contains a net that is basically attached within the base which floats over the water. You really don’t need to worry on its stability of floating as anchors of two pieces are also the inclusion of this game set package. These anchors generally prevent the game set from drifting within the water pool.    

It is highly suitable for kids and adults ages 3 years old and above. Aside from that, it comes from two different colors – the green and yellow. A repair kit plus a shelf container is also part of the inclusion package. Overall, the Intex Pool Volleyball Game Set is a set for real entertainment.

  • Materials are really sturdy
  • With repair kit and shelf container
  • Net frame and ball easily get deflated

SwimLine Giant Shootball Pool Game Toy

SwimLine Giant Shootball Pool Game is one of those blow-up toys for swimming pools that really gives more fun and excitement. This inflatable toy has a measurement of around 45-inch in height which is huge enough for great basketball activity. Aside from that, it contains various ports for different shooters. 

The material of this giant shoot ball game for swimming pools comes from premium gauge vinyl. Moreover, three pieces of the ball are also part of the giant shoot ball game inclusion package. With this, kids and adults who love basketball will generally love this blow-up toy for swimming pools as well. 

SwimLine Giant Shootball Pool Game Toy works on the same concept as that of the real basketball game. There is a giant hoop that is actually floating wherein the players must shoot the ball in it. The multiple ports in it basically create this pool game toy the best sport for fine-tuning the hand eye-coordination.

  • Presents various ports
  • The hoop and ball are really handy which come from high-quality vinyl
  • Durable
  • The best toy for encouraging hand-eye coordination
  • The height of the hoop is too high for smaller kids

Intex Inflat-A-Bull Novelty

If there is an inner cowboy attitude inside you, this Intex Inflat-A-Bull Novelty pool toy is perfect for you. You can also have your friends and family with you and enjoy this excellent blow-up toy for swimming pools. Begin rocking and rolling as you float over the water while holding on it as long as you can.

With a measurement of about 96 x 77x 32 inches, the Intex Inflat-A-Bull Novelty pool toy is actually a big pool float. So, knowing this, expect that a large space of your pool may be taken up fairly. The heavy-gauge vinyl is its primary material which also includes three ports of air chambers. These chambers primarily serve to offer durability.

This blow-up toy for swimming pools is really enjoyable and riding over it is actually fun. In addition, for giving enjoyment, accessorizing the pool or any bodies of water is also one of its features. Thanks to the innovative photo-realistic printing technology that it utilizes as it creates a high-quality inflatable product through Intex Inflat-A-Bull Novelty.

  • Uses innovative photo-realistic printing technology
  • Made of the durable vinyl material
  • Includes a repair patch
  • Hard to get on

Hoop Shark Swimming Pool Basketball Set

Basketball is actually a lovable game of most people of all ages. The presence of this second basketball pool game set on the list proves it true. The Hoop Shark Swimming Pool Basketball Set allows you to hoop and ball over the water.

Once this blow-up toy for swimming pools is completely inflated, its basket’s measurement is as high as 40 inches. The kids will definitely enjoy this swimming pool basketball set over the shallow corner of the pool. Moreover, the hoop can alternatively be floated to the deep side of the water for adult fun game activity. 

The Hoop Shark Swimming Pool Basketball Set comes in yellow and orange color. In addition, this blow-up toy for swimming pools is available in a complete package. The construction of this pool basketball set comes from stronger and improved materials. Lastly, the big valve outlet permits this blow-up toy to inflate and deflate quickly which makes it ideal for travelling.

  • Made of thick and durable material
  • Large valve for rapid inflation and deflation
  • Leak-free finish
  • Includes basketball
  • No pump included

Giant Jellyfish Pool Float

The giant jellyfish will definitely be loved by everyone within the water this time. This Giant Jelly Fish Pool Float will not sting you even with its width of 4 feet. It also comes in elegantly translucent colors within its high-quality vinyl material. The vinyl is highly durable and also resistant to damaging UV rays. 

Moreover, this one of the blow-up toys for swimming pools can cradle around 200 pounds. This basically means that you can enjoy the pool all day long through this big inflatable pool toy. You can also get no worries in terms of the inflation and deflation process as it is very easy as well as wiping and storing it. 

Another thing that makes this blow-up toy for swimming pools an excellent one is the incorporation of the highest integrity level. This actually corresponds to safety and strict compliance. The good thing is that it is tested and highly certified by an international laboratory. So, if you are looking for a big fun over the water, grab this Giant Jelly Fish Pool Float and experience that exciting water activity.

  • The size is big enough to be enjoyed over the pool water
  • Durable
  • The vinyl material is resistant to UV rays
  • Easily deflated over the water

Intex Floating Recliner Inflatable Sofa

In case you are a book worm and you also like to enjoy reading while refreshing your day out over the water, the Intex Floating Recliner Inflatable Sofa is perfect for you. The appearance of this blow-up toys for swimming pools really looks like a regular sofa. It has a backrest and armrests that generally provide support. 

Moreover, if you want some refreshments within your reading break, built-in cup holders are present to hold your bottle. The Intex Floating Recliner Inflatable Sofa amazingly offers extreme comfort while floating, reading, or tanning under the sun. Aside from that, it contains very sturdy handles for great transport purposes.

  • The sofa-like appearance gives extra comfort
  • Contains air chambers, cup holders, high-quality handles
  • Made of the premium vinyl material
  • Seams failure

Funboy Yacht Inflatable Pool Float

blow-up toys for swimming pools

If you want to hang out on a yacht within the pool water, then the Funboy Yacht Inflatable Pool Float would make your dream come true. An excellent blow-up toys for swimming pools, the 9 feet length of this pool toy actually gives an elegant looking inflatable yacht. The design is generally an original artwork and concept of Funboy.

The material of Funboy Yacht Inflatable Pool Float is of high-quality and undergoes screen printing technology. Another great thing about this product is that it complies on the 3rd party laboratory testing. This basically ensures that this blow-up toy for swimming pools is safe and environment-friendly.

Moreover, the valve that it contains is highly beneficial for the fast inflation and deflation process. Through the use of a pump or through the cold air coming from a hairdryer, the inflation and deflation rapidly take over. However, the Funboy Yacht Inflatable Pool Float package does not include an electric pump.

  • Made of high-quality material
  • Passed 3rd party laboratory testing
  • Safe
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Do not include an electric pump

Bestway CoolerZ Inflatable Floating Island

The Bestway CoolerZ Inflatable Floating Island can give an enjoyable day out in the pool. Using this blow-up toy for swimming pools offers two pieces of removable lounges. These lounges can be attached over this floating island or can be used as a solo piece. 

Moreover, it also contains additional pillows that are wide enough which serve as backrests. Cup holders are also present so that you can have a refreshing drink over the water. A canopy also protects the users from the damaging sun rays. The complete island package also includes anchor bag and premium repair patch.

Basically, getting in and out of this blow-up toy is easily possible through the use of climb cushion. The grab ropes located on both ends are also present as well for an easy climbing to this inflatable pool toy. Overall, this is ultimately an excellent huge floating island to be enjoyed by everyone.

  • Contains additional wide pillow brackets for excellent relaxation
  • Includes removable lounges
  • Has a removable canopy for sunshade protection
  • Made of durable vinyl material for damage prevention
  • Tears of easily

Frequently Asked Questions


A: Generally, chlorine is the recommended chemicals by the CDC. The regular level of chlorine in pools is at lesst one part per million or ppm. In case the chlorine levels get too high, a chlorine neutralizer can be used. Another option is to dilute your water. Moreover, the chlorine is effective in killing germs. In order to take its effectiveness, the recommended pH of 7.2 to 7.8 must be used.


A: Actually, the valves present in gas stations are only intended for sterns of car tire. Unfortunately, lounge floats do not include a valve similar with the car tire so blowing up pool float at gas station is not possible. 


A: The general process of blowing up beach balls is to filling up the lungs with so much air as much as possible. Subsequently seal your lips within the ball spout. After this, exhale into the ball in a slow manner. 

Moreover, ensure to plug the opening of the spout through your tongue as you open your mouth as well. Then you have to inhale air again. Repeat this process for about 5 to 7 times or at times the beach ball is entirely inflated. 


A: The pool and other inflatables’ molecules tend to slow down once the pool has cooler water. Aside from that, the vinyl material becomes denser due to temperature alteration. The inflatables begin to deflate with every 10 degrees drop in temperature.

Final Thoughts

Blow-up toys for swimming pools are a great help to make both the kids and adults entertained while on the water. The designs of these inflatable toys are really attracting and very appealing that would also be loved even by adults. Yet, in terms of buying, make sure to take into account those product made of premium materials. Moreover, also consider its durability, efficiency, ease of transport, and other features that come with it.

Additionally, speaking of inflatable pool toys, buying a premium one is basically a good decision as part of your investment for long term use. So, rather than buying an affordable one, it is really better to invest your money on blow-up toys that would still be there and grows up along with your kids for more years.

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