12-Volt Air Pump for Inflatable Boats – 5 of the Best Are Here!

An air pump is actually an essential tool to save you from breathing in times you need to blow-up any inflatable products. Generally, using it is really convenient rather than manual pumps. The air pumps are highly applicable for blowing up not only boats but also kayaks, paddleboards, pool toys, and other inflatables. We have here the 12-volt air pump for inflatable boats that you might consider. 

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As we go along, we will also share important tips on the proper way of blowing up the boat through an air pump. Moreover, also included here are the best things to consider when you decide to buy a 12-volt air pump. 

Tips and tricks for inflating a boat using the 12-volt air pump

Inflatable boats are basically a practical boat tool since they do not require a spacious room for storage during the winter. Compared to other boat types such as the aluminum, fiberglass, or wood, the inflatable boat has a great convenience for using. Aside from that, the motors of the inflatable boats are usually light and can be easily removed for repair and maintenance. 

Yet, knowing the right time to properly blow-up a boat using the 12-volt air pump for inflatable boats may not need to wait for the next summer season. You can actually have to know the process of boat inflation the moment you have it especially if you are a first-timer. Below are some important tips to properly do it. 

Inflatable boats have various brands, sizes, and designs

Small boats basically do not require an air pump for blowing up. A simple breathing exercise through deep breathing every moment you blow air is the basic process to inflate it. Yet, a well-inflated boat demands for slow but accurate breathing.

However, being in a hurry may lead you to run out of breath which is actually a risky one. Just ensure the cleanliness of the port using a disinfectant prior to air blowing. This will basically restrict in having contact with the germs. Meanwhile, large boats require an air compressor and the medium ones demand an air pump. 

Check for the presence of small holes before inflating

It is actually a general rule to look for any small holes present which are unnoticeable prior to blowing up big boats. In case you see any tears or damages within the boat, do not move forward as the inflatable boat may not be safe for use.

Mark the valve covers

Generally, detach the covers of the valve and mark them. This will basically help you to have ease of returning those covers at their exact location. After this, begin the inflation process in order so that you will prevent missing any valve. 

Equally filled with air

Make sure that all the chambers have an equal amount of air by filling. Generally, this will help in maintaining the balance while the boat is in the water.

Check the whole boat

Once all the chambers have air inside, it’s time to inspect the whole boat. Basically, begin checking from the first valve up to the last valve. After that, feel the boat, and in case you hear some hissing sound and there is air each time you tap your hands in it, this means that leakage is present on the boat. 

Moreover, an inspection should be done in a clockwise position. This is actually crucial in blowing up boats and their motors in order to prevent any accident while you are enjoying the water ride.

When you are already finished in checking the boat, it is now time to start inflating up the thwarts. Subsequently, you need to monitor if the air is actually in balance. Lastly, fasten the covers of the port tightly.

Test the buoyancy

Once finished, the last important thing to do is to test the buoyancy of the boat. Place it over the water and connect it to the oars. Moreover, you need to secure extra oars in case there is an emergency situation.

What to Look for When Buying the 12-Volt Air Pump for Inflatable Boats?

Generally, when you buy something, it is not always getting the first product that you find. Some important factors are there for you to consider when you want to buy the 12-volt air pump for inflatable boats.


The manual and electric are the two types of air pumps. Having an electric pump can help you enjoy pumping the boat through a fast and hassle-free way. Simply switch it on and it will basically do its job. It’s basically effortless so you’ll all have the time to relax and get ready to ride on the boat.

Yet, the only drawback you will experience with using an electric pump is that not all of this pump type can manage high pressures. Once a particular amount of pressure has been achieved, the pump does not have the ability to push air. Because of this, you will have to lower down the ideal pressure or switch in using a manual pump to completely inflate the boat.

Moreover, you need to have a power source when you use an electric pump. Some of them can also be plugged into the car or into an outlet. Regardless of the case, these pumps won’t actually work if the power source is not available. 

On the other hand, manual pumps will always be available even if there is much time and effort needed. In order to inflate boats using a manual pump, you need to exert effort in pushing some air. Additionally, good pumps under the manual type have designs that make it highly efficient. 

Yet, you still need to exert some more effort from yourself. Another good thing about the manual pump is that they are able to pump out high pressures into the boat without electricity.


Generally, most electric pumps entail either one of these unique features. Determining their distinction will let you opt for the appropriate one. 

The high-volume is the one in which there is a very high volume air moving to inflate the boat. Simply to say, high-volume pumps allow the quick inflation of boats. The moment you switch it on, the boat will completely inflate anytime. 

On the other hand, electric pumps with high-pressure will generally need some time to inflate the boat. Yet, they can actually stand high-pressure. An electric pump with high-pressure features does not need the service of a manual pump anymore. But, the speed of inflating is really low.


Primarily, the valve type of boat is one of the most important considerations when you are looking for the 12-volt air pump for inflatable boats. Because there are various valves in the market, not all adapter types can suit your boat. Actually, there is the presence of pinch valves, Boston valves, and military valves over inflatable boats.

The time you already identify the boat valve, it is then time to look for a pump which has a nozzle or adapter for that specific boat valve. This is actually the most common mistake which most people commit in terms of boat inflation.

 5 Best 12-Volt Air Pump for Inflatable Boats

OUR TOP PICK: Franklin Sports Foot Air Pump

Product Name: Franklin Sports Foot Air Pump

Product Description: Pumps also work through the use of the foot. In case this method of operation is your choice, Franklin Sports Foot Air Pump is a nice choice. This 12-volt air pump for inflatable boats has a major advantage of reducing the stress in using a hand pump. The operation of the Franklin Sports Foot Air Pump simply works by stepping over the pump. Push the air into the boat through this 12-volt air pump by stressing your full weight on it. This is a heavy-duty foot air pump in which the body comes from iron material and the hose comes from a rope. Due to this, high pressures can be highly manageable. It also contains a pressure gauge which will make you achieve great boat pressure.

Availability: InStock

  • Heavy-duty
  • Compactness
  • Ease of operating


You could never go wrong once you opt for Franklin Sports Foot Air Pump as it is actually so easy to store. Once deflated, this foot air pump is very compact and only requires too little space. This feature is also a factor for making this foot air pump perfect for travelling. 

Yet, the only drawback is that the pump is somehow heavy despite its compactness. If a heavy-duty one is what you look for, then Franklin Sports Foot Air Pump is the right one for you.


  • Heavy-duty foot pump

  • Have internal gauge for pressure

  • The design is really compact


  • Quite heavy


Etekcity Electric Air Pump

12-volt air pump for inflatable boats

Another best air pump on the list is the Etekcity Electric Air Pump. This 12-volts air pump for inflatable boats is an extremely powerful handheld pump. The complete inflation of boats does not require a long time of waiting when you use this 12-volt air pump for inflatable boats. 

One of the good features about this air pump is its quietness while exhibiting its powerful feature. Primarily, give credits to its distinct sound insulation system. In addition to this, the Etekcity Electric Air Pump has the ability to pump up quickly while staying quiet all along.

Aside from the quick-pump feature of the Etekcity Electric Air Pump, deflating your boat is also easy as well. Most of the time, deflating inflatable boats is a real challenge. However, through the use of this 12-volt air pump for inflatable boats, deflation will now be easy.

Moreover, in terms of versatility, Etekcity Electric Air Pump would never be out of the list. The two nozzles that it has are generally suitable for any inflation needs. Basically, the large nozzles of this 12-volt air pump for inflatable boats can suit in for most standard valves. 

Yet, be very careful when using this pump for inflatable boats or any inflatable products. The maximum standard time for operating this pump must only be about 10 minutes. More than that is a no-no as it may overheat.

  • Versatile
  • Fast to operate
  • Quiet while working
  • Includes deflation feature
  • May tend to overheat

Intex Quick Fill Air Pump

12-volt air pump for inflatable boats

The list of the 12-volt air pump for inflatable boats could never be complete without the Intex Quick Fill Air Pump. This is a very powerful one which includes 3 nozzles that generally interconnect with each other. The interconnecting property of these nozzles guarantees the easy connection to most valve sizes. 

Moreover, this connecting property to most valves triggers the convenient feature of the Intex Quick Fill Air Pump. In case your inflatable boat is quite large, then this air pump is the best one among the 12-volt air pumps for inflatable boats.  

The delivery of around 1100 liters airflow in just a minute is actually an easy task for Intex Quick Fill Air Pump. Compared to the other air pump within the same price range, this one actually has a higher airflow. Additionally, the Intex Quick Fill Air Pump contains a carry-on handle which guarantees the air pump’s portability. 

  • With 3 interconnecting nozzles
  • Contains a maximum airflow
  • Has a fast filling mechanism
  • Not capable of plugging into a car outlet

OutdoorMaster The Shark

OutdoorMaster The Shark is a 12-volt air pump for inflatable boats made of high-quality material. Actually, this is an air pump for SUP paddleboards. However, it also works well with inflatable boats.

Due to its extremely high-quality, it can inflate boats very well. Buying this 12-volt air pump for inflatable boats is never a failure as OutdoorMaster The Shark passed various tests. That’s why it is certified under CA65 and CE.  

Aside from being fast-filling, it also has the ability to manage high-pressure. Choosing between high-volume and high-pressure modes is highly allowable on this air pump. You can quickly fill the boat up and then change to the application of more pressure. 

Moreover, it has an internal digital gauge which lets you control the amount of air. Because of this, you can maintain the pressure of the inflatable perfectly at any time. Another good thing about this 12-volt air pump for inflatable boats is that it can be turned off in case you achieve the right pressure.  

In addition, it has 3 nozzles which make it work well for most inflatable boats. Even though it comes at a price, going after this pump can actually be worth your money. Yet, you need to have a car so that you can inflate your boat using the OutdoorMaster The Shark.

  • Certified under CA65 and CE
  • With changeable modes under high-volume and high-pressure
  • Contains automatic switch
  • Includes three nozzles
  • Only works under D/C
  • Costly

Digital Electric Air Pump Compressor

The Digital Electric Air Pump Compressor is also a 12-volt air pump for inflatable boats that is compact and actually portable. Aside from that, if you want to have the smartest air pump, the Digital Electric Air Pump Compressor is a must-try. The digital features that it has resulted in an effective and easy to use air pump compressor.

Moreover, this air pump compressor also has an LCD Screen. You are actually able to monitor the air pressure over a real-time through this 12-volt air pump for inflatable boats. One good feature of the Digital Electric Air Pump Compressor is that it allows for setting-up the preferred air pressure that you want.

Additionally, this air pump compressor for inflatable boats has an auto-stop property. This actually helps to stop the pump once the established pressure has been reached. The design of this Digital Electric Air Pump Compressor is generally hassle-free. Just insert the pump and you may start to pump the inflatable boat anytime you want, as simple as that.

  • Contains an LCD screen and digital controls
  • Can carry and store up easily
  • The design entails a simple plug-in style
  • The operation might be quite slow

Final Thoughts

The 12-volt air pump for inflatable boats basically helps to blow-up the boat in a quick and convenient approach. These pumps make the inflatable boats achieve excellent pressure and great buoyancy over the water. Yet, in terms of buying this product, always take into account the type of pump, the volume or pressure mode, the type of boat valve, and other features that come with it.

Moreover, when it comes to 12-volts air pumps, buying a high-quality one is really a good choice of investment in the long run. So, rather than choosing an affordable one, it is actually better to put your money on a 12 volts air pump that keeps on performing better over the years.

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