4 Best Inflatable Paddle Board Under $400 for 2021

Looking for the best inflatable paddle board can be a difficult task especially if it is your first time. There are hundreds of choices available in the market and each inflatable paddle board has unique features. Furthermore, the number of brands, type of mode, and price points can look confusing and intimidating. With that, it is best to read articles about inflatable paddle board -its features and types, and reviews of the best inflatable paddle board under $400.

In this article, we will help you make an informed decision by walking you through the important factors to considering when purchasing inflatable paddle board. Also, upon careful evaluation, we have chosen our best 4 inflatable paddle board under $400 that are durable and great value for money.

best inflatable paddle board under $400SERENELIFE Inflatable Paddle Board Check Price
best inflatable paddle board under $400AKSPORT Inflatable Paddle Board Check Price
BEYOND MARINA Inflatable Paddle Board Check Price
best inflatable paddle board under $400GOPLUS Inflatable Paddle Board Check Price

Guide to Choosing the Best Inflatable Paddle Board Under $400


When shopping for the best inflatable paddle board, it is important to consider the length of the board. It is the major determinant of how you will handle the board and how fast it is. It is somehow similar with inflatable kayaks, the shorter the board is, the easier it is to maneuver. On the other hand, if it is slow, it is hard for it to stay in a straight line.

It is also important to consider on how you are going to use the paddle board. If you will use it for surfing, the ideal size would be less than 10 feet. For an all around best inflatable paddle boar under $400, the board must be 10-12 feet. If you are going to use the paddle board for long distance touring, it must be over 12 feet. The longer the length, the faster and perfect they are for long distance touring.


Aside from length, the width is also important especially if you are a beginner. The width must be wide enough for stability and balance. Unfortunately, if you get rid of the handling, they are much slower than thinner paddle boards. The standard width for an inflatable paddle board is 29-36 inches with 30-33 between.

Also, when deciding for the width of your paddle board, you should consider the type of paddling you will do, body type, as well as your skill level.


If you are decided with the length and width of your board, you might want to look at the thickness. Normally, the latest models of inflatable models are 6” inches thick and give enough rigidity for excellent performance.

You can still land to cheap inflatable paddle boards that are 4”-5” inches thick. While they will perfectly work for a lightweight paddler, it would be best to go for a 6” model if you are in a tight budget.

🏄 How will you use it?

Personally, this is the most important thing to consider when buying a paddle board. In order to decide on the width, height, and other accessories, you must know how you will use it. For instance, if you will use it for touring, you will need a longer board. Furthermore, you also need to look bungee cords and D-rings.

🏄Hull shape

Just like kayaks, a paddle board that has a flat bottom is more stable and easier to maneuver, however they are also slower. A displacement hull is the same with sailboat hull. Aside from that, they believed to be the fastest among other hull designs.

Planning hull is believed to be the most compromise for a hull shape. It comes in a round shape and much faster compared to flat bottom. It is somehow easy to tip over if you will compare it with that of flat hull.

How We Evaluated the Best Inflatable Paddle Board


The products that we reviewed have improved stability and balance, so they are suitable to all skill levels.

Normally, the bigger the board is, the more stable and balance it is on the water. But the most important thing that is responsible for making the paddle board stable is its thickness. The thicker it is, the more rigid and stable it is.

🏄Easy to transport

Since you will be bringing the paddle board on your travels, it must be easy to store and transport. The inflatable paddle boards that we reviewed are easy to bring even if you do not have a roof rack. They also come with travel backpack.

🏄 Paddling performance

Inflatable paddle boards in general will not easily glide through the water compared to a hardboard. However, high quality inflatable paddle boards have good paddling performance. You will basically get what you pay for. Normally, a higher rockers helps in how smooth it glides through the water and makes it simpler to paddle in water with strong waves and wind.

🏄Value for the money

The paddle boards that were chosen are below $400. While they are much cheaper compared to other high quality boards, they come from trusted brands. Aside from that, they considered all the features and accessories.

Best Inflatable Paddle Board Under $400 – Our Top 4 Picks!

Our #1 Choice

OUR TOP PICK: Serene Life Inflatable Paddle Board
best inflatable paddle board under $400

Product Name: Serene Life Inflatable Paddle Board

Product Description: For the best inflatable paddle board under $400 that is that is thick, has premium SUP accessories and carry bag, and is equipped with a non-slip deck, we highly recommend this stand-up inflatable paddle board by SereneLife. It is 10 inches long and has 30'' of deck width for stability and balance while standing. Aside from that, this paddleboard is also suitable for beginners as it lessens injuries and accidents. Best of all, it is a complete package. It has all the paddling essentials that you need, such as coiled ankle cuff safety leash, oar pedal, manual air pump, patch repair accessory kit, and a convenient bag.

Availability: InStock

  • Easy to inflate
  • Portability
  • Stability
  • Value for Money


Find your flow with this SereneLife inflatable paddleboard that is budget-friendly and  has good quality. It is perfect for touring, exploring, fishing, and even yoga. You will never have a difficult time inflating the product since it deflates and inflates. Furthermore, it also  the triple bottom paddle fins improve the overall speed, steering, and handling for easy use. 


Wide up design

Easy to inflate and deflate

Comes in different colors 

Non-slip soft top deck 



None so far 

Our Runners Up

Aksport Inflatable Paddle Board

best inflatable paddle board under $400

Product description:

One of the best inflatable paddle board under $400 is this Aksport Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board that has a non-slip deck, travel backpack, adjustable paddle, pump, and leash. The best thing about this paddle boars is that it is lightweight and highly stable. This makes it suitable for beginners.

You will have all the paddling essentials you need for your next surfing adventure. In addition to that, it is made with superior quality non-slip soft top deck suitable for newbies and better for improved stability and balance. Best of all, unlike other inflatable paddle board, it is easy to inflate and deflate for easy storage and transport. If you are the type of person who is always ready for some water adventure, this product is for you.

The Aksport inflatable stand up paddleboard is highly durable despite its price. It is made of 1000D filament grade double wall material, which is also known as drop stitch material, and double 0.9mm high-quality PVC tarpaulin It has improved air tighness and durability because the seams are made of reinforcement. It is enjoyable to use this paddle board because it is leak-free and odor-free because of the high-quality materials.

On top of that, upon purchasing this product, you are covered with their one year warranty and hassle-free 30 day return. This stand up paddle board is 10.6 feet long, 32 inches width, 6 inches thick, 17 lbs weight, has a maximum capacity up to 300 lbs. Bring this paddle board, anytime, anywhere you want with whe travel backpack.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Durable
  • Comes with complete accessories
  • Extra wide for improved stability and balance
  • Prone to leakage

Beyond Marina Inflatable Paddle Board

Product description:

For the best inflatable paddle board that is ultra light, thick, and wide, you might want to try this Beyond Marina Paddle Board that is 10’6” Long ” thick that comes with premium SUP accessories and transport bag. Not only that, it also has a designed carbon paddle, 32 inch wide stance.

The brand Beyond Marina is a trusted brand in the US, so they will most likely not disappoint you. The best thing about this best inflatable paddle board under $400 is that it 20% lighter compared to other products in the market. It only weigh 16.3 lbs. The cutting edge drop stitch fabric and the construction of the fabric is what will help the inflatable paddle boardwhen it comes to keeping its shape the moment it is fully inflated.

Aside from that, the carbon shaft is stronger and will last for a long time. You will not have a problem inflating and deflating as it is created to inflate and deflate in less than 10 minutes, thanks to its dual action pump. Once it is inflated, it can achieve up to 32″ which is stable in the water. Simply put it in your car, no need for a garage or a roof rack.

You will have everything you need in this best inflatable paddleboard kit. Aside from the board, it has a carbon paddle, safety leash, snap-in toolless removable fins, dual-action hand pump, a bonus waterproof phone case and a travel backpack. In the event that your experience any quality problem, you can return the paddleboard within 45 days.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Extra large diamond traction pad
  • Inflates in less than 10 minutes
  • The plastic pump may easily get broken

Goplus Inflatable Paddle Board

best inflatable paddle board under $400

Product description:

Last on our list of the best inflatable paddle board under $400 but definitely not the list this product by Goplus. It is a thick paddle board that is 6’5” thick. It is complete with premium accessories and travel bag.

This paddle board by Goplus inflatable has great balance performance. It has perfect length and width to improve its stability and endure waves and wind. Moreover, it has 3 bottom panel fins, that are responsible in improving the speed. Whether you are an expert, or a beginner, this one is for you. In fits all skill levels and suits in almost all kinds of water situations.

Another great thing about this product is that it is durable because it is made with premium materials. The PVC material and the V-drop stitch core has a strong structure and is able to hold strong load. Furthermore, it is not prone to deformation and fading. It is the same as with high priced paddle board when it comes to durability as this paddle board will survive wear and tear. The material used, which is aluminum alloy, ultra light and floatable, supporting different kinds users.

Not only that, this product is easy to inflate, has manual air pump, backpack, safety leash, repair kit, and removable, fin in one package. It has basically all the surfing essentials you will need for water activities such as paddling, water yoga, fishing, and even sunbathing!

  • Lightweight for all skill levels
  • Fast inflation
  • Removable slide-in fin
  • The manual can be difficult to use

Frequently Asked Question

Q: It i worth it to buy an inflatable paddle board?

A: If you are looking for all-around paddling activities, stand up inflatable paddle board is the best option. This is because of the features such as portability, versatility, weight, and accident prevention. Furthermore, they are also much cheaper compared to regular paddle boards. On the other hand, if you need a paddle board for racing or surfing, hardboard are better option.

Q: How long does an inflatable paddle board last?

A: Depending on how you take care of your inflatable paddle board, it normally last for 6-10 years. If you want a paddle board that will endure wear and tear, you should an inflatable board made with superior quality materials. If you bought standard quality, it will last for at least 5 years as long as you use and maintain it properly. Proper maintenance is the key to to making sure that your equipment will last for years.

Q: Is it okay to leave an inflatable paddle board inflated?

A: It is okay to leave your paddle board inflated for few hours, when exposed in the sun and not in use. But if you want your boar to last for years, it is recommend to deflate it after using.

Q: Does an inflatable paddle board get easily punctured?

A: One thing most people do not know about inflatable paddle boards is that they are more durable compared to hardboards. There is a negative presumption that if something is inflated, it will not last for years. This is not true for inflatable padel boards. They are more durable and puncture-resistance in comparison to hardboard.

Q: Why are some inflatable paddle boards expensive?

A: Inflatable paddle boards come in different prices. High quality paddle boards are more expensive because of the materials used, the construction, and advanced technology. If you think that an inflatable board is too cheap, it is most likely because they cut corners.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are some good quality inflatable paddle board that you can buy online, at the comfort of your own home. If you are just a beginner, you should use paddle board that is stable. The above-mentioned best inflatable paddle board under $400 are perfect for beginners. They are made with high-quality materials and is wide for improved balance and stability.

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