6 Top Rated Bounce Houses for Older Kids

Several people recall having fun on bounce houses when they were still kids. Now we have kids and we want them to experience the fun, especially when it is summer season. Also, house bounces are staples for birthday parties. They keep the kids busy for hours. Did you know that you can have a bounce house party in your backyard whenever you want? Whether you are looking for bounce houses for older kids, for toddlers, or adults, there are several options.

Looking for the perfect bounce house for your kids can be a little intimidating especially if it is your first time buying one. You will see plenty of models having different features. To help you make an informed decision, we will walk you through the important things to look for when shopping for an inflatable bounce house. Aside from that, we will give you our review of the 6 best inflatable bounce houses that are suitable for young and older kids, and even adults.

bounce houses for older kidsYARD GIANT Inflatable Bounce House for Older Kids Check Price
bounce houses for older kidsBLAST ZONE Inflatable Bounce House for Older Kids Check Price
bounce houses for older kidsPICASSO TILES Inflatable Bounce House for Older Kids Check Price
YARD HOUSE DUAL Inflatable Bounce House for Older Kids Check Price
bounce houses for older kidsBLAST ZONE BIG Inflatable Bounce House for Older Kids Check Price
YARD OBSTACLE Inflatable Bounce House for Older Kids Check Price

Why Buy Bounce Houses for Older Kids?

bounce houses for older kids

Inflatable bounce house is a great fund for your kid. While you can keep the inflated for several house, they are not those inflated products that you can inflated all year round. Most blow-up houses are easy to inflate and deflate so you do not need to worry about the hassle of always setting it up. Also, they are not like inflatable swimming pools that take several minutes to set up. With a bounce house, you will just let the blower do its job of inflating and keeping the constant flow of air.

A bounce house provides a lot of advantages for your kids. They are having so much without them knowing that they are already exercising. It motivates them to stay physically active by jumping for an hour. Best of all, a bounce house will keep your kids away from their mobile screens and technology.

Exercise is crucial among kids these days. It will prevent them from being overweight and decrease the chance of acquiring type 2 diabetes. Children must have a minimum of 1 hr physical activity each day. For toddler, one hour must be spread in a day.

Many parents who own a bounce house said that it keeps their kids buys and entertained for more than an hour. Of course, there is always the question “Should I buy or just rent one?”. The answer is simple, if you live in a place where the weather does not always allow the use of a bounce house, it is best to rent. There are units that you can set up indoors, buy you will need enough space.

Types of Bounce Houses for Older Kids

When you are thinking of Investing in a fun inflatable bounce house, below are the three most common types of bounce houses:

🏠 Indoor Bounce House

Indoor bounce houses are suitable for those who do not have spacious garage or garden. Normally, indoor bounce houses are smaller and shorter compared to a regular bounce house. For it to fit inside the garage or house, it must be small.

Since the size of an indoor bounce house small when inflated, the measurement of jump area is only 63 to 100 square feet. Also, this type of bounce house is only suitable for young kids. Aside from that, a maximum of 3 kids can play inside the bounce house. So, if you are looking for compact bounce house that you can easily set up in your basement or in one of your vacant rooms, this is the best option for you.

On the other hand, if you opt to take this item outside your house, you will need to take note of some couple of things. Indoor bounce houses are made with lighter material so you must be extra careful. If you plan to set it up outside, make sure to place a thick tarp. Bear in mind that these bounce houses should not be used if there is a breezy weather or if its raining. Because of the quality of materials, they are prone to being thrown off by strong winds, even if there are kids playing inside.

🏠 Standard Bounce Houses

When it comes to how a standard bounce house looks, it is almost the same with an indoor bounce house. These two types of inflatable jump houses differ in the materials. Standard bounce houses are made with thicker materials and they are more durable. In addition to that, it also comes with a heavy-duty blower which gives consistent supply of air and pressure to the cushion.

Aside from that, they are bigger in size and also heavier because of the thick materials. Even so, you should still put a thick tarp on the surface before setting up the bounce house. Since they come in larger sizes, they can accommodate more kids all at one in comparison to an indoor bounce house. Even though the materials are able to handle more than what it claims, safety is more important. Allowing too many kids to play at one time may lead to serious injuries from collision and jumping too close from each other.

🏠 Inflatable Bounce Water Parks

The third type of inflatable bounce house is the one created for water use. If a standard bounce can be risky for your kids when wet, you may want to upgrade your options to bounce water parks. Furthermore, this type of bounce house comes with additional safety features that will prevent your kids from sliding, slipping, and other kinds of accidents.

If you decided to invest on water parks, you must take a look for a number of special features. These features include the splash pool. water slides, and the slip ‘n’ slides. This type of bounce house is best to use during hot season. Best of all, they can be enjoyed by both kids and adults.

If you are looking of this certain type of bounce house, you can also a separate inflatable slide. On the other hand, a minor disadvantage of inflatable water parks is that it takes time for them to completely dry. Furthermore, folding and storing them when not fully dry may result in mildew. Rest assured, the several minutes of waiting is definitely worth the wait.

🏠 Commercial Inflatable Bounce House

The last type inflatable bounce house is the one intended for commercial use. As the name implies, kids and adults will frequently use it. That being said, they must endure abuse compared to their regular counterparts. If you are handling an event organizing company, it would be best to look commercial bouncer so they can accommodate huge number of kids.

In addition to that, commercial grade inflatable bounce houses are created using several layers of high quality materials in order to improve the durability and survive the abuse of jumping and playing. Also, since they are normally large, some models even need more than two blowers to keep every side, nook, and cranny pressurized.

Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Bounce Houses for Older Kids

✔️ Size

When looking for inflatable bounce house, one of the most important things to consider is the size. If you want to buy a large bounce house, take the measurement of your garage or garden, if it is a standard bounce house. If you plan to put it indoors, opt for a tiny one.

The truth is that, if you plan on setting it up outside your house, the size does not always matter. If you plan to buy bigger ones, make sure you have plenty of space all around. Also, it would be best if it will not rub against the fence, plants, or your trees. There must be enough space if you do not want to discover a scratch or a tear.

For indoor use, do ensure that there in enough on the roof and walls. Kids will do their best to jump as high as they can, so you do not want anyone hurting their head and ending up crying.

✔️ Blower

An inflatable bounce house is not similar to pool when it comes to the type pup you need to inflate both items. A bounce house is too big for a standard pump, so you need a more heavy duty one. The good news is that buying a bounce house comes with a heavy duty blower. That being said, this feature is worth considering when purchasing one.

In the even that you end up buying a bounce house that does not have a blower, you can just buy one. Look for a 480- 600 watt machine. These machines are powerful enough to easily inflate it and keep the constant flow of air while your kids are having fun.

If you plan to us the bounce house outdoor, make sure that there is a source of electricity close to the area where you will set it up. The blower should operate continuously or else it will deflate in no time. Use an extension cord if you have to.

✔️ Made with high-quality materials

Even though I mentioned earlier that if indoor bounce houses are normally made of lighter materials, there are few models that are made of quality materials. Although they come in high prices, they are still worth the money.

If you decided to buy a bounce house suitable for outdoor use, you definitely need an item that will not instantly tear after few time of using it. High quality polyester and vinyl are the best choice for materials. Aside from the durability of the material, it also provided extra bounce.

Aside from the material, you better check out the seams and assembly. Reinforced and double stitching a will make the item survive wear and tear.

✔️ Fun features

bounce houses for older kids

Regardless, of the type of bounce house that you will buy, it is important to for them to have fun features as they will make sure that your kids will not easily get bored of the bounce house. Some provide other activities such as basketball and soccer. In addition to that, there are several bounce houses that have fixed slides and climbing walls.

If the house you bought doesn’t have extra fun features, you can always purchase a bag of adorable balls to build a ball pit inside. You can also look for some bouncers that include a bundle.

Most of bounce houses that come with several fun features. If you are tight in budget, you can just add for fun features yourself. Go to the playing room of your kids and look for some toys, soft ones, that you can put inside the bounce house.

✔️ Safety

As parents, it is not enough to buy our kids the toy and items that they will surely enjoy. It is crucial to look for the safety features especially with bounce houses. Look for a bounce house, regardless of the type, that is surrounded by a mesh wall. Make sure that every side of the bounce house is protected by the net. In this way, you need not give them strict supervision because you are worried that they may get into an accident. Furthermore, the mesh will also prevent your kids from flying out.

Aside from the mesh, you must also conside the roof. This will hinder anyone from climbing their way up to the top that will result to a collapse. Avoid exceeding the maximum weight limit if you do not want your bounce house to deflate in no time.

Best Bounce Houses for Older Kids – Our Top 6 Picks

Our #1 Choice

Our Top Pick: YARD Bounce House for Older Kids
bounce houses for older kids

Product Name: YARD Bounce House for Older Kids

Product Description: If you are looking for bounce houses for older kids as well as for adults, we highly recommend this Yard Giant Inflatable Bouncy Castle Jumping Bounce House with Huge Slide and Blower. Not only older kids will have fun playing in this bounce house, but even younger kids, and older people. The measurement of this bounce house is 21.3' length, 14.8' width, and 12.5' height when inflated. Also, it has a capacity of 8 children, maximum of 100 lbs each. These features make it ideal for family reunion, birthday parties, and other occasion that will certainly keep them entertained. It is made with superior quality materials. In comparison to heavy commercial bounce houses, women and kids can move in this bounce house freely.

Availability: InStock

  • Durability
  • Easy to fold
  • Easy to inflate
  • Value for money


The YARD Giant Inflatable Bounce House has safety designs in order to protect the kids and have a great time under minimal supervision by parents. It has an enormous dual slide and huge play area for a more spacious playing area. The slides and the combos wonderfully enriches your kids’ childhood. 


Easy to install and setup 

Huge play area

High-quality materials 

Designed with safety features



none so far 

Our Runners Up

BLAST ZONE Inflatable Bounce House for Older Kids

bounce houses for older kids

Product description:

Aside from the Yard inflatable castle, the blast zone bounce houses for older kids is also a great option. It comes with a blower and is made with superior quality materials. Apart from that, it is also portable and simple to set up. And because of its size, you can use it indoor or outdoor.

The quick, easy set up will only take a couple of minutes. Up to 3 children can play in the bounce house happily. Also, this house is durable as its made with commercial-grade vinyl. Another great thing about this bounce house for older kids is that it is low enough to clear the standard ceilings, yet tall enough to ensure the safety of your kids inside the bounce house. Furthermore, this bounce house is perfect to set-up almost anywhere inside your house. You can choose to put it in the backyard or inside your house if you have a spacious area. One thing is for sure, your kids will bounce without you worrying that they might get into an accident because they are protected by safety netting.

This magic castle is believed to be the most popular type of bounce house. Not only that, the safety and the quality of the product are the main focus of the brand. They want to make sure that the kids will have the best time of their lives while keeping them safe. Furthermore, this inflatable house not only meets, but exceeds the applicable safety standards. Included in the safety features are the safe slide heights, soft safety netting to keep abrasion from occurring, and plenty of anchor points and more. This Blast Zone inflatable operates with the constant airflow fed from the included blower.

  • Easy to inflate: less than two minutes
  • Compact
  • Made with premium materials
  • Maximum of three kids are allowed to play

PICASSOTILES Inflatable Bounce House for Older Kids

bounce houses for older kids

Product description:

When shopping for the best bounce houses for older kids, you must also consider this all-in-one inflatable bounce house. It comes with an extended slide, premium basketball rim for dunking, and advanced velcro tape retractable cover design to serve as a shed especially during summer. T

Some of the amazing features of this bounce house are, it is large enough for older kids and for spacious playing space, and can accommodate three kids with total of 250 lbs. Not only that, it also equipped with back entry door and several entrances for easy access. Since the safety of your kids is the utmost priority of PicassoTiles, it has a mesh netting wall design. If you have male kids, they will surely have fun with the basketball rim and 4 sport balls.

Aside from that, it also has full width size slide for a more fun experience. This slide will also bring unlimited fun and smile. While this bounce house can be used by one person, it would be best for the family to play together and have a quality time while playing basketball. You can play one-on-one and other entertaining games that you and your kids will love.

This bounce house is perfect for kids’ party, school parties, and even family reunion. It will not only keep your kids entertained, but it will also allow them to make friends with their classmates and other guests in your house.

The best thing about bounce houses is that it will allow your kid to have a break from electronic devices, such as television, mobile devices, and gaming console which might cause eye strain and vision loss. Best of all, this bounce house is made with high-quality materials, non-toxic, and ETL certified.

  • Non-toxic and ETL certified
  • Innovative retractable shade cover
  • Takes less than 2 minutes to inflate
  • Slightly difficult to fold

YARD DUAL SLIDE Inflatable Bounce House for Older Kids

Product description:

Next on our list of the best bounce houses for older kids is this Yard Bounce House Dual Slide with heavy-duty blower for quick and easy setup. This moonwalk inflatable bounce house is made of nylon and vinyl. Also, this 6008 bouncy house is created with safety features and meets the applicable safety standards. The mesh net is installed to protect the children so that your kids will freely and playfully bounce without worrying because they are protected by the net.

This bounce house is made with high quality and thick jumping sliding area . Durable sewing and extra-thick jumping and the sliding area is made from the most superior quality materials to make sure that it’s strong and sturdy. This 6008 jump house comes with blower, repair sheet, stakes and carrying bag. It is simple to use, store, and carry. Also, it only takes less than 2 minutes to inflate because of the heavy-duty blower.

The older kids will surely have fun with this bounce house because the two slides allow the kids to slide at the same time. They can have a race on who will hit the ground faster. The play area is 8.5 x 8.5, spacious enough for 3-4 kids to bounce all at the same time. Do not be surprised if the kids do not want to leave the bounce house after hours of playing.

The tall mesh wall that surrounds the house keep your kids safe from possible in injuries while they are having fun playing and jumping for hours. it also as a source of ventilation. With the net, you can monitor your kids on all their actions. You do not need to worry that the house might deflate because the heavy-duty blower will keep it inflated.

  • Comes with heavy duty blower
  • High-quality and extra thick jumping sliding area
  • Made with commercial grade bounce floor and slide for ultimate durability
  • none so far

Blast Zone Inflatable Bounce House for Older Kids

bounce houses for older kids

Product description:

Are your planning to host a birthday party or a family reunion? Invite your neighbors and family members for a party at your backyard or treat your kids with some rainy day activity with this huge jumper. With such a spacious jumping area, kids can jump all they can, stumble, and have a great time with their playmates. If there is room to spare, you can even join the kids to carefully monitor their every move. In order to keep the jump house secured, every side of the house is enclosed with a safety net. In addition to that, the safe slope slides allow for quick access.

Buying this gigantic jumper comes with plenty of advantages. It is made with superior high-strength weave and commercial vinyl for improved durability. Aside from that, Blast Zone is a trusted brand with millions of kids all over the world playing their products. Furthermore, their main focus is safety which is why it is equipped with safety features and complied with manufacturing laws.

Aside from the inflatable unit itself, it comes with a bulletproof blower which ensures the constant flow of air. You will also receive a manual/DVD for the step-by-step guide and safety rules, as well as the walkthrough. It also comes with a lot of accessories such as the carrying straps, anchor stakes, and sprayer system.

While using this inflatable by Blast Zone, you can expect a constant flow of air, which comes from the blower. While the air is pumping in, some air escapes through the seams in the material. This makes it durable with the perfect air pressure. Another great thing about this bounce house is that it only takes less than two minutes to set up.

  • Takes less than two minutes to set-up
  • Made with commercial vinyl for extreme durability
  • Includes blower, storage straps, and DVD
  • Does not have a top/cover

YARD OBSTACLE Inflatable Bounce House for Older Kids

Product description:

Also included in our list of the best bounce houses for older kids is this Yard Inflatable Obstacle Course. It has a heavy duty blower for instant set up. This obstacle course from the Yard is a fun  inflatable combo bounce house that comes with several amazing fun features.

This huge bouncer’ measurements are 21.3′ length, 9.2′ width and 7.9′ height when inflated, and has a capacity of 6-7 children (maximum 100 pounds each, 700 pounds total). So if you are planning to host a large party, buy this obstacle course so as to keep the kids entertained. This combo house comes with a huge slide, a climbing wall, a spacious bouncing area, and an entrance in the form of a tunnel. These features will definitely keep the kids busy for hours.

Made with superior quality materials and the commercial-grade sewing pass the requirements of the rental at some point despite the fact that it is a residential bounce house. Large Slide and Huge Play Area for additional playing area (10.8 x 9.2 feet) and giving huge enough space to give space to 6-7 children under total 700 pounds. Furthermore, it is easy to install and quick setup with heavy-duty grade blower. Simple and quick to pack and transport easily by with the carrying bag.

The main goal of Yard is for their buyers to be totally satisfied with every purchase. They stand firmly behind all of their items 100%. If there are any concerns, you can always reach the customer service right away.  Best of all, it is approved by Children Product Certificate and has passed all the CPSC tests. It comes with a 950W heavy-duty blower that meets the standard of CA.

  • Large Slide and Huge Play Area for extra playing area
  • Easy installation and quick setup
  • High quality material and made by commercial grade sewing
  • Not easy to fold

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a house bounce be used indoors?

A: Normally, bounce houses can be used indoors provided that you have enough space. Also, when taking measurement, you must consider the slide and ceiling. Gyms, large houses, and even auditoriums are the best indoor venue when setting up an inflatable bounce house.

Q: What can I use instead of a bounce house?

A: Not everyone can afford a bounce house because the models usually come in high-priced. If you are looking for alternatives to bounce house, you can try using inflatable water sides fixed in to an inflatable pool with plenty of tiny balls. Aside from that, you can also try looking for small to medium-sized bounce house, because there are models these days that are budget friend yet comes in excellent quality. Also, instead of buying one, you can just rent a bounce house. This is more practical if you are going to host a grand birthday party or a family reunion.

Q: Do bounce houses consume a lot of electricity?

A: One of the best things about bounce houses is that regardless of their size, they do not consume that much of an electricity. Normally, a standard-sized inflatable bounce house will only cost $.16 per hour. This is based on the U.S average cost electricity at $.14/kWh. With that, if you are having second thoughts on buying larger bounce houses for older kids, take note that there is a little difference when it comes to the electricity consumption.

Q: Is a bounce house safer than a trampoline?

A: Trampoline is just like a small-sized bounce house that does not have protective net wall that will keep your kid safe from injuries. This is why you must always keep an eye on your kid when they are playing the trampoline. On the the other hand, it is believed that bounce houses for older kids are much safer because it is enclosed by the protective net. You can let your kids have a memorable time playing with their playmates without worrying they might get injured.

The 6 bounce houses for older kids that we have chosen for this article focus on providing safety features for you and your kids. Aside from that, some them are even made with commercial vinyl for improved durability.

Q: Do bounce houses need to be set up on flat a flat surface?

A: Just like inflatable swimming pools, bounce houses must be set up on a relatively level surface. However, placing it on a steep grade or huge hill is not advisable. Smooth level surfaces such as grass and parking lot are the most suitable for a bounce house. Also, make sure to put a matt or any cover between the house and the surface. Avoid sharp gravel or huge landscaping rocks to be safe.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing any of the bounce houses for older kids mentioned above will make sure that your kids will stay active for their general health and well-being. Bounce houses will also allow your kids to take a break from harmful electronic devices and game console.

Also, when choosing the best bounce house for your kids, it is important to consider the materials it is made of as well as the safety features. Remember, it is your kid who will be playing on it and you want to give him a memorable time while keeping him safe. The bounce houses included in this article make sure that your kids will stay safe. Also, the quality and how it is to set up will never amaze you.

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