7 of the Best Baby Floatation Devices – Here They Come!

Babies also love splashing over the water. However, to make them enjoy and feel safe as they splash on the water, the best thing to do is to place them over a baby float. There are actually lots of attractive babies floats available in the market. So, to help you decide what fits your preference, here are the best baby floatation devices in town today! 

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Can 3 months old go in the pool?

Pools are very attracting especially for kids even on infants. Even if the pool looks elegantly clean, it can still be dangerous for those little ones. The water in it can be easily infected by bacteria that are a factor for causing diarrhea. This can be really risky for the health of a young infant.

Actually, the American Academy of Pediatrics or AAP of California recommended not to take the infants into swimming pools, beach, or lakes. Newborns and those younger than 2 months are very vulnerable to illnesses and their immunity is highly at risk. Aside from that, always remember that babies have delicate skin meaning that their body temperature can quickly change. 

Because of this, the water to be provided to the baby must be warm. Keep in mind that in case the water feels chilly to an adult, the baby may feel it really cold. That’s why it is important to know that the recommended water for baby to be comfortable should be around 85 to 87 degrees Fahrenheit. The water of the pool must also have that temperature as well if you want to bring the baby in there. 

On the other hand, too hot water can also be harmful to your little ones. The water with hot temperature more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit like that of spas and hot tubs is also an off-limit for children below 3 years old. It is essential to know that young ones can tend to overheat faster compared to adults. Moreover, the elevated temperatures within hot tubs can result to increase heart race of the kid or may pose other health risks. 

Lastly, there is the concern about water safety. Primarily, the general cause of death and injury for young ones are drowning and near-drowning incidents. In order to avoid this kind of water incident, consider the following safety tips:

  • Follow the AAP’s “touch supervision” technique which means that adult must be within an arm’s reach of the infant
  • Hold the baby at all times when you are in the pool. Moreover, do not wade deeper down the water.
  • Teach the kids to avoid running once around the pool area the moment your child begins to learn walking. Actually, it is also important to let them know that entering any bodies of water without adult supervision is a big no.

Can You Take Baby to the Beach?

There is actually a big difference in going to the pool and going to the beach. Although both of these bodies of water pose danger to your infants, the beach is more worrisome. Primary, parents may think if direct sunlight is safe for their little ones. Aside from that, the big waves and surf are also a concern for most parents. 

Basically, deciding if you can take the baby to the beach entails several factors. Check these things below as they may pose a general risk to your baby’s safety when you take him/her to the beach:

1. Age of the baby

Initially, when it comes to child safety over the water, the age may have a great effect. Actually, as of now, there is no actual program for water safety for children one-year-old and below as recommended by the AAP. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggested that scientific evidence is not yet present to support these water safety programs.

However, in the case of calm waters inside the pool, these water programs may usually take place. Yet, the beach open waters may actually impose great hazards like undertows, big waves, and jellyfish stings. Moreover, there are things that may not be seen which may tend to be scary as well.

Another thing is that babies aging two months old and below are very susceptible to diseases as their immunity is not yet that high. That’s the reason why it is not ideal to bring the infants to environments with open waters. The best way to guarantee the baby’s safety regarding this matter is to consult a healthcare professional especially if they are two months old to one year.

2. Baby’s health and immunity

Primarily, the immune system and the health of your kids may be a factor for the safety of dipping your child in the water. It is also essential to consider the water safety where you will be splashing into. That’s why it is better to be aware of the local water advisories. Keep in mind that flesh-eating bacteria may generally ruin your family trip at the beach.

Meanwhile, in case the beach is known to be a safe place, lucky for you to take some snapshots of cute photos of your child splashing for the first time over the water. Yet, when it comes to this kind of decision, it would highly depend on your own preference and local beach.

Moreover, another factor that has a great impact on the health of the baby during your beach trip is the heat and sun exposure. In order to prevent possible sunburns, the babies aging six months should not be exposed to more sunlight. Moreover, the AAP or the American Academy of Pediatrics reiterated that baby’s regulation of body heat is not similar to that of the adults. Due to this, they should not experience heat stress over the hot environment.

Helpful Tips When Taking Your Child at the Beach

Having all those potential health risks, it is still possible to spend a little time on the beach with your little ones. Despite the safety issues that you may and your baby may be facing, you’ll only need to consider some of these tips below:

Use sun protection

Taking a beach getaway with your baby requires putting some of the sun protecting agents over them. Actually, utilizing those shelters provided by the local beach may be very helpful. Aside from that, it is also a good way to purchase a tent with SPF property for the infant. Doing this may probably let them experience some coolness.

Try SPF agent

Putting sunscreen over your baby’s skin is actually a good idea even if there are few clouds. The US FDA explains that an SPF of at least 15 may be a good option when no shelter is around.

Put on some cover

Another way to protect your baby from the damaging effect of the sun, it is better to cover them up as well. In addition, sun hat or bonnet with wide-brimmed style may be of great help. These head accessories generally protect the baby’s delicate face and neck. In fact, the sun hats really make the little look amazingly adorable. 

Hydrate yourself

Baby’s also needs to have fluid intake from time to time. Infants basically demand frequent breastfeeding. Or, you can both drink more water. This will generally prevent dehydration for you and your baby.

Opt for the best beach time

The peak intensity of sun exposure is usually around 10 am to 4 pm. Knowing this, it is best to stay inside with your little ones during these hours. Moreover, the noontime sun may be too toxic for the babies. Yet, early sun and late afternoon give astounding views for a good photo shot.

Give your baby some air

Actually, the breeze of the beach is a precious thing for your baby. Moreover, circulating the air for your baby is highly essential. That’s why a portable fan may allow your little ones to get a comfortable sleep within the tent of the beach.

Look for signs of danger

Primarily, be very keen on observing any signs of danger ahead. For example, the baby’s dehydration may be noticed through the dry mouth, listlessness, and dark yellow urine. Once they show these signs, the best thing to do is to get back inside the house.

Carry beach blankets around

Based on the study, there are some babies who hate the feel of the sand. To be able to get away from this, carry some beach blankets. Just make sure that the blanket won’t bother your little ones at all.

Wear sunglasses

Sunglasses are actually cute thus they are also useful as well. The adult’s eyes have the ability to block damaging sun rays. But, the eyes of the baby do not have this ability. The use of baby shades may really help a lot.

Don’t forget the first-aid kit

We didn’t really wish that you need this kit but it is actually a must to have it inside your travel bag. Basically, the supplies inside a baby first-aid kit include tweezers, bandages, and cold packs.

Have a baby pool with you

In case you want to get away your baby from the water of the beach, carrying on inflatable pool may provide a safe environment for your little one. They may even have access to cool and freshwater.

Also, bring some babies pool toys

Actually, this really depends on the age of the baby. These attractive toys will make your baby more entertained. Generally, in the market, you will see various types of beach toys. And if you actually do a thorough search, you might find the best baby floatation devices that your baby will truly enjoy.  

What to Look for When Buying the Best Baby Floatation Devices

Once you decide to shop for the best baby floatation devices, it is really essential to consider a few things. Generally, this may include the product’s material and its cost. And the most important of all, do not forget the three S – the sun protection, size, and safety.


Generally, a minimum of 6 months is the age of the infant when he/she must face the direct sunlight. However, the months succeeding those first six months may still render your baby’s skin to be still delicate. This will also be even so if you lather some baby sunscreen.

Basically, the next best thing to do is to invest in the best baby floatation devices like a float with canopy. The design of this kind of baby floatation device actually tends to offer added sun protection. 


Most of the best baby floatation devices have various sizes that generally suit all ages of babies. However, always remember that there are some floatation devices for babies that seem to grow along with your little ones. Basically, these floatation devices expand once your baby gets bigger as well. 

This is actually a good idea as there is no need for purchasing a new baby float. There are also extra features that come with this swimming aid. For example, a handle may be added for toddler’s use which may account for some kicking activity.


Actually, the common question behind the best baby floatation devices is its safety for baby’s use. Some features that show the baby floats safety include the presence of the safety valves and the seat straps. Moreover, the design should also be considered for safety purpose as well. The said must basically avoid leakages.

These features must be highly taken into account which may maintain the baby into an upright position once an accident happens. It is a must to look after your child most of the time when they are in the best baby floatation devices. Additionally, ensure that you are within arm’s reach of the floatation device. Through this, spills may be prevented.

The List of the Best Baby Floatation Devices

OUR TOP PICK: Baby Pool Float Unicorn

Product Name: Baby Pool Float Unicorn

Product Description: Most children, especially the girls are attracted to unicorns. That’s the reason why the lovable design of this best baby floatation device really likes by infants and toddlers. Using the Baby Pool Float Unicorn may make the water experience of the kids more enjoyable. Moreover, the material of the Baby Pool Float Unicorn has extra thick material and waterproof PVC. This best baby floatation device offers comfort as the seat generally protects the baby’s bottom.

Availability: InStock

  • Easy to inflate
  • Sturdiness
  • Durability


Generally, the Baby Pool Float Unicorn includes airbags and valves which can be seen on both sides. The presence of these valves actually enhances the balance and safety of this baby floatation device. A great feature of this baby float is that it includes a safety string so that the baby may not go too far. Aside from that, the handles are also present which is an excellent feature to move the Baby Pool Float Unicorn while enjoy swimming on shallow waters. 


  • The PVC material is heavy-duty

  • Contains 4 separate airbags

  • Excellent design


  • Extremely hard to inflate


SwimWays Baby Spring Float

best baby floatation devices

Another best baby floatation device on our list is the SwimWays Baby Spring Float. It actually comes with a canopy to provide added protection for babies aging 9 months to 24 months. The great thing about this baby float is that it includes baby toys such as squeakers, soft-touch toys, teethers, and stacking rings. 

Additionally, it also includes a removable octopus in the front-rear that will generally entice your infant. The inclusion of the toys with the package of this best baby floatation device will aid in keeping the baby at ease. Moreover, through these toys, your little ones will start to kick on the water and splash around. In addition to that, this float has features including child safety valves, internal springs, and dual air columns.

SwimWays Baby Spring Float has a removable canopy with UPF or Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50+. It also includes carrying luggage which stores the float that folds easily to provide convenience. Basically, this best baby floatation device is really ideal for travel.

Moreover, if you want to introduce the pool to your baby, placing them on the SwimWays Baby Spring Float is the perfect option. Another nice feature of this baby float is the inclusion of the built-in play station that is highly loved by kids. There is also a soft mesh within the seating area that makes baby experience great comfort

The fabric-covered rings are also present which provide added durability and avoid the heat coming from the sun. Aside from that, the rings make it easy to inflate this best baby floatation devices along with its setting up process.  

  • Includes child safety valves
  • With dual air columns
  • Folds easily making it perfect for travelling
  • Sun protection does not work

Topist Baby Pool Float Inflatable Ring

If your baby’s age around 6 to 36 months, this best baby floatation devices is the ideal one for you. The Topist Baby Pool Float Inflatable Ring comes with a canopy and an incredible bumper boat style. Moreover, a steering wheel is also present plus a beeping horn. The material comes from durable PVC and it also comes in different bright colors. 

Aside from that, the Topist Baby Pool Float Inflatable Ring can be inflated and deflated easily for convenience and storage. In case you want to carry it on travel, it can be folded flatly on its case. Additionally, it also has a canopy that is totally adjustable and detachable. You can actually keep it while swimming on the beach or on your in-ground pool, while it can be taken off at an indoor pool. 

This one of the best baby floatation devices is really stable in which the huge safety seat gives real comfort for the baby. It also includes a big outer ring and two handles which provides stability. While on this baby float, the baby will freely kick their feet on the waters. The steering wheel that it has compatibly combines with its horn while it beeps over the pool or any bodies of water.

Topist Baby Pool Float Inflatable Ring is very compact when it is packed making it the one of the best baby floatation devices ideal for travel. Moreover, the bright colors that it offers are hard to refuse by most babies. However, the canopy must come in a much bigger size to protect the baby’s face from the sun.

  • Materials used are environment-friendly
  • Includes a sunshade canopy cover
  • Convenient
  • Safe
  • Flimsy

Baby Pool Float Flamingo with Canopy

In case you are planning for a pool party, whether on an in-ground pool or inflatable one, the Baby Pool Float Flamingo with Canopy is the perfect one. It was one of the best baby floatation devices available in town with its pinkish flaring flamingo. As it generally comes from high-quality material and durable vinyl, this baby float can able to outshine during rough plays over the water.

Basically, this baby float can handle babies aging 8 months to 24 months. The inner ring that it has serves as the port for inflating this one of the best baby floatation devices. Aside from that, a wide and comfortable seat is fully present which permits a longer cruise. Moreover, maintaining your baby to maintain its chill, a backrest is there as part of the Baby Pool Float Flamingo with Canopy.

  • Weight capacity of 60 pounds
  • With dual air columns and separate valve
  • Includes soft cushion that is inflatable
  • Easily gets deflated

SwimSchool Self-Inflating Baby Boat Pool Float

best baby floatation devices

Babies aging 6 to 24 months can really benefit from Swim School Self-Inflating Baby Boat Pool Float. Due to its hassle-free feature, this becomes one of the best baby floatation devices. Within 60 seconds, this baby float can inflate quickly by itself. That’s why a pump or leak is really not a problem with this baby float.

The foam core that it has is extremely dense and actually unsinkable. Because of this, the SwimSchool Self-Inflating Baby Boat Pool Float really maintains the buoyancy for making the baby safe and stable. Moreover, the seat that lifts the baby at a great level in the water has an adjustable mesh. That’s why this baby float is highly versatile and has a retractable zip-off canopy for providing sun protection.

Generally, the kids really like the color of this baby float that comes in light blue hue with the inclusion of the printed sea creatures that are brightly colored. Although the material is made of fabric, this one of the best baby floatation devices is stable in water. It also resists tipping even if the baby leans forward. Another good thing about this baby float is that it quickly dries out and can be easily packed flatly upon storage.

But, there is a drawback in using this SwimSchool Self-Inflating Baby Boat Pool Float. The valve needs to remain open for hours before this baby float inflates completely. Meanwhile, there are also reports that maintaining the sunshade protection is very hard. In case, you do not want to experience the difficulty of inflating baby float, this self-inflating floatation device from SwimSchool is a must-try. 

  • Has a core made of soft foam
  • The seat is adjustable
  • With canopy sun protection of UPF 50
  • Sun protecting canopy is not stable

Intex My Baby Float

best baby floatation devices

The Intex My Baby Float has a diameter of 26 inches that is pretty perfect for babies 2 years old and below. This is one of the best baby floatation devices keeps your baby in an upright position and makes you feel safe as your baby is in the water of the pool.

Moreover, a big ring is also a part of this Intex My Baby Float plus the extra inner ring that is actually smaller in size. These rings give an added stability once your baby splashes in the water independently. Also included in its feature are the 2 air chambers that also maintain the baby’s safety.

It also has leg holes and a seat with saddle-style to make your baby sits comfortably while exploring in the water. Additionally, the Intex My Baby Float is easily collapsible which is also ideal for carrying outdoors. The drawback that it has is that the additional features like canopy and inflatable pool toys are not included in the package.

  • Includes a smaller ring in the inside for additional stability
  • With 2 air chambers for safety and comfort
  • Perfect for kids aging 2 years old and below
  • With saddle-style seat for comfortable sitting
  • Didn’t move well

Edress Baby Fish Float Boat

Being one of the best baby floatation devices, this Edress Baby Fish Float Boat is really perfect for baby boys who are fond of cars and waters. The shape of this baby float mimics the car with a super appealing design. Because of this, your baby will surely enjoy splashing over the waters of the swimming pool.

Aside from that, it also has a steering wheel which provides support. The sunshade that it has also protected the baby from the damaging rays of the sun. Moreover, the backrest also gives support while the baby enjoys floating over the pool.

The amazing features that Edress Baby Fish Float Boat include its durable material made from PVC. This baby float is also suitable for babies aging 6 months to 36 months. Additionally, it also has sun protection canopy that is adjustable for added protection. It can also be easily inflated and rapidly float on the water.

  • Made with environment-friendly PVC material
  • Float easily on the water
  • With adjustable canopy
  • Easily deflates while on the water

Frequently Asked Questions


A: Basically, there is a natural swimming or diving reflex for infant. Most of the human babies have this inner diving reflex starting on the day they were born up until the age of six months. But, babies cannot actually swim at this younger age. This is due to the fact that they have no enough body feature and strength which can be developed overtime as they grow.


A: Actually, swimming are very beneficial to human. It can lower the risk of drowning in children with the age of 4 years old and above. Meanwhile, lowering the risk in children within the ages of 1 to 4 do not have enough evidence. Yet, having a pool may be helpful to teach early swimming lessons. Babies of young ages can even be taught swimming lessons such as floating using their backs.


A: Babies are born possessing the so-called “laryngeal reflex” or “gag reflex”. These reflexes are triggered the moment your baby feels some water around their face, nose, or even throat. Yet, do not let your baby swim if you are not that sure that they will be truly glad to go underwater.


A: Usually, infants until the age of 6 months and have heads submerged in water will able to hold their breath in a natural way. During this moment, the heart rate may slow down which is helpful in conserving oxygen. Moreover, the blood circulates among the primary vital organs of the babies such as the heart and the brain.


A: Babies should not stay too long into the pool. However, the session may start for 20 minutes up to the time the baby gets familiar with water and the environment. Moreover, this time period can be extended to at least half an hour until the baby is more than one years old.

Final Thought

The best baby floatation devices generally help the baby to be safe when splashing over the water. These inflatable products make the baby to be entertained and feel protected while swimming. However, when buying this product, always consider buying the one made of durable materials. In addition to that, also consider its size, sun protection, and other features that come with it.

In terms of the baby floats, buying a high-quality one is really a nice decision as part of your investment in the long run. Instead of opting for an affordable one, the best decision is to put your money on a baby float that maintains its durability for more years. 

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