Best Buy Inflatable Movie Screen – Our Top 5

Throwing up a party on the yard or inside your house is more enjoyable when there is a movie around. Likewise, movie watching can be experienced at its greatest through the use of a high-quality screen. Luckily, there is a wide selection of the best buy inflatable movie screen available.

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In case you decide to buy one, we will share to you our list of the best ones in the market. Aside from that, we will also share to you some of the important considerations when buying the best inflatable movie screening for a great watching experience.  

What do I need for outdoor movies?

Some people tend to throw parties in their backyard in the form of a movie screening. In order to achieve this, you must have to put up your own movie screen and enjoy watching while partying. However, there is something more behind the big screen. Aside from that, there are other prerequisites needed.

If you are just starting to set up this outdoor theater, also take into account the conditions of the weather and the lighting. Remember that outdoor movie displays are better within dark environments. That’s why it is actually good to play movies after sunset. Below are some of the necessary equipment required to come up with a great outdoor movie display.    


The projector is basically the main thing of the event. However, you should not overthink this. Additionally, for outdoor screening consider the brightness and resolution. These are highly important when you need to project images. 

The lightning condition is also a crucial thing to take into account. Another consideration in terms of the use of a projector is that it is not the only one that matters. Outdoor televisions are also available as one of the alternative options. Yet, projectors have lots of advantages especially in terms of weather resistant and bulb maintenance.


When it comes in opting for the supply of video to be paired in your outdoor screening, always take into account the ease of use. It’s time to invest some time in finishing a long setup process. Actually, a Blu-ray player is good but using it outdoors is really risky. Another good example is the Roku Streaming Stick which is suitable for a good Wi-Fi connectivity and is somehow powerful and compact.

This video source directly connects you to the projector or any outdoor display. Additionally, a USB compatible port in your projector may be a good source of power over the streaming device. Meanwhile, HDMI transmitter and receiver is the best video source in case you think of the traditional component such as cable or satellite box.

Always remember that the performance of wireless video sources generally depends on the distance and home structure. Moreover, the wired switch also needs you to have cables running over the doors and windows.


The speaker system is generally applicable for outdoor events like the projector. Most of it is within 10W power source. Likewise, most projectors are connected into an outdoor powered speaker system. This is also better for indoor use and gives off louder sound. 

Moreover, dealing with its compatibility with a projector, their connection is actually directly proportional. Example the projector you have has an output of 3.5mm, this means that the powered speaker you need is about 3.5mm input.  

In addition, choosing the speaker size will also vary on the space to be covered. Perhaps, it is actually better to opt for a bigger one because turning down the volume is really easy to do when needed. Otherwise, it is highly difficult to allow the smaller speaker to work like a big one.


Basically, screens for outdoor movie screening entail various shapes, sizes, and types. Well, choosing between the inflatable movie screen and stand-mounted screen, it is important to take into consideration the viewing environment. It is also highly crucial to identify the size of the screen and the installation type that you can deal with.

Generally, the screen mounting type is really good for those who need support anchors. Moreover, dealing with the artistic installation designs, this screen type is an enjoyable element of outdoor movie screening. You can actually hang it on trees or mount it over the fences.

On the other hand, if you need something that is good for assembling, transporting, and storing the best buy inflatable movie screen is a great choice. There are actually various models of inflatable screens for outdoor and indoor use available over the market. Just always consider the purpose and location of use.

Things to Consider for the Best Buy Inflatable Movie Screen

Basically, buying an inflatable movie screen also entails some things for consideration. In case you are looking for the best buy inflatable movie screen, here are some of those considerations.

Screen Type

Generally, having a projector demands matching the screen type into it and ensuring that it can show unblurred images. Also keep in mind that the displays of inflatable movie screens entail various compatibility with the front and rear projection. Meanwhile, not owning a projector requires you to opt for a screen that matches with a broad range of projections. This actually leads you not to worry about the projector-screen matching.

Method of inflation

It would be very lucky if you have smaller movie screens because some of it comes with static inflation. This simply means that it can be filled up and then close the opening. Because of this, it is highly suitable for indoor use. However, not having a pump may result in painful fill-up.

On the other hand, large screens utilize blowers for a continuous source of air to blow-up the screen. The setting-up process is actually fast as it takes only a minute or even second to inflate. However, the blower could make some noise during the movie screening. Due to this, ensure to have a loud audio system. 


Basically, this feature highly depends on the type of space you have or if you are going to use it in an indoor or outdoor use. Lots of inflatable screens available in the market come with a recommended size of audience. Yet, it is actually best to measure the actual dimension of your space.

Another thing to take extra cautious of is the measurement of the whole inflatable and not just only the screen. Remember that in reading the measurement; ensure that you really know what you are measuring.

Other Features

There are inflatables in which the screens are detachable for an easy cleaning process. This feature also leads to an easy storing method.

Moreover, some includes accessories like templates of movie tickets or movie-themed accessories. Others also offer a projector in its package.

List of Best Buy Inflatable Movie Screen

OUR TOP PICK: Surefire Giant Inflatable Movie Screen

Product Name: Surefire Giant Inflatable Movie Screen

Product Description: If you want to have an awesome event through the help of the best buy inflatable movie screen, then this is the perfect one for you. The Surefire Giant Inflatable Movie Screen projects an excellent picture resolution. This actually fits for all big screen movie watching purposes such as entertainment, outdoor watch, or any social events. Compared to the white wall movie screening, this best buy inflatable movie screen is really flexible and perfect in using at any given time and place. Moreover, the design of Surefire Giant Inflatable Movie Screen is customizable which is the best choice for any occasions. The rear and front projection of this inflatable movie screen are one of the great attributes of Surefire Giant Inflatable Movie Screen. So, using both sides is highly allowable.

Availability: InStock

  • Sturdiness
  • Easy to Set-up
  • Convenience of transport


Despite having a big screen, Surefire Giant Inflatable Movie Screen generally weighs less. The 32 by 17 feet screen provides sufficient viewing for mass gatherings. Additionally, it has the ability to give 1080p images which generally brings viewing convenience in any event. Another good thing about Surefire Giant Inflatable Movie Screen entails various sizes which vary on the demand of the event. 

For having a tough and waterproof material, this inflatable movie screen is an excellent choice for outdoor use. Aside from that, this giant inflatable screen comes with a complete set of movies screening accessories. Tears and abrasions are not really a problem as it also comes with a repair kit which includes a blower and patches. 

Finally, transporting this in any place for outdoor movie watching provides great convenience through the inclusion of a carry-on bag. Because of all these features, this Giant Inflatable Movie Screen is a sure fire in providing excellent movie screening.  


  • Offers rear and front side projection

  • Compatible with HD movies

  • With sturdy D-rings

  • Easy setting-up and disassembling process


  • None so far


EasyGo Mega Movie Screen

Best buy inflatable movie screen

Our next best buy inflatable movie screen comes with a 14-foot wide screen. The EasyGo Mega Movie Screen offers a package set which includes inflation fan, rope and tie downs, and a storage bag. What makes this inflatable movie screen a best buy is its simple setting-up process. For only just two minutes, you can now have a completely inflated movie screen ready for watching.

In addition, this best buy inflatable movie screen contains a completely removable screen which has a bright white hue. The removable screen is also very easy to clean and maintain as it can be washed. It also has O-style rings clinging to the rope and tie-downs. Another thing that is not an issue with the EasyGo Mega Movie Screen is its stability which can withstand the wind. 

Moreover, you will not be disturbed while watching because it has a quiet motor system. Yet, the drawback of this inflatable movie screen is that it does not have rear projection property. Aside from that, the best thing to do for an easy setting-up is to attach the screen prior to inflation.

  • Removable screen
  • Has an excellently bright white tone
  • Does not support rear projection

LifeSmart Inflatable Movie Screen

In case you opt for a real cinema experience, you could never go wrong with this LifeSmart Inflatable Movie Screen. Compared with other huge outdoor screens, this best buy inflatable movie screen has a reduced weight and an easy set-up process. Due to this, many event organizers and entertainment companies like and trust this inflatable movie screen.

Moreover, with a weight of 18 pounds, it is generally foldable to give a compact size and easy storage. Knowing this, transporting it is also easy and convenient. Since it projects large images, you can already stop your suffering from watching on a micro screen. The 16 feet diagonal screen measurement converts a large picture and prevents any strain while watching great images over outdoor parties. 

Additionally, the package of this inflatable movie screen includes all the required accessories for setting-up and repairing. It includes stakes and an air blower inside the package. Aside from that, it is highly compatible with various speakers and projectors which make real excitement on outdoor events.

In terms of durability and reliability, LifeSmart Inflatable Movie Screen does not entail any doubts. The ripstop material that it has ensures its usage for a long period of time. Another great inclusion of this best buy inflatable movie screen is a bucket of popcorn that comes with it.

  • White surface comes in washable setting
  • The screen has a non-reflecting feature
  • Contains waterproof fabrics that are highly durable
  • None so far

Holiday Styling Inflatable Movie Screen

Best buy inflatable movie screen

Another best buy inflatable movie screen on the list is the Holiday Styling Inflatable Movie Screen. It has a larger blow-up screen made out of nylon of 60 denier. Even though it is large, the inflatable movie screen is durable enough to withstand the wind. 

Its diameter measuring 16 feet and a 12-foot screen from end to end makes the movie watching enjoyable. Aside from that, it weighs only 18 pounds which results in a portable best buy inflatable movie screen. It inflates easily with just only two minutes through the included quiet electric blower.

In order to offer great stability, Holiday Styling Inflatable Movie Screen includes reinforced loops. Also included in its package is the tethers and storage bag. Moreover, cleaning and maintenance of the screen is not a problem as the screen is detachable. The attached clips also contribute to the ease of placing back the screen.

And because the screen is completely detachable, its storage also comes in a very easy method. The rear projection is also highly compatible with the screen. So, with this, Holiday Styling Inflatable Movie Screen is really a best buy.

  • Has compatibility with the rear projection
  • The fabric comes from 60 denier
  • Durable
  • The logo in front is so large

Gemmy Airblown Mickey Movie Screen

Gemmy’s Airblown Mickey Movie Screen is another best buy inflatable movie screen on the list. This is actually an excellent and fun option to show movies to children. Unlike other inflatable movie screens, this one comes in a smaller size which only measures around 10 ½ feet diagonally. Aside from that, it contains two internal fans and stakes which offer great stability.

With only about 5 minutes, the Gemmy Airblown Mickey Movie Screen inflates easily. The screen is also detachable using clips included in the package. Moreover, the cleaning and storage is highly convenient as well because of its screen detachable feature. It can also withstand the wind and the dual fans that it has are both sturdy to make the screen stay in place.

Generally, the design of this best buy inflatable movie screen is a Mickey Mouse figure which is highly suitable for kid audiences. This is actually a fun movie screen for children over an outdoor event. So, if you like to put up an outdoor party for your kiddos, this Gemmy Airblown Mickey Movie Screen is the best pick. 

  • Great for kids because of the Disney theme design
  • The size is smaller for kids and adults
  • Too childish for adult viewers

Final Thoughts

The best buy inflatable movie screen provides an enjoyable and great movie watching experience. These inflatable screens basically withstand the wind blow due to its sturdy feature. However, always take into account buying the one made of high-quality materials. Aside from that, you must also consider the screen type, method of inflation, size, and other features that come with it.

When it comes to the inflatable movie screen, it is actually a good investment to opt for a high-quality one for long term use. Rather than to choose an affordable one, staking your money on the best inflatable movie screen that maintains its durability for a long time is really a great choice.   

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