Best Swimmies for Toddlers – Check Our Top 5!

Aside from fun and leisure, swimming is one of the best ways for toddlers to exercise. Moreover, this water activity is something that the kids and parents may both enjoy. Additionally, the main concern is the safety of the toddlers when they splash on the waters. That’s why it is really important to wear the best swimmies for toddlers that may aid in their swimming activity.

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We reviewed here the available swimmies in town today. In case, you are having a hard time looking for the best one, check our list below.

How do I keep my toddlers safe in a pool?

Swimming over the pool gives too much fun most likely for kiddos. However, pools can be dangerous that’s why it is a really good idea to keep the kid’s safety a main priority. Below are some of the pool safety reminders to keep your child safe.

Do not leave them alone

It is really important to keep in mind that you should always keep an eye over your child. Do not ever leave them alone in any or near the body of water. Always be observant on this no matter your child’s comfort level on the water. Remember that it usually takes just a little unsupervised second for your child to get drowned.

Fence it around

In case you have an in-ground pool, above-ground pool or an inflatable pool, make sure that there are fences surrounded around it. Basically, it should be around 4 feet in height to guarantee your child’s safety. Accidents usually happen the moment the child roams around the house and falls into the pool. That’s why it is very important to cover your pool with fences and ensure that there are no openings available for child’s entry.

Moreover, it is good to have pool gates that close or latch automatically. In addition, ensure that the pool gate can be secured using a lock once the child is also finished swimming. However, do not just completely depend on the pool gate for kids’ protection because there may be times that the gate may be forgotten to get closed.    

Buy rescue gear

Generally, having a pool inside your yard necessitates you from keeping rescue tools near the pool. This should basically include the shepherd’s hook and life preserver. Aside from that, it is important to bring a cell phone when you go swimming. Moreover, you can also consider installing landline phones at the poolside.

Make sure that the child is within your arm’s reach

Generally, the American Academy of Pediatrics or AAP recommended the “touch supervision” technique in which you are sufficiently near to your child to reach them out at any time. Touch supervision is basically the best way to keep the little ones from harm during swimming time. Make sure that you always stay close with your child until the age of 4, regardless if he/she undergoes swimming lessons.

Aside from that, it is also important to keep your kid’s head above the water. This may generally prevent them from inhaling water while swimming around as it could be a cause of secondary drowning. So, it is better to maintain any underwater submersions supervised. 

Are Puddle Jumpers better than Life Jackets?

Actually, maintaining the kids’ safety while in the water is a really hard task especially when there is lots of water accessories present around. So, one idea to ensure their safety over the water is the use of a life jacket, swim vest or a puddle jumper. But, the question lies behind their differences and what would be the best option in terms of kids’ safety?

Generally, to differentiate a life jacket from a puddle jumper and swim vest, keep in mind that a swim vest is a swimming gear which aids kids to swim. Meanwhile, a life jacket and a puddle jumper offer buoyancy and are basically approved by the US Coast Guard. These two water gears must be able to comply with the boating regulations. 

Moreover, a life jacket and puddle jumper are innovations of the floaties or the water wings. It basically contains an extra advantage of the vest. This is primarily to give security on the chest of the kid for additional floatation function.

Basically, you can take these water gears off or pull the wings off because they are just typically attached. Kids can actually swim while wearing these gears. Yet, they cannot let the child face-up from the water.  

Best Situation to Use Puddle Jumpers

  • Suitable for use by kids at the pool in which they must be supervised
  • Greatly ideal for kids having fun in the water
  • Allow the kids to be comfortable with basic swimming strategies
  • Perfect for kids who weigh around 30 to 50 pounds who already know a few basic swimming techniques
  • Those who already know the proper way of keeping their head afloat 

What is a Life Jacket?

Basically, a life jacket is under the category of a personal floatation device or the PFD. This swimming gear typically offers buoyancy within the water. There are generally two types of life jacket for kids. The US Coast Guard usually approves these two types – the Type II or Type III PFD.

Moreover, life jacket comes in various sizes which fit the infant, toddler, and youth. Aside from that, children of all ages may also find a life jacket fit for them. The sizes of the life jacket are also dependent on the weight of the child.

Generally, most infant and few child life jackets contain crotch straps in order for the life jacket to keep in place and not move up towards the child’s face. Most of the time, they also include head support pillows. These pillows can give extra buoyancy over the kid’s head so that they can face upward the water. 

Best Situation to Use Life Jackets

  • Perfect for kids who engage in water activities like kayaking or boating
  • Once a child ride on a moving water vessel with an open deck as wearing an approved USCG life jacket is a general law in the United States 
  • Ideal for kids within the beach, pool or water park for additional safety measures

What is a Swim Vest?

Compared to the first two water gears, the main goal of a swim vest is for the kids to learn swimming. In terms of buoyancy, swim vest offers less unlike the life jacket and puddle jumper. It is generally a swimming aid and not actually a life-saving gear.

Moreover, swim vests can generally encourage the appropriate swimming position of a kid. Swim vests are not geared to maintain the child in an afloat position. Additionally, wearing this gear underwater may still make it possible for the child to swim well.

Furthermore, an improvement from a puddle jumper is the use of a swim vest. This basically allows the kids to move their arms freely. In addition, it is also a way to improve the swimming technique naturally. 

Best Situation to Use Swim Vests

  • Ideal for kids who are starting to learn swimming
  • Perfect for kids with enough understanding of the swimming techniques
  • Suitable for use within a swimming pool or at the beach in case the child already knows the way to swim
  • Very useful for a whole day at the beach or outdoor pool

Generally, the decision on which swimming gear to use may highly depend on the kid’s swimming skills. In addition, the activity type that they will be doing may also be a factor. For a boating activity, the life jacket is actually the best choice.

Meanwhile, the use of puddle jumpers may be really advantageous for kids having activities at the pool. And the swim vest is the ideal option for those who want to learn swimming. Hopefully, these little insights might help you in your needs of appropriate swimming gear.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Swimmies for Toddlers?

Actually, looking for the best swimmies for toddlers is somehow a personal choice. Aside from that, it should suit the needs of your children. Below are the following considerations that you must have to take into account when you want to buy the best swimmies for toddlers.


Primarily, consider the suggested weight of the manufacturer. Most of the best swimmies for toddlers like the water vests come by weight. Moreover, they usually maintain a child under particular weight buoyancy.

2. FIT

It is actually advisable to try the best swimmies for toddlers on your child before you buy it. Ensure that it really fits on your child’s body while providing comfort for creating free movements.


When buying the best swimmies for toddlers, it is better to check for the overall construction of the product. This will primarily guarantee that the material is actually thick to prevent tears. Moreover, checking the construction will help to ensure that the straps and buckles are generally secured. Also, it is must to know if your kid cannot undo the straps in an easy way.


Actually, during a swimming activity or any outdoor events, sun protection is really essential. So it is a bonus factor if the best swimmies for toddlers offer sun protection.  


Generally, only those best swimmies for toddlers which are under the category of PFDs can gain approval from the US Coast Guard.

5 of the Best Swimmies for Toddlers

OUR TOP PICK: Body Glove Paddle

Product Name: Body Glove Paddle

Product Description: Body Glove Paddle is generally an excellent life jacket suitable for kids who want to learn swimming. Basically, the style of this best swimmies for toddlers is a common one that wraps around the kid’s chest with armbands attachments. This will actually maintain the kids afloat. Compared with other similar swimming gears, this one of the best swimmies for toddlers entails a harness around the shoulder. The main goal of this shoulder harness is primarily to prevent the life jacket from falling or from taken off by the child.

Availability: InStock

  • Comfort
  • Value for Money
  • Stretch


Generally, the material of the Body Glove Paddle is of high-quality polyester which does not actually chafe same with a nylon can. The design is basically applicable for those kids weighing 30 to 50 pounds. Actually, a great feature about this life jacket is that it is approved by the US Coast Guards. 

Basically, this means that it is highly suitable for boating, swimming, and other water activities. Moreover, using this may also make you feel confident that the child is safe all the time. The Body Glove Paddle also entails various prints and colors that are actually enjoyable and attractive.


  • Includes shoulder harness for safety

  • Provides extreme comfort

  • Safe and approved by the USCG


  • Size is smaller than expected


Stearns Puddle Jumper Deluxe Child Life Jacket

best swimmies for toddlers

The Stearns Puddle Jumper Deluxe Child Life Jacket is one of the best swimmies for toddlers which are very comfortable to wear by toddlers. Moreover, it does not hinder in the child’s way when learning to swim. Additionally, it also makes a good job of producing additional buoyancy once necessary. It actually keeps secure within the child’s body without obstructing its way.

One of the great features of the Stearns Puddle Jumper Deluxe Child Life Jacket is that it is an excellent value in terms of money. Moreover, buying this best swimmies for toddlers won’t offer any regrets. Another good thing is that it does not seem to be a usual life jacket but it is a swimming aid that of Type III USCG approved. 

Aside from that, it also has the capability to be used as a safety water gear within the beach or shallow water. However, it is not recommendable to make it as a replacement for the conventional life jacket intended for boating. In addition, this best swimmies for toddlers contains two armbands and chest panel. 

The armbands are not actually adjustable by itself but it provides sufficient space to fit for the child. Yet, this Stearns Puddle Jumper may really make the tight-fitting experience. Additionally, the quality material of this puddle jumper is really impressive. It is made out of woven polyester fabric which is actually softer compared to a typical life jacket.

Because of this, this best swimmies for toddlers is really comfortable to be worn all day. Aside from that, it also comes in various colors that are all cheerful with cartoon designs in front. The kids will also enjoy wearing this swimming gear. 

  • US made
  • Approved for use on boats
  • Difficult to take off from the arms

Konfidence Jacket Swim Vest

Another item considered as the best swimmies for toddlers is the Konfidence Jacket Swim Vest. It generally contains Lycra binding that provides additional softness to fit in your kid’s body more comfortably. The material of the Konfidence Jacket Swim Vest is a high-quality neoprene that has 100% protection from UV rays over covered areas. 

Basically, this best swimmies for toddlers has a design that wraps around the torso while leaving the arms free for swimming. Moreover, this swim vest has a sturdy feature and zipper closure that is typically self-locking. Regardless of the attractive designs of your preference, the background color which is bright yellow makes your kiddos more visible within the water. 

Aside from that, it also comes with versatility due to its style of eight floatation panels that are all removable. With this, the buoyancy can be tailored based on the children’s needs while he or she is learning the way to swim. This swim jacket can make your children feel safe, skilled, and confident over the water as well. Likewise, it does not limit the movement of the kids while they are just starting to swim.

This best swimmies for toddlers is not bulky which a good feature that makes it more comfortable is. Additionally, it entails seven attractive colors suitable for both boys and girls. It also has three sizes available which are generally suitable for 18 months old and up until seven years old. Even though this is not actually a replacement for a life jacket during boating, this is really perfect for those who need additional confidence while learning swimming.

  • Recommended by the Starfish Aquatics Institute
  • Safe for use and very easy
  • Made of quality materials
  • Unable to hold the kids up

Speedo Water Skeeter Life Jacket

best swimmies for toddlers

A great product that invades the list of the best swimmies for toddlers is the one from Speedo. This life jacket is basically a floatation aid that can accommodate children weighing 30 to 50 pounds. The kids may definitely feel confident over the water during their first time of learning how to swim. 

The Speedo Water Skeeter Life Jacket is generally approved by the USCG under the Type III PFD. It also entails a distinct style in which it does not wrap around the kids’ arms so that they have plenty of space to move freely. Moreover, side straps and crotch strap are all present in order to maintain snug and security. 

Generally, it is one of the best swimmies for toddlers who have issues in terms of back floating. However, this swim vest for kids does not intend to replace the life jacket during boating. Yet, over a pool or beach, this Speedo Water Skeeter Life Jacket is an excellent choice.

  • Approved by the USCG
  • Licensed under the American Red Cross
  • Made with Tubular Technology
  • Only suitable for kids who knows how to swim

Topsung Kids Deluxe Life Jacket

The best swimmies for toddlers that are essentially suitable for travelling is the Topsung Kids Deluxe Life Jacket. It generally follows a very easy deflation process in order to flatly organized inside the luggage. This life jacket can be easily assembled through blowing by mouth. Moreover, air can also be pumped up inside this best swimmies for toddlers as part of the inclusion package is an air pump. 

Three valves are present within this life jacket in which each arm have one and the remaining is on the chest. One of the good features is that the adjustable strap and buckle are also there to maintain this life jacket in place. The colors available for the Topsung Kids Deluxe Life Jacket are pink and blue which are very attractive for kids. 

To keep your kids’ faces out of the water, it is the right choice to go for this Topsung Kids Deluxe Life Jacket. Aside from that, this is one of the best tools to help them know how to swim. Although this is not recommended as a primary floatation device, this best swimmies for toddlers is excellently great for few days to use upon travelling.

  • The construction is inflatable
  • Suitable for 3 up to 6 years old kids
  • Excellent option while traveling
  • Hard to use
  • May cause skin irritation for some

Final Thoughts

The best swimmies for toddlers generally offer help for those who want to learn swimming. These swimming gear actually comes in various styles and colors that will be very attractive for your kiddos. However, always consider buying the one made of high-quality material and is approved by the USCG. Aside from that, take into account its size, safety, sun protection, and other features that come with it.

Moreover, in terms of swimmies for your kids, buying a good one is a great investment in the long run. Rather than choosing an affordable one, it is the best option to put your money on swimmies that maintains its quality over the years.

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