Blow Up Bounce House With Waterslide

Bounce houses provide hours of entertainment for your kids. Give them the best time of their life and give them a plaything that will encourage them to move and be active. When there is a bounce house in the yard, it is an instant party. In a technologically driven world blow up bounce house with waterslide encourages your kids to go out and soak up some sun and enjoy a traditional activity

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Blow up bounce house with waterslide—the benefits

Bounce houses are especially useful when your kids have a party. It takes the party event to a whole new level. Many parents have discovered that bounce houses are a good investment. However, bounce houses are not just good for parties; they are great any day of the week.

Setting up a bounce house is also more effortless compared to decades ago. You simply take out the bag, unroll it and connect the bounce house to a blower. After a few hours, your kid’s eyes will be shinning as the structure rises up. 

Blow Up Bounce House With Waterslide

Bounce houses have become a crucial fixture in children’s parties because they offer more safety and protection compared to trampolines. These bounce houses are relatively safe spaces, so you can leave your children in them unsupervised. However, if your bounce house is extra big, you can even join in the fun and play with your kids. 

Blow up bounce house with waterslide–inflatable Bounce Water Parks

Blow up bounce house with waterslide are intended for wet use. Standard bounce houses are hazardous when wet. However, blow up bounce house with waterslide have features that prevent accidents such as slipping or accidentally sliding. 

When you invest on a blow up bounce house with waterslide you can have other features as well such as a pool and of course all kinds of slides. These water parks are ideal for summer use and can be enjoyed by people, both young and old. 

If you are hunting for a water slide that is suited for your bounce house, you can find slide attachments that can be matched with your pools.

Blow Up Bounce House With Waterslide

However, one difficulty to using blow up bounce house with waterslide is it needs to dry out completely before you store them. If there is any trace of water or moisture on them, it can breed mold and mildew. If you follow the proper procedure in storing you blow up bounce house with waterslide it will have a longer life span. 

Modern Bounce House Features

Inflatable blow up bounce house with waterslide today don’t have the same problems of the structures of years past. There have been advancements in textile technology and techniques in manufacturing. 

Textiles in the modern era are tougher and more durable, which allows it to withstand kid’s play. Nails accidentally puncturing the fabric are no longer a problem. Modern fabrics have the added benefit that they are stronger now while remaining lightweight. There is a considerable reduction in weight, while the possibility of setting up an inflatable structure is reduced. Rental companies of inflatable structures will say that technology has improved, and older products were heavier and more difficult to transport. 

High-performance plastic has allowed blowers to be much more lightweight. Blowers during the past decades were made of metal and are noisy to operate. Inflatables nowadays have quieter blowers. Smaller blowers will only be as loud as vacuum cleaners. 

New age stitching machines have also reduced the involvement of humans in stitching inflatables. There is less error, and there are straighter lines and less manufacturing mistakes. The use of machines also lowered the price. Inflatables of years past were more expensive because of the cost of human labor. 

Stitching is cheaper now, so designers have more freedom to add extra features while keeping prices down. Slide attachments and sidewalls that are inflated as well as stairs weren’t possible in the old days. 

Blow up bounce house with waterslide –Selecting the Right Bounce House

If you are a parent and you want to give your kid the ultimate bounce house, there are some factors you must consider when selecting the right product

Your kid’s age

Kids that are over six years old are pretty active, so you should consider buying a more spacious bounce house. It will last you a few more years, and it won’t be vulnerable to wear and tear.

The size of your backyard

Buying a super big bounce house will be pointless if you don’t have space for it. Make sure you know the length and dimensions of your backyard before purchasing a bounce house.


Blow Up Bounce House With Waterslide

New age blow up bounce house with waterslide can range from 200 dollars to 1000 dollars. Determine the range you willing to shell out before looking for products. By having a budget, you won’t make the mistake of setting your heart on a model to find out that it is way beyond your budget limit. 

Buy online: 

Buying online is one of the best options since many online stored offer great deals. Amazon gives buyer protection in case of product failure.

Blow up bounce house with waterslide –Maintaining Your Bouncy House

Your blow up bounce house with waterslide shod last at least a couple of years if you properly maintain it. Have no worries since maintaining a bounce house won’t be super intensive. It should be noted; however, that maintenance should be done regularly. 

Clean the Bounce House

If your kids will be using the bounce house regularly, such as every weekend, it is crucial to keep the bounce house spic and span. Kids will be running in and out of the bounce house and carry with them soil and dirt. The best method in cleaning a blow up bounce house is with a vacuum cleaner. 

Cleaning the bounce house

Once you have thoroughly cleaned the bounce house with a vacuum, get rid of any dirt residue by scrubbing them down with a soap solution and a brush. Be cautious of the cleaning formula you will be using. It is better if you contact the manufacturer of the blow up bounce house with waterslide and ask for an ideal cleaning solution. Stains can happen if you do not clean dirt spots thoroughly.

Cleaning the blow up bounce house with waterslide is not just crucial to prevent dirt but also has safety implications. Dirt and debris in the bounce house can accidentally land on kid’s eyes. 

It is recommended that bounce houses be cleaned after every intensive play. 

Sanitizing the Bouncy House

It is crucial to clean the bouncy house with a soap and water solution, but you need to have it sanitized often. There are tons of sanitizing agents on the market, but it can be harmful to the material of your blow up bounce house with waterslide. 

A lot of rental businesses use the same cleaning and sanitizing formulas used in wrestling mats and gymnasium. These products are compatible with the fabric of bounce houses. To ensure that a sanitizing formula is safe, test it first on a small area of the bounce house. 

Sanitizing is a simple process. The entire house should be sprayed, including the corners. Wipe the excess fluid with a cloth. Being thorough with your cleaning will prevent the blow up bounce house with waterslide from becoming a germ haven. 

Dry Completely Before Storage

Once you are done washing and sanitizing the bounce house, make sure it dries completely before storing it. This is critical to prevent the growth of mildew and pooling of liquid cleaning products in spots. To hasten the drying process, you can use a leaf blower until all the wet spots disappear. 

It is crucial that blow up bounce house with waterslide be dried after every use. If you store away a wet inflatable structure, mildew growth and unpleasant smells will ensue. In the long term, this may even cause damage to the fabric. 

Don’t Use the Bouncy House If It Loses Air

There will come a time for the bouncy house to lose air and it’s time to get your kids to exit it as quickly as possible. It is crucial to be vigilant because kids may not know that the blow up bounce house with waterslide is losing air. 

Moving and jumping inside a bouncy house that is fast losing air can damage the fabric. The tarps aren’t cushioned by air anymore, and the forces can cause the fabric to give and cause a tear. The extra looseness can also damage the stitching. 

Injuries can also happen in a deflating bouncy house. In the absence of pressurized cushioning, a leaping child from a high elevation can hit the ground hard. The safest response will be to get everyone out and fix the problem. 

Some additional tips include:

  • Make sure to remove dangerous sharp and pointed objects from children’s pockets. These include keys and pens. Objects like these can puncture the fabric and cause injuries. 
  • Remind kids not to push each other when inside the structure. Rough pay can cause children to bump on each other or get thrown out of the blow up bounce house.
  • Tell children not to bounce against the walls of the bounce house. The entire structure may get unbalanced and topple over, which can result in injuries.  
  • Make sure that kids removed sharp accessories such as eyeglasses jewelry and footwear before playing in the blow up bounce house with waterslide. These items can damage the fabric and pose a risk to other children. 
  • Never let kids carry bottles and food and drinks inside the blow up bounce house with waterslide. You will have to clean up their mess later. Glass bottles and cutlery also pose a hazard.
  • Make sure that the blow up bounce house with waterslide is not near your house windows, gazebos and tree branches, or any dangerous structure. Setting up the bounce house near these areas may cause damage and injuries. 
  • Kids will run around the bounce house when playing, so make sure there will be no obstructions that ill cause them to trip or be harmed in any way. 

Blow up bounce house with waterslide—top 3 choices



Product Name: BOUNTECH Inflatable Bounce House

Product Description: This blow up bounce house with waterslide gives endless fun whether you decide to add some water in this bounce house or not. The playhouse has a basketball rim plus a large water slide. Setting up the entire structure should be a breeze.

Availability: InStock

  • Material
  • Durability
  • Fun


This blow up bounce house with waterslide has multiple playing areas. There are a curved water slide climbing wall and basketball rim with a pool and cannon. Sprayers on the top portion of the slide endlessly spray water to keep the slides wet and friction-free. 


  • Wear and tear-resistant
  • Fade proof
  • Durable and sturdy


  • No negative reviews so far

Runners Up

Bounce House with Slide

Bounce House with Slide

With this blow up bounce house with waterslide your kids will have hours of fun. They can bounce and dive into the kid-sized pool. However, before kids can access the water, they will have to climb a wall. This leads to a fun and slippery slide. This blow up bounce house with waterslide is great for kids two to three years old. 


This bounce house is a perfect gift for the holidays. Buy this for your kid’s enjoyment. It can be used outdoors and indoors. The blow up bounce house with waterslide has a safety mesh on four sides so your children will have extra protection when falling or jumping. The entire structure has durable stitching for jumping and sliding safety. The entire blow up bounce house with waterslide can accommodate kids with a combined weight of 250 pounds. 

  • Has safety mesh
  • nice size and quality
  • easy setup
  • sturdy material
  • easy to store
  • No negative reviews so far

BANZAI Slide N Soak Splash Water Park

BANZAI Slide N Soak Splash

This blow up bounce house with waterslide brings the theme park right at your home’s backyard. This bounce house has a pool and a water sprayer, which can give hours of fun. It also has a water slide and a climbing wall. 


This cushioned lagoon-style blow up bounce house with waterslide has an overhead sprinkle that can give kids the chance to spray and tease their siblings. The detachable water spraying hose inflates in less than 2 minutes. 

  • Fun product
  • Proper maintenance ensures a longer life span
  • durable
  • A little overpriced

Final thoughts

Give your kids the chance to have the ultimate activity with a blow up bounce house with waterslide. Play encourages the physical and social development of growing kids. Get your kids to play with their friends and siblings and let them have endless hours of memorable fun. 

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