Blow Up Raft With Motor- Top 3

When you go out on an adventure on the water, the best equipment you can take with you would be a blow up raft with motor. Rafts are boat like watercraft that can be transported and stored easily. When you want to maximize your day, it is crucial to have an onboard motor on your raft to cover wider areas of water. A blow up raft with motor also accommodates more people so you can take your friends and even pets along for a day of fun-filled explorations. 

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Blow up raft with motor—How to Choose an Inflatable Raft Based on Use?

Inflatable Raft

Inflatable rafts are a widely used type of boat. Rafts are used everywhere as a lifeboat, transportation boat, and recreational boat. Rafts are handy in traversing smaller bodies of water.

However, it should be noted that rafts have a relatively simple structure, so it is harder for them to withstand the stronger currents of the seas. Inflatable rafts come in a wide range of qualities, as can be seen in their prices. 

Blow Up Raft With Motor

Larger rafts mean more features. Some of these features include safety valves and multiple air chambers. Some will also be equipped with fishing rod holders, inflatable keels, and grab ropes. 

Inflatable Pontoon Boat

These boats are usually known as Catamarans, these blow up raft with motor are designed and used for fishing. Two large air tubes are attached and tied together by a curved metal frame. Seats can be inflatable or a solid metal frame seat placed in the middle of the boat. The seat will provide users with a high vantage point and maximum movement. 

Pontoons are blow up raft with motor with generally higher weight capacity, and they are also effortless to maneuver since the tubes beneath slices through waters effortlessly. 

Some pontoons can carry up to four people. These pontoons will be much bigger and heavier, and they require more storage space and bigger transport vehicles. 

Inflatable Kayak

Kayaks are versatile blow up raft with motor, and different types were made and invented for different purposes. Modern-day kayaks can be used for fishing, recreation, and river cruising. 

Inflatable kayaks are popular on the market since they are safe, portable, and versatile. 

Inflatable Dinghy

Blow up raft with motor inflatable dinghy is otherwise known as a sports boat. This kind of inflatable is high quality and mostly used as an accompaniment for larger vessels. The floorings of these boats come in different types and may also be used on rough seas to a certain extent. 

Blow Up Raft With Motor

Dinghies of the modern-day era are made for tough use, are highly durable as well as versatile. They are lightweight and compact enough for a single person to carry. They also have a space for mounting an outboard motor. 

Rigid Inflatable Boat

These types of blow up raft with motor boats have rigid hulls and are inflatable. They are a combination of traditional boats and inflatable boats. These types of boats have considerable buoyancy because of the inflatable tubes. They are easy to maneuver and can be used on rougher seas because of the rigid hull. 

Since the hulls are rigid, these boats cannot be folded or taken apart. However, getting a rigid inflatable boat may just be worth it since they are unsinkable.

To get the best blow up raft with motor, you must know where you are going to use it. It is crucial to classify boats or rafts based on their designs. The classification helps you determine the strength and speed of the boat. 

Blow up raft with motor–How to Choose an Inflatable Raft Based on The Right Type of Fabric?

The fabric used to make a blow up raft with motor is a huge factor in determining the quality and durability of the raft. The following are reliable types of fabric that you must consider when choosing the right raft. 


PVC stands for Polyvinyl chloride. This is a synthetic plastic polymer which is cheaper than Hypalon. Blow up raft with motor boats that use this material will be more affordable, have lighter weight, and be extra portable. PVC bots are also attractive since they come in a wide range of colors. An added plus is the repairs of these boats are super easy

Blow Up Raft With Motor

Since PVC is a type of plastic, the seams can be thermo-bonded or glued together. It should be noted however, that PVC is not abrasion-resistant. PVC offers no protection against extreme temperatures, chemical, and UV rays. Because of this, PVC will deteriorate faster and have a shorter life cycle. 


Synthetic rubber is the main material in Hypalon. Hypalon is used as a coating for polyester and nylon fabrics. It gives resistance to abrasion as well as other wear and tear. Boats utilizing Hypalon are resistant to fluctuations in temperature and UV rays. It will also not harden even if left under the sunlight for long periods. Blow up raft with motor using Hypalon are lightweight, portable, and easily folded after use since the structure is flexible and resilient. 

Hypalon boats are chemical resistant and can easily be repaired by patching. The durable materials do not get brittle over time. However, Hypalon may turn off some consumers because it is an expensive coating material. Hence boats that utilize Hypalon will end up in the higher price ranges. The porous finish of the fabric also gets easily soiled and the color can also fade under the sun even though the material doesn’t harden. 

Blow up raft with motor –How to Choose an Inflatable Raft Based on Floor Type?

Floor types should also be a factor when choosing the right blow up raft with motor. Different floor types can give you myriad options for compactness, transport, and ease of storage. The following are the types of floors available for blow up raft with motor.

Roll up floor

This flor type is the most basic and is made from either aluminum or wood slats. These are often used in blow up raft with motor without keels. These boats come in all kinds of lengths sizes, and quality of the material. This type of flooring is also less expensive than boats with other types of flooring.

These boats are known for compactness and convenience. It is highly portable and easy to set up. These blow up raft with motor are best for short trips and can be mounted with a motor with slow speed. 

Hard Floor

Blow up raft with motor with hard floors are famous among consumers because of the extra perforce compared to boats with roll-up floors. The rigid floors give a stable structure to the boat and make a better shape of the hull. The result is more speed for the boat. 

Boats with a hard floor can withstand stronger currents and bigger waves. However, since the flooring is more stable, and durable, these boats are costlier due to the high investment in design and materials. They are also easy to assemble, store, and deflate just like a regular inflatable boat. 

Air Floor

Blow Up Raft With Motor

Recent times have seen these types of flooring increasing in popularity. Air flooring is versatile when used, but the downside is it is vulnerable to punctures. The entire flooring is air-filled, so these boats are lightweight and have faster speed. 

Air-filled floors give high performance on the waters and have stability in navigating the waters. Since they are lightweight, they are not ideal for use on rough waters. 

Self-bailing Floors

Mot of the time blow up raft with motor will have a non-bailing feature since the flooring is sealed. The consequence of this kind of design is if the water gets splashed inside the raft during an activity, the water will stay inside unless it is manually scooped out. 

Boats that have self-bailing flooring are great and hassle-free since they have carefully placed holes on the floor where water can gush out. Blow up raft with motor with this feature can thus be used in rough water environments like whitewater rafting adventures where water enters the boat. 


It is crucial to know the surroundings and environment; these boats will be used to select the right design. The necessary tools should also be carried at all times to fix the boats if an emergency arises. 

Maintenance and proper care of the boats are required occasionally. If these boats are not in use, they must be stored properly to ensure that there will be minimal damage and tearing. 

Blow up raft with motor—Top 3 choices



Product Name: Sea Eagle SE9

Product Description: The 4-chamber design makes it almost unsinkable. If you look at the design of this boat, you will find that the air chambers are located all-around the boat. There is an independent safety chamber installed above. This may seem redundant, but it makes the boat safer. If a puncture happens in the main chamber, the boat will stay buoyant; this is possible since there are back-up air chambers and the floor has air chambers. The cockpit design is also spacious, and you will be surprised at the roominess that an 11-foot inflatable boat can provide The hull of the boat uses a patented PVC material. This material is lightweight and uses a formula that makes it denser. The kayak sold by Sea eagle also uses this kind of patented PVC. Although the material is less thick than what you get from thousand-dollar dinghies, you still get high quality since the PVC is better than what can be found in most blow up raft with motor.

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  • Durability
  • Materials
  • Comfort


The welded seams ensure that wear and tear will be minimal and not cause much of a problem. Reinforcements are also used to make it more durable and stronger.

You can be assured of sturdy construction, and good quality PVC means that using the boat in whitewater conditions is not going to be a problem. It has actually been rated for rough rapids

Overall the SE9 blow up raft with motor offers great quality, design, and construction. 


  • Fifteen minutes assembly
  • Equipped with grab lines
  • Has floor drains to keep you dry and drain water efficiently


  • No negative reviews so far

Intex Excursion 5

Intex Excursion 5

The Excursion 5 blow up raft with motor is great for fishing since it has rod holders. It is perfect for angling expeditions. Bring aboard your buddies when out on a boating trip. Fit in all your bait and tackle boxes this blow up raft with motor has room. However, this boat is not a full-fledged fishing vessel, so avoid standing up when casting.

The attached aluminum oars are also great for paddling. The oars are handy and hook into their holder effortlessly. The four welded oarlocks allow you to row the boat from end to end. You will find that the oarlocks have basic design though


This blow up raft with motor comes with a manual high output hand pump that you can use to inflate the boat within fifteen minutes. Boston valves are used in the main tubes to get in a lot of air fast without it ever deflating. 

The purchase also comes with a carry bag, so you will have everything necessary for your adventure in the wild. 

  • Inflates in just minutes
  • Made of rugged, welded vinyl
  • Can accommodate five persons
  • No negative reviews so far



This blow up raft with motor is made from heavy-duty PVC, which will resist most sharp objects and scrapes from fishing hooks. Despite its durability, you will still want to be careful with sharp objects since inflatables and sharp materials are never good together. 

Incas you do puncture your boat, you can still stay afloat and make it to the shore thanks to the five air chamber design. This is quite amazing because not many boats will have a five-air camber setup

All in all, you have one on the main air chamber on each side of the boat plus two safety cambers. The floor has two air chambers for stability

Lateral chambers are also designed on the lower portion of the boat, which aid in navigation while cruising. 


Paddling this blow up raft with motor is a great experience. The flow is natural and it moves quickly in any direction. The oars are held securely in the swivel oarlocks. Of course, this blow up raft with motor has four oars two in front and a pair in the back

An all-around garb line also makes the design of this boat ergonomic. It is a very useful feature that allows getting in and out of the boat much easier and safer.

  • The Airtight System ensures no leakage
  • Rod Holder is adjustable for enhanced hands-free fishing
  • Heavy-duty PVC construction
  • No negative reviews so far

Final Thoughts

Plan more trips on the water since a blow up raft with motor can help you navigate all kinds of watery environments. Cruise and go on a voyage with your friends and enjoy scenic views of nature and wildlife. Inflatable rafts are easy to store and transport, so there’s no excuse to forestall weekend trips. Materials of modern-day inflatable rafts are also more durable and have better construction so you will have safer expeditions on the waters. 

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