Blow Up Wading Pools- Top 3

When the weather is heating up, it is crucial to cool down. You can bring the temperature down either by ingesting some cool drinks or getting into an activity that requires direct contact with water. Unfortunately, the COVID pandemic has imposed travel restrictions, so your chance to have a refreshing activity will be confined to your home. Blow up wading pools are a great way to relieve some of the heat if you have the space for it. Have a party with your family complete with refreshing drinks and snacks, and you should have a great time.

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Top things to consider when buying blow up wading pools


You should consider where you will be putting the blow up wading pools. How big or small is your yard? 

Blow Up Wading Pools

Your yard’s size will determine the size of blow up wading pools you should purchase. You will want a wading pool that is just the right size for your yard. It should allow movement around it for some other backyard activities. 

You should also follow regulations on zoning and follow the required distance from the pool to the main house. Figuring out your area’s zoning will determine if your property is suitable for an inflatable pool. 

Shape and Size

You need to consider the size of your yard. When you know your yard’s dimensions getting the right blow up wading pools should be easy. Make sure you are armed with all the details about the size and shape that you want. If you make a mistake, it may turn out to be costly. 

Make measurements of your area instead of relying on guesswork. Avoid imagining figures on your head. To get the correct size, measure the actual space where you will be putting the blow up wading pools. Make sure the pool won’t e too big or too small. Also, consider the people who will be using the pool. Will it be for kids, for adults, or both?

Blow Up Wading Pools

It should also be noted that the shape of the pool will depend on the space available in your yard. 


Selecting the best material for your pool could mean the difference of being under the sun and having all-day fun and having an accident where the water goes in every direction because of a puncture in the pool. 

Blow up wading pools are notorious for having short life spans. However, if you are keen on getting the best material, you eliminate the likelihood of damage to blow up wading pools. There are tons of products on the market, but if you are looking for a pool that can really stand the test of time, look for a combination of PVC and rubber. 

If your blow up wading pools has a couple of layers of PVC, it will likely be durable. 


You can have more fun in the pool by adding some features like slides, sprinklers and water-based games. 

It is common to blow up wading pools to have sprinkler and slides. The water hose is connected with sprayers. Before getting the sprinklers, make sure you have a hose. 

When it comes to the slides, get something with air holes that can be unfastened. This feature prevents wear and tear. If the slide has the same air hole as the pool, the entire structure can collapse once the slide tears. 

If you are looking for a more affordable substitute to a ground pool, blow up wading pools are a great option. These kinds of pools are easy to move and set up since they are lightweight. The materials of the pool are also effortless to clean. It only needs a wipe down once it gets dirty. 

For easy maintenance, it is curia that sharp objects are kept away from your pool. Kids may be inclined to bring toys that have sharp edges, but you can stop that from happening.

Even if you don’t get to an actual pool or beach blow up wading pools gives you an easy escape right in the comfort of your home. 

How does it inflate?

Think about how the pool inflates before committing to a purchase. If the pool is small and for kids, you can easily inflate it with your lungs. However, for super-sized blow up wading pools, you will need an electric or manual pump. 

If you need to inflate the pool quickly you will need an air compressor, make sure your inflatable pool can handle the rapid airflow these types of machinery produce. You don’t want to burst up your blow up wading pools even before you get the chance to use it. If you are neglectful when using your air compressor an accident with it can likely happen. 

Blow up wading pools and COVID-19 concerns

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The CDC has announced that there is no evidence that the COVID 19 can spread through pool areas such as hot tubs, spas and pools. If there is proper maintenance in these areas such as the disinfection with chlorine and bromine the virus in the water should be inactivated. 

This is great news for people who have turned to blow up wading pools for their entertainment during the quarantine. However, people should be careful with homemade disinfectants. Improper use of chemicals can damage pools which will lead to repairs that cost a lot. Wrong chemicals affect not only the water, making it cloudy, it can also damage pool, surface as well as pool equipment. 

Safety hygiene practices should be applied even while in the pool. Owners of pools should regularly disinfect and clean their pools to stop the virus from spreading. 

Inflatable pools

Sparkling water in an inflatable pool is highly inviting. The sight is especially attractive on a warm, hot and sunny day. However, even if the water looks clean, it may till contain dangers. Waters in swimming pools and even blow up wading pools can expose swimmers to Recreational Water Illnesses. This type of illness causes diarrhea. 

Illnesses from infected waters happen because the person has ingested contaminated water. Either that or they may have breathed in droplets or mists while swimming. People who have weak immune systems are most compromised, which include pregnant women and children. Children are particularly susceptible since they are frequent users of inflatable pools. 

Blow up wading pools –What to Know About Chlorine and pH

Most people believe that adding in a few chlorine drops on the water should make it safe for swimming. Hoverer this isn’t the case, and the scenario could be more complex. 

In ideal Ph levels, when chlorine is added it will kill e. coli instantly as well as other germs. Normally it will only take chlorine an hour. 

However, not all germs are killed in an equal amount of time. Some germs are more difficult to kill, such as cryptosporidium which takes more than ten days to eliminate. Giardia which is a type of parasite that causes diarrhea outbreak and painful stomach cramps takes forty-five minutes to be eradicated. The virus hepatitis A can also stay in waters treated with chlorine for fifteen minutes. 

Blow Up Wading Pools

Ph Levels

Another factor that should be considered is correcting the ph and disinfectant level. These two factors go together. There is an ideal ph which is between 7.2 and 7.8. This range is also more comfortable for the eyes and skin of swimmers who might be irritated from too much chlorine. If there is too little chlorine, the disinfectant’s germ-killing abilities may be compromised. 

When it comes to inflatable pools finding the right ph balance may become a challenge. You have to check the levels constantly and adjust them. A lot of experts will introduce a shock of chlorine in the waters. Large doses are recommended by manufacturers to stop the growth of algae. It is also crucial to use a net to skim out dirt and debris. If your waters fail to be clean, you may even need to drain it completely. 

Routinely draining a blow up wading pools and letting it dry out on the sun for several hours provides a fresh surface when you need to fill it. Draining regularly is also part of stopping mosquito outbreaks. Water movement keeps mosquitoes from breeding eggs since they prefer still waters. If you are keeping your pool for more than a couple of days, consider a portable fountain. 


Q. How long does t take to set up an inflatable pool?  


The time will depend on the size of your pool. Generally setting up a pool of regular size will take twenty minutes up to an hour for inflating. Additionally, depending on the size of your blow up wading pools you may have to spend thirty minutes up to two hours filling it with water. 

Q. Should I drain the water in my inflatable pool immediately?

If your blow up wading pools is large and comes with a filter accessory you can keep the waters for as long as you wish. Of course, the water should be treated with chlorine as well. If your blow up wading pools is smaller sized and doesn’t have a filter you may have to drain it once you are done using it. 

Blow up wading pools—Top 3 Choices



Product Name: Intex 12ft X 30in Metal Frame Pool Set

Product Description: This blow up wading pools gives you a bit more space when you want fun in the water. This is a massive 12-foot pool for the Intex brand. The depth is thirty inches, and it comes with a filter pump to ensure water quality. The sides are laminated PVC, so everything is turdy. There is a fault circuit interrupter in case the pump’s electrical current comes in contact with the water. Setting this up is a breeze and can be accomplished in three steps. You can get the entire blow up wading pools ready in just thirty minutes. There are also larger sizes to choose from if you want more swimming space.

Availability: InStock

  • Durability
  • Materials
  • Size


The PVC sidewalls of this blow up wading pools are super tough and connect to a cartridge pump for clean and refreshing water. An included ground fault circuit interrupter is included to provide safety in case the electric current is exposed to water. Additionally, it has a drain plug that connects to a water hose so water can be drained away in the opposite direction from the pool or house. 


  • Tough laminated PVC sidewalls
  • deep enough that kids can swim underwater
  • great value
  • sturdy


  • no negative reviews so far

Runners Up

H2OGO! Splash-in-Shade Play Pool Orange

H2OGO! Splash-in-Shade Play Pool Orange

This blow up wading pools manufacturer knows that too much sun can get you scorched. However, you don’t want to cut fun times short and would like to stay in the water for longer periods. A pool shade is built over this blow up wading pools, so you don’t av to stop the fun. The shade is UV resistant and also comes with a sprayer on top to keep the pool waters refreshingly cool. 

This blow up wading pools is large enough to fit several people. The metal frames are galvanized and rust-resistant, so it is built to be durable. A lot of customer says this pool exceeds expectations. 

  • Easy to Assemble
  • Has a Corrosion Resistant Steel Frame
  • No Tools Required are required for assembly
  • No negative reviews so far

Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center

Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center

This blow up wading pools is specially made for kids and can give them tons of fun. This bright inflatable structure will keep your kids happy and stimulated for hours. Accessories include a water slide, wading pool and rim toss game plus a ball roller. Ball and rings are included. A sprayer can also be attached to the blow up wading pools for more fun. 

The structure holds up to seventy-seven gallons of water. It is recommended for children ages three to seven years old. Kids can play at the same time. Many customers rave about this product’s easy setup and how their kids enjoy it. 

  • comes with a lot of accessories
  • easy to inflate
  • durable
  • some customers complain of leaks

Final Thoughts

Don’t think you can’t have some fun because of the quarantine. Set up blow up wading pools on your yard and have some fun in the sun and bond with your kids and family. Make sure you follow the correct procedures in the maintenance and cleaning for your pool. These products follow modern upgrades so you should have a sturdy and durable product that can serve you for the long term. 

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