How Does Self Inflating Air Mattress Work?

how does self inflating air mattress work

You probably wondered about the advantages and disadvantages of having one if you have ever thought about buying an air mattress. While they’re not as big or expensive as a conventional type like latex or spring, they certainly still have a high level of satisfaction for the owners. Some of the uses can be permanently fixed beds, temporary guest beds or backpacking trips, and camping. Now, how does self inflating air mattress work?

What Are Self Inflating Mattresses?

The perfect choice for any camper is a comfortable, matchbox-sized bed, and warm to sleep. An airbed is massive, and it takes an age to swell. A balloon bed is tiny, but it can get cold like an airbed. It’s because nothing stops the air from circulating around the inflated chambers. 

While closed-cell foam mats are light, they can not be punctured, and thermal losses prevent. They offer little comfort. Self-inflating mats are designed to combine the best properties without a foot pump.

how does self inflating air mattress work

A self-inflating mat basically consists of a layer of compressible foam. It’s sandwiched in an airtight fabric cover with a sealable valve. When you open the valve, the mold expands and sucks the air into the mat. The mat will be semi-solid after a few minutes. 

Then you have to add some air to make the mat firm enough to sleep on. The foam provides insulation and an integrated pump. The sealed fabric, combined with the foam, provides comfort and a compact storage of the entire mat. Life would be easy if it were a one mat world, but compromises must be made like all things.

In traditional campsites, people inside their tents lay their sleeping bags and try to drift off. The apparent result was a hard rock surface, which made it almost impossible to find comfort, plus the chill of the ground that comes right through your bag and into your body as you try to rest.

Additional Information

The sleeping pad is a simple but ingenious design that provides a buffer between you and the hard floor. Like an inflatable camper mattress, this pad is soft and comfortable. You feel like lying on your luxury bed at home. It gives you the rest you sorely need to spend your vacation camping or exploring the countryside.

A sleeping self-inflating pad takes this ingenious design one step further with built-in mechanisms to automatically inflate. It does not mean blowing and blowing it up, and a much easier way to carry your comfy bed than lugging a huge color wherever you go.

How Does Self Inflating Air Mattress Work?

Self-inflated pads offer an isolation and air combination of open-cell foam. Opening the valve(s) enables the foam to expand and automatically generates air. Some are designed for backpacking and can be folded along the length and rolled up into your package.

Others have been developed for camping cars and roll up without folding. Self-inflating pads provide a wide range of warmth, size, and cost options.

You can’t beat the convenience of having a self-inflated mattress, but how does self inflating air mattress work? You have one second, a tightly compact and lightweight material in a bag, and when it is time, you can extend the bag to a full-size mat fitting for comfort under your sleeping bag. Here’s how self inflating air mattress work.

All this is achieved by the special foam used in the mat. This kind of mat has open cells compressed if you roll it tightly and keep it in its storage bag. When you unwind it, you expand this foam layer. It opens the valve so that the air can fill up these foam cells.

Once the mat is completely blown up, you close the valve to prevent further air from entering the valve. When blown all the way, your mat will be at its highest strength, and the self-inflating variety is recommended for this break.

How Does Self Inflating Air Mattress Work: Air Control

How does self inflating air mattress work? Since some people like their camping mattresses to be firm and others soft, you can alter your sleeping mat’s firmness and support.

Furthermore, because different soil conditions demand, you can add or take away air using the valve in various comfort levels, which is very useful for inflating mattresses over substantial mattresses. To get more air into the sleeping mat, blow the valve and close it again by blowing a small amount of air.

Please be aware that the air you breathe in the mat may sometimes lead to moisture build-ups and bacteria that eventually damage your tissue. 

It is because inside the mold can form that can impact the foam and the isolated surfaces. The humidity could also freeze at low temperatures, reducing the mat’s insulation capability.

If you have a mat with foam insulation, ensure that no moisture remains inside the mat when you finish it. It can be done by simply opening the valve, rolling it up, releasing all the air, and then sitting with the valve open with fresh, clean, dry air.

If all this sounds quite terrible and you want moisture out of your mat, allow them to swell without your mouth. The designers made it so that the foam expands fully, and it inflates fully when the “valve opened” time is sufficient. All you need to do is allow as much air out of the valve as you think you need until the mat is comfortable as you want. The first few times you try this, a little trial and error may be required.

The Benefits Of Using Self Inflating Air Mattresses

If you want to camp, you must take the most helpful camper equipment. This equipment will include materials that make your time worthwhile in the woods. You do this if you want to sleep well in the night and wake up to the new morning dew. The sound of the birds chirping is a bonus.

sleeping pad

So you have to make sure you get the right equipment for sleep. Whether you sleep in a tent or your car, you need a self-inflating air mattress campsite. It will serve you and your friends as a comfortable bed during the night.

Easy Storage

Since the self-inflating air color is easy to store with your other camping gear, it is a perfect choice. These mattresses can be easily rolled down, and it also comes with a storage bag that looks like a tent when you’re carrying it. 

You don’t have to tag a pump to inflate your mattress with you. You can make sure that your camping bed is more comfortable to store because the built-in pump is already attached to the actual mattress.

Fast Installation

The self-inflating camping air mattress gives you a comfortable sleeping experience. Since it inflates automatically, your entire bed is ready to be used in no time. 

Most of the built-in air mattress pumps are made to make the configuration of your bedroom easier. So you don’t have to go through much trouble installing them. 

In this respect, it is clear that this type of camping mattress is the perfect bed to get whether you are camping in a tent or staying in your car for the night.


Besides secure storage and convenient installation, you can also ensure that the Self Inflating Air Mattress for Camping provides the best comfort. This kind of mattress can be placed from the ground on one foot or more. 

Then you don’t feel the ground on your sleep. Rather than feel the rocks and any other scrubbing on your back when you lie down, you can feel like you are dormant with this comfortable air bed. 

During sleep, you can even refrain from getting disturbed by annoying bugs and insects because they have never been able to crawl near you.


The Self Inflating Air Mattress is not only perfect for enjoying the stars at night. It’s also an excellent couch throughout the day. This mattress is made of durable and robust materials that can withstand any textures. 

Thus, you can place your air mattress right on the floor if you are looking for a beautiful room to sit on during the day. If you camp with the children or walk with your friends during the day, you need a comfortable place to sit. You can use your camping mattress instead of bringing folding chairs, which also doubles as a comfy couch.

If you want to find the perfect camper gear for your camping experience, take a Self Inflating Air Mattress. This is one of the best choices you have. 

It doesn’t just give you a lovely bed to sleep at night. It can also be used as a couch during the day. The setup wouldn’t take that much time and effort to install. You can also make it anywhere you go without being too heavy. Lastly, it can fit your tiny bag.

Final Words

We all have our essential list for camping, and sometimes you find a revolutionary piece of equipment that changes how you do things for the better. This product offers a comfort level that many people thought was not possible when you spend the night in a tent outside. 

A self-inflated sleeping pad has many advantages that make it the perfect camping equipment, such as convenience, comfort, and portability. All these benefits make it easy to go anywhere, so it’s something you want to add to your essential camping gear.

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