Is Kayaking Hard to Do? What to Know Before Getting Out There

Kayaking seems like a fun activity. You always think about it whenever you see someone else doing it, whether it is the adrenaline on a fast river or the peacefulness associated with a quiet lake. You would love to give it a try, but just like any other sport out there, it might be a bit challenging for a beginner. Now, is kayaking hard to do? Can you pull it off?

There are more voices in your head giving you all kinds of thoughts. You have probably seen other kayaking enthusiasts – the job is physically demanding and they are all in great conditions. How about a flat out? It could be quite dangerous. But with all these, lots of people are doing it and there are more and more enthusiasts joining in for a bit of fun.

How hard kayaking actually is?

Is kayaking safe?

Long story short, kayaking is not as hard as you think or imagine. The truth is any sport will give you a bit of a challenge when not sure how to do it. You will struggle a bit, but it will also be fun. You will become better and better with time and you will end up laughing at these times.

You will be amazed by how simple it is to get into kayaking. More importantly, you will have a great time while on water. The best part about it? You will not kill yourself trying to paddle and you can always take a break, chill for a few minutes and admire the surroundings.

Indeed, if you have never done it before, it will bring in a few challenges. After all, you end up in the middle of a lake with no land nearby. You have nothing but a paddle and you need to get back to the shores. It sounds a bit scary, but this is part of the fun.

Keep in mind that there is no one around you, but yourself. To a lot of amateurs, kayaking is exactly about this experience – getting away from the shores and enjoying silence and tranquility in the middle of a lake. Having no one to rely on is a scary thought, but this is pretty much the hardest part in the process – this particular thought.

At the end of the day, it depends on more factors. How do you plan to approach this experience? Moreover, what kind of goals do you have? If you are after rapid rivers, the job might be more difficult. If you are going on an ocean expedition on your first attempt, then yes, it will be difficult. But then, such expectations vary widely and you need to take it slowly.

 🏄‍♀️ A few tips and tricks for kayaking beginners

There are a few general things you need to know upfront. Most importantly, you need to research different types of kayaks and their uses – get something that suits your needs and goals. You have hard shell or inflatable kayaks. Then, you have sit on top or sit inside kayaks. Consider the safety standards and size, as well as the paddle – the paddle is most commonly linked to the size of the kayak, as well as your size.

Kayaking is fairly simple if you take a lesson first. Get a few lessons from an experienced instructor and learn the basics – the easy way, rather than through accidents and guesswork. Discover the essential skills and learn some paddling techniques as well.

Once you have the basics, choose the right waters. Do not go for risky waters, rapid rivers or strong currents. Waves are not too good either. Your abilities and skills will get better with time and you might be able to take such challenges, but not now.

Instead, stick to calm and flat waters, such as a lake. This is a safe environment. You do not want to fight currents when you barely know how to paddle. It is worth noting that weather changes could also turn a calm lake into a challenge, so double check the weather upfront.

Finally, make sure you know how to get out of the most common situations – such as risky situations. You need to know how to roll (the so called Eskimo roll) or how to recover from a capsize. Safety equipment is just as important – gloves, personal flotation devices, helmets, first aid kits, signaling devices and so on.

 🏄‍♀️ Fitness level requirements for kayaking

Kayak professionals are in great physical condition, but this rule applies to every sport out there. It is perfectly normal. However, you do not have to get there to enjoy kayaking – with time, you will obviously get better. Repeated strokes will definitely challenge you, especially at first. From this point of view, kayaking can be considered an actual workout.

In theory, kayaking is similar to low impact cardio. You do not require great fitness or strength. If you have not been to a gym lately, you will definitely feel some burn. Paddle a lot and you will probably feel tired as well. But then, these sensations only hang around for a few weeks. Once the workout is done, you will get better and better and all these issues will disappear.

There are more misconceptions and myths about kayaking, especially in terms of fitness. There is nothing real. You will see numerous beginners in all kinds of physical conditions – overweight or super skinny. They will get the hang of it overtime. Everything is difficult in the beginning, but this is why you need to take breaks. Paddle a bit and avoid rushing. Take a few minutes and admire the surroundings. Paddle some more, chill again.

 🏄‍♀️ Conclusion on is kayaking hard to do?

Kayaking is probably easier than other sports. You need to follow the basics, put safety first and exercise. It will give you a burn at first if you are not used to arm workouts or cardio, but you will find it relatively simple after a few tries. Taking a few lessons will teach you the basics – the actual foundation, which is the most important thing in the process.

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