Pumps To Blow Up Kiddie Pools

Summer is here, and this is the time to have a refreshing play under the sun. Your kids will have greater enjoyment when they play in a kiddie pool that allows them to interact with their siblings and friends. However, if you have a large kiddie pool, you may find that blowing it up using your lungs is a hassle, use pumps to blow up kiddie pools, and you will be inflating up your kid’s kiddie pool in no time. Playing with a kiddie pool allows your children to have a physical activity that will enhance their development. Invest in a kiddie pool and pumps to make sure that your child will have a great time playing and form happy memories.

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Pumps to blow up kiddie pools– 5 ways to inflate a kiddie pool

Electric or Battery-Operated Pumps

The best way to inflate a kiddie pool is with an electric pump. This gadget only costs about $15 on the market. There are a variety of nozzles to choose from. Some are made for pool toys, fitness balls, and kayaks. These pumps are always worth the money.


A secret trick to help you save some dollars is to inflate your kiddie pool with a shop vac. Yes, Shop-Vac helps you save at least $20, so you don’t have to buy a new pump. Inflating a kiddie pool with a shop vac is a great option. Alternatively, you can also use an electric pump with a high volume capacity. The variety of nozzles match different inflatables, and it doesn’t cost much

 Manual Pumps

One thing you can also do is to use an air pump with manual operation. It is a great option, especially for a kiddie pool, because you will be using the pump outdoors away from a power source. However, the downside to this is hand pumps can be tedious and tiresome to use. 

Pumps To Blow Up Kiddie Pools

Thus, if you choose a foot pump, it will give you better results and function. Some brands manufacture foot pumps, and they will only cost you $8

Hair Dryer

It may seem incredible, but you can inflate the kiddie pool with a hairdryer. This is a brilliant option. Simply put the dryer in the cool setting, and it will quickly inflate your kiddie pool. 

However, the downside is it doesn’t have a nozzle that fits the plug of the inflatable exactly. Thus, you may have to press down on the opening with your fingers while you inflate it, but this is really not much of a hassle. 

Garbage Bags

Another option you can do to inflate your kiddie pool is to use a plastic garbage bag. It may be tedious compared to using an electric or manual pump, shop vac, or hairdryer. However, in the end, it is still better than using your lungs. Plus, using a garbage bag is super cheap.

Pumps to blow up kiddie pools–What to Look for in an Air Pump

Manual or Electric?

Two types of pumps to choose from are manual and electric. 

Although the differences are obvious, it is not clear, which is better. An electric pump gives you a chance for fast and quick inflation. Switch the pump on, and it will do the rest for you. 

No exertion is necessary to pump up your inflatable. However, a crucial problem with electric pumps is that not all of them can handle extreme pressure. As pressure reaches a certain height, these pumps cannot induce anymore air. You may have to use a manual pump for the rest of the job or go below the ideal pressure. You should also know that electric pumps require electricity if you are outdoors you can plug it in your car. In the absence of a power source, these pumps won’t function.  

Pumps To Blow Up Kiddie Pools

 Although manual pumps require more exertion and effort, they still manage to survive modern times because of their versatility. To use a manual pump, you will need to push the lever to force in the air. 

Manual pumps that have good design will be efficient, and you won’t have to exert yourself as much. It should also be noted that manual pumps also come with a lot of pros. High pressures can be pumped into your inflatables, and they don’t require electricity. Even if you are in the middle of nowhere with your kiddie pool, a manual pump will function.

High-Volume or High-Pressure?

Another term you may have encountered is high volume or high-pressure pumps. A lot of electric pumps will fall into either category. It is crucial to know the difference between the two, so you can select the right choice. The volume of air is moved at very high levels with a high-volume pump. High volume pumps can inflate your inflatables fast. 

However, they cannot handle high pressure. If you fill up your kiddie pool, they may not fill it with air all the way. In the end, a manual pump must be used to finish the job.

On the other hand, high-pressure electric pumps function oppositely. It takes them some time to fill up, but they can withstand high pressures. With this kind of high-pressure pump, you don’t need to bring along a manual pump. However, if you are after speed, inflation will take a longer time with a high-pressure electric pump


It is crucial to know the valve your inflatable kiddie pool has before selecting an air pump. Valves are unique to the inflatable, so not every adapter will work with your product. Some will have military valves while some have Boston valves.

Once you have discovered what your kiddie pool utilizes, choose a novel air pump that matches the valve. Many consumers do not check this feature so when it’s time to inflate their pool they get the nasty surprise that their pumps don’t fit

It is crucial to examine the valve before selecting a pump. If you end up with a pump with the wrong adapter, you can still fix the problem. You can buy adapters for any valve in most stores.

Pumps to blow up kiddie pools—Features to look for in a pump

Preset Buttons 

It is a great feature if your air pump intuitively knows what you require. Isn’t it great if you have an air pump that has settings and can be programmed? When you shop for pumps to blow up kiddie pools, look for pumps with digital control and allow presets for all kinds of inflatables from tires to sports balls.

Digital preset buttons also offer you extra efficiency without having to pay a premium price. These pumps stop accidents from happening since they stop the pump once the full pressure has been attained. These digital devices are a great feature since you can put your psi setting. It will automatically fill up your inflatable with air, so you don’t have to do much manual work.

Pumping Time

When you are looking around for pumps to blow up kiddie pools, consider the length of time it takes to fill up the entire inflatable. You can rate these pumps to blow up kiddie pools on the speed they fill the inflatable. You may be attracted to some pumps that are light and portable, but they have the downside of taking too long to fill even a small inflatable. If you are in an emergency, these pumps will only add to your troubles. The faster the pump will inflate, the faster you can use your kiddie pool. 

Pumps To Blow Up Kiddie Pools

Always consider the size of the kiddie pool or inflatable you will be filling up. Kiddie pools or a misnomer since some tend to be super huge. Make sure the pump is suitable for the inflatable’s size and that it can pump it up fast.

Cooldown Time 

The word duty cycle is something you may have encountered about pumps, but you may be clueless until this time. This term refers to the amount of time the inflator needs to rest and cool down after it has been used. This is crucial because air pumps that have been used at length give you a disadvantage. You have to give them time between uses. A duty cycle must be about 50 percent so that you can continuously use it without stopping the pumps to blow up kiddie pools.


Another great feature you may like about pumps to blow up kiddie pools is the auto cut ability. This feature signals the pump to stop once the capacity has been attained. 

It is very convenient and also gives you added safety because it prevents bursting of the inflatable. A lot of manufacturers combine this feature with digital control, and it allows the machine to function after the psi has been inputted. 

The kit also keeps the pump in tip-top condition because overheating is prevented. A lot of times, air pumps increase puncture during inflation. This can be minimized once the motor of the pump stops when a temperature is reached.

Pumps to blow up kiddie pools—Top 3



Product Name: Etekcity Electric Air Pump – for Inflatables Raft Bed Boat Pool Toy

Product Description: This pumps to blow up kiddie pools is powerful enough to inflate really big items. It also inflates at half the time compared to traditional hand pumps. Air flows are pumped at a fast rate of 600 liters per minute. Inflation is quick as well as deflation. They have a high-pressure design, which creates a faster inflation process. Nozzles are provided for convenience. The small size is for smaller toys, bags, and pool toys. The larger nozzle is for inflatable mattresses, bounce houses, and boats. This product provides safety and adds more reliability and efficient operation. Notable features of this pumps to blow up kiddie pools are the metal impeller and high-quality roller, which keeps these pumps to blow up kiddie pools from being a fire hazard.

Availability: InStock

  • Material
  • Durability
  • Speed


These pumps to blow up kiddie pools give a superior-high-quality performance. The pump is portable and has a design for high pressure and quicker inflatable experiences. It has a 250-watt capacity and a pressure of 1.2 psi. This means that you will be inflating your kiddie pool at a faster rate.

It should also be noted the sound insulation design keeps noise to a minimum level.  

Overall, you will be saving time when you inflate your various inflatables since the pumping time is short and efficient. 


  • Easy operation
  • Reduced noise
  • Faster inflatable experience


  • No negative reviews so far

Runners Up

Intex Quick-Fill DC Electric Air Pump

Intex Quick-Fill

This pumps to blow up kiddie pools is extremely useful for outdoor use. It is extremely portable since it is only the size of your palm. If you are using your kiddie pool outside, it will connect to the car outlet on the DC portal. If you have to inflate larger kiddie pools such as those types that come with bounce houses, it only takes about 15 minutes. The speed and convenience of this model cannot be denied. Plus factor are the three nozzles that come with the purchase. They can be attached to the ends for inflation and deflation purposes.


This pumps to blow up kiddie pools has a sleek modern design that fits at the palm of your hand. It can pump up very large inflatables in no time. Name any inflatable from raft, kiddie pools, bounce houses to mattresses and it will inflate it in just minutes. Even if you are in the middle of nowhere, just plug it on your car’s DC portal, and it will pump up your inflatable. There are three nozzles for easy inflation and deflation. These pumps to blow up kiddie pools by Intex has undergone stringent safety standards ensuring quality durability

  • Has three interconnecting nozzles
  • Compact design
  • Inflates very large inflatables quickly
  • No negative reviews so far

AGPTEK Electric Air Pump, High Power Air Pump

AGPTEK Electric

This pumps to blow up kiddie pools is small handy and works quickly. It’s a great inflator with an efficient design that can handle any inflatable. It can inflate up to big air mattresses, even boats. 

Inflatable experiences are fast since it can handle a high pressure of 1.1 psi. It has three different nozzles for large sizes and small sizes. The large size is ideal for pumping up boats, bounce houses, and inflatable pools. The smaller size nozzle is ideal for inflating toys and swimming rings. A plus factor is the handy design is ideal for older people since it is ergonomic and allows a firm grip.


This pumps to blow up kiddie pools is no doubt high-powered with a 281 capacity. The psi capacity pressure is 1.1. Electric tension is around 110 volts. It is crucial to note that the pump does not come with a car adapter. A plus factor to this design is that it has two different parts. You can use this for air inflation as well as air deflation. It is practical to use and can be used anywhere.

  • High powered
  • User-friendly design
  • Fits most inflatables
  • No negative reviews so far

Final Thoughts

Use the best pumps to blow up kiddie pools and inflate this crucial summer toy in no time. Modern pumps are equipped with technology to help you pump inflatables efficiently and safely. Take out the kiddie pool and give your kids more chances to play because you know inflating and deflating this toy will be quick and hassle-free. 

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