The Best Blow Up Pool For Toddlers

If you want to find a cheaper and convenient alternative to a ground-based pool for your children, the inflatable pools will be a perfect choice. You can choose different shapes and sizes of swimming pools based on the backyard area. There are so many inflatable pools on the market that you just have to take a few things into account to help you make the best decisions. What is the best blow up pool for toddlers?

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Intex Dinoland Inflatable Play Center, 119in X 90in X 44in, for Ages 2+
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Intex Sun Shade Inflatable Pool, 62" X 62" X 48", for Ages 2+
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Blast Zone Crocodile Isle - Inflatable Water Park with Blower Large - Dual Curved Slides - Splash Area - Climbing Wall
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Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center, 117" X 76" X 53", for Ages 2+
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Advantages Of The Best Blow Up Pool For Toddlers

best blow up pool for toddlers

Inflatable pools are usually folded in a small box or sleeve. This makes transportation more accessible, not only from a shop but also to a holiday home or the beach. They come in many different styles. While some can be more expensive, styles can provide some exciting features such as slides, mister arches, or blowups. 

For a young child, the visual appeal is very inviting. These pools can also be stored more easily. The whole pool can fit onto a shelf in the garage once drained, flattened and folded.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Blow Up Pool For Toddlers

If you plan to buy your children a swimming pool, there are a couple of things you should think about. Here’s what you should consider about the best blow up pool for toddlers.

How does it get inflated?

Some swimming pools are equipped with an electric pump or a foot pump. Others don’t, so you have to buy a pump separately. 

This may not be a problem if you already have airbed or car pumps that you can use, but if you first invest in this kind of thing, it will be an added expense to see.

How large is the swimming pool?

Check the measurements to make sure the pool fits where you want it. It would be most regrettable to find that the pool is broader than you expected, so instead of the good patch on which you intended it, you’ll have to sit on uneven ground. It could not only be a safety risk.

What is the thickness of the border?

There are a lot of inexpensive pools nowadays on the market made of thin, poorly stitched material. You might get away with this type of pool as a children’s paddling pool, but it would not be suitable for older children. 

Keep in mind that children are most likely to be in the pool – no matter how much you tell them not to do it! You must make sure that the pool walls will not collapse as they play.

How deep is the swimming pool?

Make sure you know what you get – is this a deep enough pool you could also use as a ball box, or is it more like paddle box depth? Are you sure your kids will be safe in the pool? 

Remember that if children fall down and land face down, they can drown in even a few inches of water. When you play in a pool, you should always supervise kids if not too deep. Inflatable pools are a great way to enjoy and add to any garden, but they are not something you would leave with erected water for unattended long-term play.

Let your children enjoy a hot summer in the pool but under a close watch. Pools for children are specially designed to help the children to enjoy the skill in the best way possible. You shouldn’t just buy a children’s pool now because it’s intended for children. The factors discussed below are vital for the purchase of the best blow up pool for toddlers.

kiddie pool


To ensure that you’re not deceived about what you buy, you want a kid’s pool that serves your children longer. Try to make sure that you grow with the child for several years of your child’s life.


A good children’s pool should ensure children have a lot of fun and enjoy their time. It should help children to enjoy a hot summer and bring them a great swimming experience.

Easy to move

In most cases, when children play, you need to move the kid’s pool from one place to another. A good swimming pool for kids should make sure it’s not heavy. Easy transport of the pool saves time and energy.


A good children’s pool should have a functional outlet. This is important because the water must be drained and an outlet valve is the easiest way to do this. An outlet valve also facilitates the drainage of dirty water after the pool is cleaned.


This feature is best suited for children aged three and under. This is important to consider because hot sun rays for young babies for less than three years are not good.

Child’s Safety and Age

best blow up pool for toddlers

When you select the best inflatable pool for children, the cute prints and cool features distract you. However, water can be dangerous, and you must also think about the safety of your child. Not every model is suitable for all age groups. As you saw, all kiddie pools are classified in different age groups.

For instance, small pools have a low capacity for water and are shallow enough for wading. This makes them very safe for children between the ages of 1 and 3 with a significantly lower risk of accidents or drowning. This could be very boring for older children, on the other hand, who need deeper pools to have fun.

Since children can not be kept in mind every minute of the day, this can make them safe and prevent accidents. A pool with a soft inflatable base can also improve safety by preventing injuries if the child slips and falls into the pool.

Your child can also be protected from swimming as early as possible. There’s no age too early for kids to start swimming.


Children’s skin is often more sensitive than ours, so it is very important to choose first-class materials for the kiddie pool. The pool should consist of high-quality non-toxic vinyl (free of BPA and other dangerous substances). This ensures that the pool will not harm your child.

You should think about the durability of these materials with that covered. The vinyl should be thick and strong so that it is not easy to puncture if it brushes something (branch, rock, or anything else) against something strong. Since damage sometimes occurs, the division and inflation of the pool sections is an excellent design solution.

We believe it is also essential not to deteriorate the material in the sun. We don’t just talk about color fading, but we change the structure of the plastic too. Although no kiddie pool is incredibly durable, a good product should take a few years to replace it.

Configuration and Drainage

The best inflatable pools for children are quite easy to set up, but you should still be careful when buying them. Since it’s a no frame pool, there’s no assembly you need to deal with. See how the pool is inflating and how long it takes. Some larger swimming pools are difficult to inflate by mouth, so make sure a pump is safe to use for inflation or not.

On the other hand, it is equally essential to drain the pool. Most modern inflatable pools have a drain plug so that even bigger models can easily be drained. Sadly, that’s not always the case, so you should consider how you’ll empty the pool if you don’t have the option.

It would be best if you deflated the pool when you have emptied it, and it is time to pack it. It’s best to do that by turning the pump around, but it depends on the valve type a pool has. Although none of this is a deal-breaker, some models can be used more conveniently than others.

The Best Blow Up Pool For Toddlers

Take a summer break with these swimming pools, which are sure to bubble with your family, friends, and children. Regardless of how large your yard is, there are some of the best blow up pool for toddlers on the market.

Our #1 Pick!

Product Name: Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Kids Inflatable Pool

Product Description: The Crocodile Isle Pool Blast Zone will make your backyard a real water park. If you're after something unusual, it's easy to find the best kiddie pool. And with its large size, up to five children can play and have fun inside. It takes only two minutes to inflate this pool with the blower included. Even if it is enormous, Crocodile Island is a non-frame pool. Once you have raised it, it won't take long to fill it with water.

  • Size
  • Durability
  • Kid Friendly
  • Inclusions

Intex Dinoland Play Center Kids Inflatable Pool

  • Soft slide and landing pad for safer play
  • Ring and ball toss games included
  • Built-in drain plug for easier emptying
  • A Bit Long To Set Up

The Intex Dinoland pool is top of our list as it offers the most child-friendly design we have encountered. It’s shallow enough that even kids can play there, but it also provides a lot of great games for bigger kids. 

It’s one of the best kiddie pools you can get in combination with the beautiful dinosaur design.

Children are happy to slide down the inflated slide while the water sprays on them. 

The spray connects to a standard water tube and works excellent if you need something to cool your children. The pool has a capacity of 74 gallons and a depth of 6 inches.

Ring and ball games are also included in the slide. The cute dinosaurs around this swelling play center are also part of the game, holding rings and poles to be targeted by your child. 

The vibrant colors remain constant in the sun, and you can rely on this swimming pool for many years.

Intex Sun Shade Kids Inflatable Pool

  • Removable sunshade
  • Wide walls
  • Great-looking underwater scene print
  • Prone To Some Leaks

The Intex Sun Shade pool is great because the protective canopy can easily be removed. This protects your child when the sun is strongest, or when the morning or afternoon is bright. 

The pool is very spacious so that two or even three kids can play and enjoy it simultaneously.

One of the first things you’ll see is the luminous and fun ocean print on the walls. Children who love pulpits, fish and sea plants will love this swimming pool. 

The Intex Sun Shade will become a centerpiece of your yard or patio combined with white and light-blue elements.

The total volume of this pool is 74 gallons and is more than sufficient to sprinkle. 

The Sun Shade has a convenient drain valve at the bottom to let the water out without flipping the pool to make emptying the pool easier. It’s a very functional model that your children will enjoy.

Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Kids Inflatable Pool

  • Large enough for multiple children
  • Dual slides with a climbing ramp
  • The blower is included for faster inflation
  • Takes longer to store or inflate due to size

The Crocodile Isle Pool Blast Zone will make your backyard a real water park. If you’re after something unusual, it’s easy to find the best kiddie pool. And with its large size, up to five children can play and have fun inside.

It takes only two minutes to inflate this pool with the blower included. Even if it is enormous, Crocodile Island is a non-frame pool. Once you have raised it, it won’t take long to fill it with water. 

The swimming pool itself is shallow, with plenty of room. Once your children are done, you can deflate them and roll them up to the sleeping bag size to make them easier to store.

There is a climbing ramp in the center and a big slide on each side with regard to the additional characteristics. 

Both sides have a sprayer to make them more fun and faster. Considering everything, this inflatable play center is great for anyone who wants to go extra miles to their children and has enough space.

Intex Rainbow Ring Play Center Kids Inflatable Pool

  • Built-in water sprayer attaches to a hose
  • Soft slide with padded landing mat
  • Colorful balls and inflatable rings included
  • Some issues with holes

The Intex Rainbow Ring Pool guarantees a whole summer of fun with a colorful slide and two included games. 

There are two parts, and you can choose either to fill them or just to fill them. This inflatable slide pool is very safe to use, and any chance of accidents can be significantly reduced by additional padding.

The design includes a lovely rainbow sprayer over the top to keep the children fresh in the sun. Just attach a water tube to your sprayer and cascade the water over the children as they go down the slide. 

And this high-quality blow up pool with a capacity of only 77 gallons of water will heat up very quickly in the sun.

The two games we mentioned include the six Fun Ballz and four inflatable rings in the pack. This is a great tool to play with or have several kids play together. Honestly, for this money, you will find it challenging to find a more fun pool.

Final Words 

While blow up pool for toddlers is shallow, they should only be used under adult supervision. An adult’s presence doubles safety and fun. These were our choices for the best children’s swimming pools. The amount of fun it provides is worth it. You should be careful with certain aspects while buying one to get the best inflatable pool.

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