Top 10 Rigid Inflatable Boats – Our Complete List 2020

The use of inflatable boats is generally popular these days for both the recreational boaters and even on professionals. However, to ensure its safety during its use, rigid inflatable boats are on the rise. In case you decide to buy this kind of inflatable watercraft, below is the list of the top 10 rigid inflatable boats available in town.  

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Also, as we go along, we will share to you the reliability of using inflatable boats and also the enormous benefits that it can provide. We also have here some things that you must have to consider before you buy a rigid inflatable boat.

How reliable are inflatable boats?

Generally, in terms of using inflatable water vessels, the safety of the passenger is the number one concern due to the fact that they can be easily punctured by sharp items. Luckily, inflatable boats and inflatable kayaks also entail safety of use as the traditional boats. Moreover, there are even cases that this boat may even become safer.


Inflatable boats basically contain tubes separated by chambers. This simply means that if one of the tubes accidentally get punctured or deflated, the boat maintains its buoyancy. Basically, this is due to the presence of air in the other tube. 


The large-sized inflatable tubes make these water vessels more buoyant over the water. Additionally, due to the low gravitational pull, these boats are hard to capsize.


Basically, there is really no issue in climbing into these inflatable boats compared to hard rowboats. 

Benefits of using the Top 10 Rigid Inflatable Boats

Generally, the popularity of using the rigid inflatable boats is becoming prominent around several marine professionals nowadays. These boats are actually versatile and provide various advantages over the conventional boats with hard hulls. Below are some of the benefits that you can get from using the rigid inflatable boats. 

1. Light in weight

Due to their inflatable side structure and laminated hull, the rigid inflatable boats are really lightweight. This benefit of this kind of inflatable boat does not only elevate the fuel efficiency but also offers an increase over its carrying capacity. Furthermore, the rigid inflatable boats have a high tendency to load the boat with more stuff while keeping on the safe working limit.

2. Stable

Basically, the rigid inflatable boats have hard-hull and inflatable collars. The combination of these two parts in a single water vessel provides exceptional stability. In fact, most of the marine professionals entrust the utilization of the rigid inflatable boats by being seaworthy. It allows them to work on various operations, like in the military, law enforcement or even as a passenger boat, more easily.   

3. Powerful

The design of the rigid inflatable boat has a primary purpose to support powerful motors. And due to its lightweight characteristics, the horsepower required to operate this kind of boat is very minimal. Yet, it can actually accommodate more horsepower making the primary option of marine professionals within their work. 

4. Faster

What makes the rigid inflatable boats faster are its lightweight structure and its support for more power capacity. Basically, the rigid inflatable boats are very helpful in case you need a water vessel that requires you to bring to a particular spot as quick as possible. 

5. Fuel efficient

Again, due to its lightweight structure, the rigid inflatable boats become more fuel-efficient. Generally, they only require less power to speed up the boat. With commercial boating, fuel is the major expense involved in it. But, in terms of the rigid inflatable boats, the costs can be reduced without compromising its function due to the absence of demand for fuel.

6. Variety of use

Aside from being popular for recreational boaters, the rigid inflatable boats are also notable for use in different marine divisions. The military, rescue operations, and the navy are the one who commonly uses this type of boat. Additionally, the following sectors below also benefit from using rigid inflatable boats.

  • First responders
  • Law enforcement
  • Workboats
  • Commercial passenger

7. Suitable in all water types

Actually, regardless of your water activity, there is an appropriate rigid inflatable boat that fits your needs. Basically, most professionals within the marine sector and even recreational boaters get into any type of water using the rigid inflatable boats. They typically come from various sizes and different power and storage capacity which accommodate numbers of people plus several fishing gears.

Moreover, marine sectors utilize the rigid inflatable boats primarily for the purpose of rescue mission over rough waters. There are also other rigid inflatable boats that have an open deck room for day tours and leisure activities. Aside from that, some design entails an enclosed cabin with deep v-hull so that intense water operations may be successful. Another good thing about the rigid inflatable boats is that there is a vast range of accessories available to dress up the rigid inflatable boat based on your preference. 

8. Comfortable

Having the most comfortable ride over the water is also one of the primary concerns of many. And to be able to enjoy the water ride and water activity, comfort must also get along the way. Luckily, the rigid inflatable boats have a hard hull and inflatable collars that give an amazing shock absorption property. 

Generally, shock absorption feature and stability are really crucial to provide an exceptional experience even on rough waters. Moreover, a comfortable seat also offers a great view of the surrounding which is highly essential during the ride.

What to Look for When Buying the Top 10 Rigid Inflatable Boats?

It is a general rule that prior to buying something, you need to consider the factors that are important for the product. For now, we will guide you to have the right decision in terms of your buying goal. This would generally help you to invest on the top 10 rigid inflatable boats available in the market depending on your needs.

Below are the things that you must consider when you want to buy the top 10 rigid inflatable boats:

Purpose of buying

Primarily, it is essential to learn your reason for buying an inflatable boat. The top 10 rigid inflatable boats are good in heading toward rough waters and have good catches. For these purposes, ensure to look for an inflatable boat that has a semi-rigid floor in order to guarantee durability and performance. 

In order for you to have more ideas about inflatable boats, the other type is the full inflatable boats. Compared to the rigid inflatable boats, the full inflatable boats are more comfortable and have easy to operate. Aside from that, full inflatable boats can either be inflated or deflated within a few minutes. When it comes to the storage of these inflatables, it is also effortless as it can be stored anywhere.

To easily identify these two inflatable boats, simply remember this general rule. The top 10 rigid inflatable boats are basically perfect for use within rough waters. Meanwhile, full inflatable boats are comfortably ideal in chill waters wherein relaxing under the sun is the main purpose.

Power and Load

Once you already identify your purpose for buying the top 10 rigid inflatable boats, the next thing to know is the capacity of the motor power depending on your purpose. Generally, when you want to buy an inflatable boat for the whole family, make sure that it provides 4-seater capacity. Another thing to consider is that it must have a specific place for the powerful motor to elevate the boat’s speed. 

A family boat primarily demands a powerful gas motor. However, in case you are the only one to ride on the boat, then you may opt for a smaller boat that has a lesser power motor. In fact, smaller baggage offers faster speed. 

Floor and Hull

Generally, the boat’s floor and hull also depend on its type, the semi-rigid and the inflatable floor. For the full inflatable boats, its performance is lesser and also has lesser durability. Basically, this shows that you need to opt for the semi-rigid ones in case you are going to the rivers or tend to catch fish. 

Meanwhile, in terms of the top 10 rigid inflatable boats, it has unmatchable durability and performance. However, inflating and deflating this kind of inflatable boat needs more time. But, for a professional boater, the inflating and deflating process will only require only 10 to 15 minutes depending on the pump. 


Another important factor to consider when buying the top 10 rigid inflatable boats is the price. You must have to generally make thorough product research and look for the one that fits your budget. Look for various products over the web and compare the prices of each. Moreover, check for the warranty that comes with it. There are inflatable boat products that entail full warranty while others only have limited warranties.  

Top 10 Rigid Inflatable Boats

OUR TOP PICK: Intex Excursion 5 Inflatable Boat

Product Name: Intex Excursion 5 Inflatable Boat

Product Description: The first on our list for the top 10 rigid inflatable boats is the Excursion 5 from Intex. This inflatable boat generally acts to cradle a maximum of 5 people. Definitely, this rigid inflatable boat is very easy to love as it provides spacious rooms for holding fishing gears, beer, and other essentials. The good thing when you purchase the Intex Excursion 5 Inflatable boat is that there is the presence of 4 fishing rod holders. You can see them beside the bench seats facing inward. Moreover, this rigid inflatable boat has three inflatable chambers that freely hold the air.

Availability: InStock

  • Sturdiness
  • Durability
  • Ease of inflating


Using the Intex Excursion 5 Inflatable Boat may allow you to enjoy all the day on the lake. The capacity of this rigid inflatable boat is not an issue as it can accommodate up to 5 people on-board. Made up of sturdy vinyl, Intex Excursion 5 Inflatable Boat is perfect to resist sharp objects and other items for deflating.


Moreover, with the help of the Boston valve, the inflating and deflating process of this rigid inflatable boat becomes so easy. It also contains 3 air chambers and an extra auxiliary chamber intended for water displacement. Generally, the Intex Excursion 5 Inflatable Boat is really sturdy due to its high-quality materials.


  • Provides backrest on the inflatable seats for extra comfort

  • Also has two fishing rod holders for fishermen

  • Contains a grab line which offers easy access and getting out of the boat


  • Rowing is hard for first-timers

  • Package includes a hand pump and not an automatic pump

Runners Up

Brine Marine Inflatable Boat

Brine Marine Inflatable Boat is another amazing product on our top 10 rigid inflatable boats. The inflatable boat comes with a measurement of 8’2” long which provides more space on-board sufficient for 3 people. Credits also to the roll-up slat floor that it has because it makes Brine Marine Inflatable Boat easy to assemble. Along with this, it also offers an ultra-compact storage room. 

Another great thing about this rigid inflatable boat is that its plywood transcom is actually sturdy and can handle a maximum of 5 HP. This can generally produce a smooth cruising activity from one fishing spot to another. Moreover, the chambers of the Brine Marine Inflatable Boat comply with the standards of ENISO 6185-1. And this boat is able to accommodate a maximum capacity of 970 pounds.

Amazing features that this rigid inflatable boat can boast of including its fabric material that resists UV rays and remains firm during harsh conditions. Aside from that, the seams material of Brine Marine Inflatable Boat is PVC which generally undergo thermo bonding process. Additionally, when you tend to purchase this inflatable boat, the manufacturer will basically provide a statement of origin which actually satisfies most of the customers.

Furthermore, the package inclusion of this rigid inflatable boat also has an inflation pump and a comfortable bench seat. In addition, it also includes oars, oarlocks, and storage compartments. Generally, Brine Marine Inflatable Boat is an efficient one to ride on over the lake all day long without any hassle. 

  • The length of the boat offers 3-seater capacity and extra gear storage
  • Includes 2-years of warranty
  • Also has a carry bag for easy transport
  • It also includes an inflation pump to give a quick deflation and inflation process
  • Rough conditions may affect the performance of the boat

Shark Sports Inflatable Boat

The Shark Sports Inflatable Boat is also one of the top 10 rigid inflatable boats to opt for. Moreover, the assembling and disassembling process are pretty much easy which only takes about less than 10 minutes. Another great feature that this rigid inflatable boat offers is its entire aluminum chassis. Compared to the regular plywood marine, the aluminum material that it has is really environment friendly.

This rigid inflatable boat has a 15 horse motor which allows you to go fishing on your favorite spot. Yet, it has an optimal storage room suitable for 5 to 6 people. In terms of rigidity and capacity, there is really a relevant improvement on this inflatable boat. The seat comes in a removable cushioned bag that provides extra comfort. 

Aside from that, the Shark Sports Inflatable Boat is lightweight but stronger and allows ease of cleaning. The sleek design that it has comes up with white finishes which can accommodate a motor system. It has a thickness of about 0.9mm and the reinforced PVC material with 1100 denier guarantees high durability.

  • The seams are welded through a heating process which gives extra protection
  • Comes with a manufacturer certificate that is registrable to the USCG
  • The operation works on a manual process using a motor system with a maximum of 15 HP
  • Can accommodate up to 5 people
  • Transom seems to provide 10 HP motors only
  • Instructions are not clear and hard to understand
  • Water can enter underneath the floorboards

Classic Accessories Inflatable Boat

The Classic Accessories Inflatable Boat is another inclusion on the top 10 rigid inflatable boats. Actually, the assembling process is really easy as well as its transport. Aside from that, this rigid inflatable boat is also highly customizable. It also contains more rooms for storage and about two insulated beverage holders.

This rigid inflatable boat is a robust one and won’t easily break up. Its materials are abrasion PVC at the bottom part and sturdy nylon on top. Generally, this structure can make the Classic Accessories Inflatable Boat resists punctures that may come from fishing hooks and other sharp equipment. 

Moreover, this rigid inflatable boat includes a wheel that is wisely retractable. In addition, the boat also entails additional padding to its plastic seats. Additionally, the Classic Accessories Inflatable Boat includes internal portable gear storage that can handle up to 400 pounds weight capacity.

  • Has available rod holder which is highly adjustable in six various positions
  • It contains a mesh anchor system on both sides
  • Also contains an adjustable footrest
  • With a smart oaring system
  • Does not include air pump in the package
  • Only suitable for electric motors usage

Intex Seahawk Inflatable Boat

Top 10 rigid inflatable boats 5th

Intex again makes it to enter into the list of the top 10 rigid inflatable boats. With its Seahawk model, it provides the comfort and utility of a deluxe boat. Its material is 30-gauge PVC vinyl which generally prevents damage resulting from the sun, outside pressures, and abrasions.  

Moreover, the Intex Seahawk Inflatable Boat can accommodate a maximum of 4 people including the luggage. Grab line is also present all over the boat’s body for the purpose of security upon getting in and out of the boat. Aside from that, it also has a fishing rod holder on its sides making it ideal as a fishing dinghy. 

There are also three air chambers present and all of which are sealed off. Additionally, there are 3 welded oarlocks around this inflatable boat. A motor mount and high output air pump are also part of the included package of the Intex Seahawk Inflatable Boat.

In terms of versatility over the water, Intex Seahawk Inflatable Boat is actually the best one. Its performance can manage harsh conditions while making it maneuver easily. The material of this rigid inflatable boat is actually sturdy and of high-quality. Due to this, the inflatable craft is able to resist any hardcore punctures. Moreover, to guarantee extra security, this inflatable boat includes 3 different air columns plus an additional auxiliary chamber.  

  • Maximum capacity can accommodate up to 4-seater
  • Has inflatable cushions for additional comfort and support
  • Includes two fishing rod holders
  • Resistant to motor oils, saltwater, and gasoline due to PVC material
  • Rowing may be hard for a solo ride on a lake

Killer Whale Sports Inflatable Boat

Aside from Shark Sports Inflatable Boat, the Killer Whale is another model from the Sports Inflatable Boat brand that makes it to the top 10 rigid inflatable boats. Primarily, the design of this inflatable water vessel gives off extra rear buoyancy. This simply means that installation of a larger outboard motor of up to 15 HP will be easier. 

Killer Whale Sports Inflatable Boat has a length of about 10.8 feet and can load up to 1,268 pounds weight passenger capacity. Its PVC material measures around 0.9 mm thick and utilizes reinforced PVC which is about 1100 denier. Due to this, the Killer Whale Sports Inflatable Boat is actually resistant to oil, punctures, and UV rays. 

Moreover, this rigid inflatable boat comes in a sleeky style with a white pearl color. Aside from that, it has every hallmark of a maritime dinghy. Another good thing about this is that it is fast to assemble and is really sturdy which makes it an excellent buy.

  • Lightweight and can be transported easily
  • Made in the USA
  • Exceptionally durable because of the denier reinforced PVC
  • There is only one available aluminum seat
  • Water comes in and stuck at the boat floor

BRIS PVC Rigid Inflatable Boat

The BRIS PVC Rigid Inflatable Boat is another inclusion on the list of the top 10 rigid inflatable boats. It has a length of about 12.5 foot and comes from 2,000 denier PVC that is extremely heavy duty. Aside from that, its floor has a 12.5 mm aluminum material. Moreover, the transom utilizes marine plywood material which is ideal for a small outboard or trolling motor up to 25 HP. 

Using this one of top 10 rigid inflatable boats may give a total breeze experience. Its motor will able to reach nice boat velocity while in the water. The floor is basically sturdy due to its aluminum material which permits you to stand on it while having a good catch. Moreover, it contains an elevated seating bench also made from aluminum. This generally offers an excellent panorama of the surroundings.

BRIS PVC Rigid Inflatable Boat has a double layer of fabric which can be seen on the tube base. There are also three separate chambers in which the one-way drain valve is also present with plug inclusion. Furthermore, this rigid inflatable boat has a maximum capacity of about 180 pounds. Aside from that, the boat can accommodate at least 6 people on-board.

  • Contains 2 bench seats made from aluminum for a more elevated view
  • Has a one-way drain valve for getting out of excess water
  • Heavyweight water vessel

Bestway Hydro-Force Inflatable Boat

Top 10 rigid inflatable boats 8th

In terms of the top 10 rigid inflatable boats, the Bestway Hydro-Force Inflatable Boat would never be out of the list. Due to its 7.5’ length that provides load-bearing, fish slaying, and motor mounting, it generally outshines the other inflatable boats in the market. This inflatable boat also has 3 different air chambers basically for safety purposes that are able to resist punctures.

Moreover, its PVC hull can also help in preventing tears thus making you feel safe in the water. Bestway Hydro-Force Inflatable Boat generally has a huge weight that can accommodate a maximum weight of 600 pounds. Aside from that, this inflatable boat also allows the hooking up of two pieces of stroke outboard and the battery trolling motor.

Also included in the package of this inflatable boat is the two oarlocks that can secure the paddles in place. Additionally, it can also be adjusted into three different positions. Another great feature that this boat boasted is its drop stitch floor which is perfectly rigid once completely inflated. Bestway Hydro-Force Inflatable Boat also has drain plugs on the two sides of the boat floor which is very nice for inflatable boats. 

Versatility is also one of the key features of this rigid inflatable boat. Actually, using this can let you enjoy the water while you are on a river rafting or fishing. Furthermore, this has dinghy protection coming from UV degradation substances and abrasions elements. It also contains an additionally tough strake guarding the sides during docking. 

Because of this extraordinary protection, Bestway Hydro-Force Inflatable Boat is sturdy and durable. Moreover, it has carrying handles which make the transporting activity easy. Aside from that, there are no tools required to fix the floorboard and the bench making them easy to assemble. So, what are you waiting for? If you are amazed with all its features the buy your piece of Bestway Hydro-Force Inflatable Boat now.

  • It contains a tow ring made of metal steel which makes it portable
  • Also includes an internal drain valve to dries out water that enters underneath the floorboards
  • Have protection against pressure and friction due to the reinforced strake
  • Provides a rigid floorboards
  • The boat only includes one bench
  • The bench seat is easily detachable in rough waters

Intex Mariner Inflatable Boat

Top 10 rigid inflatable boats 9th

Another product from Intex included in the top 10 rigid inflatable boats is the Intex Mariner Inflatable Boat. This rigid inflatable boat contains more rooms to accommodate people, fishing gear, and other equipment. Moreover, it offers a rugged and durable 3-ply construction that gives an excellent boat feature despite its small frame. 

The floor of the Intex Mariner Inflatable Boat has reduced footprint making it more sturdy in both its structure and function. Intex also incorporates a reinforced rock and abrasion guard over the hull of Mariner Inflatable Boat. Aside from that, this rigid inflatable boat contains two-rod holders for the purpose of fishing and it also includes rotating oarlocks, battery, and gear bags. 

Furthermore, the Intex Mariner Inflatable Boat has the purpose to manage small transom trolling motors. Basically, the location of the preinstalled holes is within the exterior portion of the inflatable boat. This boat is generally light in weight and has a short frame. Due to this, it is pretty perfect for a small electric trolling motor. 

Compared to Excursion 5 Inflatable Boat, this one from Intex is a little bit smaller. But it has more rooms to store various accessories which makes it an inflatable boat do-it-all system. Generally, this rigid inflatable boat is suitable for those who want to hang out in the lake for fishing with a circle of friends.

  • Can accommodate up to 4 passengers with a maximum weight capacity of 880 pounds
  • Includes 4 pieces of Boston valves for fast inflation and deflation process
  • Has 2 fishing rod holders
  • Inflatable seat cushions are part of the package
  • With 2 pieces of 54-inch oars made of deluxe aluminum material
  • Hard to inflate
  • Only includes a hand pump

AIRHEAD Angler Bay Inflatable Boat

Top 10 rigid inflatable boats 10th

The Airhead Angler Bay Inflatable Boat is the next on our list of the top 10 rigid inflatable boats. This rigid inflatable boat has a 6-seater capacity which has a pretty olive and yellow hue. Airhead Angler Bay Inflatable Boat is pretty good in handling fishing activities, paddling, and floating with your friends and family.

Moreover, this rigid inflatable boat has numbers of rotating oar locks which allow paddling for those seating in the middle or rear portion of the boat. Various drink holders are also present around the boat. Additionally, there are 4 different drain plugs that help to dry the boat quickly.

Another great feature of the Airhead Angler Bay Inflatable Boat is that it includes a movable seat ready for adjustment within the boat. This feature generally assists in going to the right boat position. In addition, this can also help in placing the transom trolling motor at the back corner and paddle within the front set of the oarlocks.

Furthermore, this rigid inflatable boat has lots of space for fishing tackle and for kids in casting lines. That’s why Airhead Angler Bay Inflatable Boat is very versatile and provides various options for motors and rowing. In case, this fits your preference, then grab this Airhead Angler Bay Inflatable Boat now.

  • The available seats offer a 360-degree view
  • Perfect for the whole family
  • Has the ability to secure beverages due to the sturdy cup holders
  • It does not have a storage bag
  • Rowing may not be possible during windy situations

Frequently Asked Questions:


A: Generally, the average life cycle of an inflatable boat is around 10 to 15 years. However, this expected lifespan can be longer or shortened based on some involving factors. Aside from that, the use of the inflatable boat can also affect its lifespan. Here are some of the factors that determine the inflatable boat’s life cycle:

  • Boat’s age
  • Materials
  • Storage
  • UV exposure
  • Manufacturing methods which include the hand-glued machine vs. machine-welded seams

However, in some cases, boats with Hypalon materials may have longer life expectancy compared to those made out of PVC. Yet, the inflatable boats can easily get damaged because of the absence of maintenance and proper care.


A: Primarily, this is due to the construction materials that are expensive as well. The RIB or rigid inflatable boats consist of solid bottom similar to the real boat. Solid bottoms or floors have a solid hull and flexible tubing which are usually expensive. Actually, it is really the tubes that are inflatable and not the entire water vessel. Moreover, various materials form the tubes which come with varying durability.


A: Actually, the major things that make the rigid inflatable boats so popular are its versatility and the internal design stability. Due to its additional buoyancy, the rigid inflatable boats come with exceptional load capacity.  Aside from that, it also becomes very durable thus making it safe to ride on it over the waters.


A: Actually, if you want to know if inflatable boats are safe for use in the ocean or sea, well, the answer may depends on the type of the inflatable boat. Aside from that, the water conditions where you would use the inflatable boat also affects its safety. Primarily, keep in mind that cheap inflatable boats must not be risk to take out of the open water. It is an illegal act in most places to go out on the ocean using inflatable raft that are not yet ocean ready.


A: Basically, all boats can be capsized. However, in terms of the inflatable ones, they are really hard to flip over. Along with this, the inflatable boats are also hard to sink. The design of the inflatable boats typically ensures the safety of the water vessel to sink out.

Final Thoughts

The top 10 rigid inflatable boats offer durability and versatility while you are in the water. These water vessels generally allow you to stand on your feet while under harsh water conditions. However, always consider buying the one made of durable aluminum or PVC materials. Aside from that, you should also take into account its buying purpose, power and load capacity, price, and other features that come with it.

Moreover, in terms of the inflatable water vessel, buying a high-quality one is actually a good investment for long term use. Aside from choosing an affordable one, it is a good choice to put your money on an inflatable boat that keeps its durability over the years.

What do you think of the inflatable boats we have here? Please share your thoughts with us!

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