What Can I Put Under My Inflatable Hot Tub? 4 Common Bases

The inflatable hot tub is one of those blowup items in which great care is highly important. With this, it is also essential to consider the surfaces and the things surrounding the inflatable tub. That’s why most of the inflatable tub owners are asking the question “what can I put under my inflatable hot tub?”.

As we go along, we will also share to you some ideas regarding the things to be placed under the inflatable hot tub. We also have here the recommended surfaces for the site location of the hot tub. In case you are a first-time owner, we will give you some tips and tricks in setting up the inflatable tub as well. Check them all out below.  

Recommended Surface For Inflatable Hot Tub

Actually, prior to setting up a portable or blow up hot tub, it is highly crucial to take into account the location where you must put it. The area of its placement must have the elements of accessibility to the water source and power source, and a firm surface foundation. 

Keep in mind to take so much care of the things that can be put under my inflatable hot tub. It is extremely essential not to put the blow up hot tub over surfaces that may be damaging. Moreover, a good thing about what can I put under my inflatable hot tub is something that is of high importance especially if you want to have a spa-like experience. 

Actually, each corner of the inflatable hot tubs has a sturdy construction. Yet, its bottom that is actually collapsible and foldable requires a strong foundation. Here are some tips on how you can have a better foundation for your blow up hot tub. 

Free of slopes surface 

Primarily, what can I put under my inflatable hot tub should be a completely flat surface. Keep in mind that a slight slope on the surface can affect the integrity of the structure of the blow up hot tub. Moreover, it will also collapse once the tub is filled with sufficient water. 

In order to avoid this, give focus on the time when you fill the tub with water. The moment you noticed that water begins to flow unevenly in a particular direction, it is actually the best indication that you need to move the tub into other locations. 

The sturdy surface on the way

As an added points to the level, what can I put under my inflatable hot tub must be something sturdy. The surface underneath the blow up hot tub should be firm enough to hold it once it is filled with water. In the event that the hot tub has water in it, it will weigh and the weight will shift around the moment people get in. 

Moreover, try not to place the blow up hot tub on a muddy or sandy area. This will not generally support the base of the inflatable tubby. Example of things on what can I place under my inflatable hot tub is a concrete deck or pavement. 

Surfaces with water drainage 

Another thing to take into account when you’ll have to decide on what can you put under your inflatable hot tub is the water drainage. Once people get inside the hot tub, splashing of water will happen. Most of the time, the splashing is actually unintentional but you will basically need to deal with water spillage and some fuss. 

Aside from that, you also don’t want to experience difficulties in terms of emptying the blow up hot tub. Because of this, the best thing to put under my inflatable hot tub is a surface where water can be drained easily. Meaning to say, you must set up the blow up hot tub outside your home. Yet, an area inside that complies with this concern is actually suitable enough. 

Surface with mat for extra protection 

It is usually the best practice to lay some mat on the ground as part of what can I put under my inflatable hot tub. Aside from the fact that it adds protection on the tub bottom, the mat can also reduce water damage on the surface where it will be supposed to be placed. 

Common Bases on What Can I Put Under My Inflatable Hot Tub 

Aside from those surface types where you can place the blow up hot tub for damage prevention, here are the additional tub base options which you can consider. But, let us first discuss the 3 rules of thumb:

  1. Make sure that the blow up hot tub is far from any power source. Never ever put those tubbies close to an electric outlet. 
  2. Ensure that the things on what can I put under my inflatable hot tub are really strong. 
  3. Generally, level the base to put under my inflatable hot tub. 


Generally, the grass is the most common tub base being put under an inflatable tubby. The grass and the inflatable tub actually gives a perfect combination provided that there is no presence of broken glasses or bamboo sticks on the grass. Aside from that, the grass is typically a great cushioning material. 

what can i put under my inflatable hot tub

Yet, the main ground is not really a good source of insulation. That’s the reason why it is highly useful to utilize cloth or ground mat, as we have mentioned above, which can be put under my inflatable hot tub. Generally, the mat will serve as protection for puncture and source of heat insulation. 


This base on which I can put under my inflatable hot tub is actually perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Yet, ensure that the concrete pad must have the following features:

  • Should have a level surface in order to prevent settling after tub installation 
  • Must be thick enough to support the weight of the hot tub. Keep in mind that blow up hot tub is already heavy and it will get heavier when the water was spread out evenly on it. 
  • Make sure that the size of the concrete pad is almost the same as the size of the hot tub. 
  • Before you put the inflatable tubby over the newly constructed concrete pad, ensure that the pad is totally dry. Do not ignore this tip as it is of high importance because you will have to set up your inflatable tub to make use of it immediately. 
  • Ask for the assistance of home improvement service providers in case you find any unnecessary features on the concrete pad construction. 


Basically, this material to be put under my inflatable hot tub is pretty perfect for an outdoor location of the tub. Yet, same with the concrete pad, it should have the following characteristics:

  • Minimum thickness of 4 inches
  • There should be a constructed frame around this base type to keep it in place appropriately. 
  • Have proper drainage outlet to make the blow up hot tub durable
  • Install a low-level shower near the inflatable tubby. This will generally help to ensure that the feet can be washed off prior to entering into the tub. Aside from that, this will also prevent dirt accumulation into the blow up hot tub. 


Like with the concrete pad, the synthetic tub pads are highly suitable for both outdoor and indoor inflatable hot tub location. Moreover, this base materials for what can I put under my inflatable hot tub comes with the following advantages:

  • No need to place some concrete or work on some other things out
  • Generally light in weight and budget-friendly option
  • Setting-up is fast and easy
  • Minimal or no maintenance at all 
  • The included parts are interlock which results in easy dismantling when necessary. 

Tips and Tricks in Setting up the Inflatable Hot Tub

Primarily, when it is your first time buying an inflatable hot tub, you may have to be uncertain about the setting up process. In connection with this, here are some tips and tricks to make you easily set up your inflatable hot tub. 

✔ Read the manual guide

Actually, most of us find it boring to read instructions and set up manuals. But doing so can generally help you out a lot. It can definitely save both of the time and money especially when there is an available connector around. Yet, you must that lucky enough to found out that there is a missing spare part. 

That’s why it is really crucial to read the instructions for setting up the inflatable hot tub. Primarily, scanning is one of the important things to do. Another thing is to check for the completeness of spare parts that include inside the box. In case the manual is missing, one best option is to search on Google for the same inflatable hot tub version. 

Yet, the most convenient alternative is to watch the instructional DVD along with the inflatable hot tub. Moreover, if there is no available DVD at all, the most possible way to know the setting up process is going through YouTube videos. 

✔ Carefully choose your location

It is actually important to invest some time in choosing the best location to put the inflatable hot tub. Generally, do not utilize an extension cable even if it calls for placing the tub on the best backyard site. Basically, the usage of the extension cord may be a safety hazard issue as it may be a risk of fire.

Another important thing to consider in choosing the best location for the inflatable hot tub is the surface smoothness and flatness. It is actually uncomfortable to sit on an inflatable tub over an uneven surface or slope. Aside from that, it will incorporate stress over the inflatable hot tub which may result to damaging the tub liner. 

Additionally, look for sharp things or rough surfaces near the inflatable tub. Despite the tough outer layers of the hot tub, puncturing its surface is still possible. This may actually be possible when transporting the inflatable hot tub into its location prior to filling with water.

✔ Always consider the filled weight

The location of most inflatable hot tubs is on the ground outdoor, an indoor space, or over a deck. Considering this matter, ensure that deck or flooring are firm enough for the purpose of providing support on accumulated the weight of the tub and of the user. Moreover, an indoor location for inflatable hot tubs requires no electrical outlets or any valuable items around it. Primarily, due to the danger of water splashes and spillage coming from the inflatable hot tub, the best location would be on the ground floor.  

✔ Air it up and move it out

Generally, the preferred way to set up the inflatable hot tub is to inflate it first on open ground, preferably the backyard. After that, transport it over the location where you want to place it. The weight of an inflatable hot tub is moderately heavy that needs two people to carry it from one place to another.

✔ Over-inflating is a no-no

Keep in mind not to over-inflate the hot tub due to these two primary reasons:

  1. Over-inflating the hot tub may generally put stress on the seams. Basically, it may cause weakness and leak over the inflatable hot tub. 
  2. Filling the inflatable hot tub with an ample amount of water needs the consideration of the hot tub corners. Actually, having too much air on the inflatable hot tub walls may cause rigidity. Because of this, there will be an increase in weight which distorts the shape of the inflatable tub. Aside from that, it may also cause leakages and seams failure.

✔ Overfilling is also a big no

There is actually a maximum-fill line indicator inside the hot tub wall. You should check it when you fill-up the inflatable tub with water. Filling water above this line is a major no as you restrict rooms for the water to rise when you get in the tub. Moreover, when you overfill the hot tub and you get inside it, there is really a big chance to overflow waters on the sides.

That’s why it is highly recommended to fill waters at the minimum fill-line. Once you get inside the hot tub, it is the time that you would pour on additional water. But, keep in mind that it must be up only to the maximum fill-line. 

Final Thoughts

What can I put under my inflatable hot tub is actually the main concern for most owners. Knowing the fact that the inflatable tubs have smooth and soft surfaces, it should be very important to consider the type of surfaces of the site where you must place those inflatable tubs. Aside from that, also take into account surfaces that have flat level, away from slopes, electrical sources, and electrical supply. Moreover, following the tips and those items to be put under the inflatable tubs is a great help to make your tub last in the long run.  

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