Where To Buy Beach Balls: A Brief Guide To Choosing The Best One!

Summer is here, meaning only one thing. It’s time to find a nice cool spot by the water to bathe the sun. Whether you go to the next beach or relax in your own pool, there is no better way to keep your kids active and fun than with a beach ball. But do you know where to buy beach balls?

Beach balls promote the healthy practice and help develop key driving and social skills such as teamwork and sharing. Tons of sizes and designs are available these days.

Best Beach Balls Product ImageRating Check Price
Amscan Crab Shape Beach Ball
Little Tikes Beach Ball Sprinkler (88 Inches)
PMLand Earthball Inflatable World Globe Beach Ball (Set of 6)
GoFloats Giant Inflatable Beach Ball
Jumbo Pink Kangaroo Beach Ball
DomeStar 25" Glitter Beach Balls
Intex Jumbo Inflatable 42" Giant Beach Ball

What Is A Beachball?

where to buy beach balls

A beach ball is an inflatable beach and water ball. Their large size and lightweight require little propelling effort. In the beach-themed movies of the 1960s, Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon became popular.

Beach balls range from 3 feet (0,91 m) or more extensive by hand. They usually have a set of soft plastic panels, one with an oral inflation valve and two circular end panels, intended to be inflated with the mouth or pump. 

Vertical solid colored stripes alternate with white stripes are a standard design. There are also many other designs, including but not limited to solid beach balls, promotional beach balls with advertisements or slogans, as globes, and Emojis.

Some producers specify the size of their beach balls (often confused with their diameter) as the tip-to-tip length of a ball deflated (about half of the circumference), or even the length of a panel before it has cut its ends into a beach ball. The actual diameter can, therefore, be about the nominal size.

Sports include water polo and volleyball at the Beach Ball. Although they are much cheaper than professional balls, they are also much less durable, as most of them are made of soft plastic. 

More Information


Giant beach balls may be thrown at concerts, festivals, and sporting events among crowds. Many graduates use beach balls to snap them around the crowd during ceremonies. You are bounced by crowds in cricket, baseball, and football, but often confiscated and popped by security.

Some security personnel at these events might even inspect the beach ball’s interior after tearing it, most probably searching for illicit goods that could be carried into the beach ball. 

The guards can do this as well so that a beach ball is not allowed to end on the field and block or distract players, as in August 1999, during a baseball match between the Cleveland Indians and the Los Angeles Angels, when the distraction of a beach ball on the field led to the defeat of the Angels.

Its lightweight and stability make beach balls ideal for trained seals, which are now an iconic scene. Beach balls are also a famous advocate used in photography of bathing suits and for promoting or representing beach events or locations.

How To Pick A Beach Ball

Before you find where to buy beach balls, you should first know how to pick the best beach ball available!


The right size for your new ball depends on the beach activities. Also, small children can throw small beach balls around them, and giant beach balls can be fun for adults. Would you use it in the water? Would you like to play volleyball or dodgeball with it? These are all factors to be taken into account when selecting the size.


Your new beach ball ‘s color can be personalized. Has your child a favorite color? If so, go with it. Are you planning a thematic party? Match the beach ball color to the party colors.


While the best beach balls are made from plastic, you can not expect the same level of quality from each product. We, therefore, recommend that you buy a ball made of tested vinyl. The material thickness is also essential – thicker balls don’t pop so easily. Finally, if the ball comes with strengthened seams, it’s a good thing, so it doesn’t lose air spontaneously.


As you could see, the weight of the models varies significantly. You should get a heavier ball that won’t swim in the wind if you want to play dodgeball or volleyball. A more massive ball can be dangerous for small children, on the other hand. If you get a shot for your kid, a soft and lightweight model is better.

The Best Beach Ball Choices And Where To Buy Beach Balls

Now that you know the things to consider, here are some of the best beach ball choices you can try! Where to buy beach balls? Read our guide and find out. 

Our Top Pick

Product Name: Intex Jumbo Inflatable 42" Giant Beach Ball

Product Description: The Intex Jumbo beach ball attracted our attention immediately with its beautiful design and high quality. The Jumbo Ball is fantastic, with its colorful dots on a transparent base. This ball with a diameter of 42 inches and a weight of 15 ounces is suitable for use in or out of the water. Finally, you can count on durability from a renowned manufacturer like Intex. This ball is made of tough PVC and will last for numerous beach adventures.

  • Durability
  • Easy To Use
  • Value For Money

Amscan Crab Shape Beach Ball 

  • Bright red and yellow colors with legs and protruding eyes
  • Perfect for in and out of the water fun!
  • Ball made of durable vinyl in bright red and yellow colors with legs and protruding eyes
  • Hard to patch up when damaged

Look at this smiling crab. He has dull claws and a cheeky smile and is likely to think about somewhere scuttling. Now, perhaps you won’t be able to beat him like you’d be an unbeaten beach ball. But it’s just like a good time.

Little Tikes Beach Ball Sprinkler (88 Inches)

  • Giant Beach Ball
  • Beat the Heat
  • Sets Up in Seconds
  • Issues with size

Make a splash with the beach sprinkler Little Tikes. This giant beach ball is enormous with its 88-inch circumference. But it’s far more than that, too. Just hook it to your regular garden shaft, and it also turns into a fun sprinkler in the summer! Water springs from four separate spray heads, which keeps the children for hours entertained (and soaked!). Your tikes are going to love it.

PMLand Earthball Inflatable World Globe Beach Ball (Set of 6)

  • Globe earth design
  • Made of durable vinyl and shipped deflated
  • Easy to inflate
  • Hard to inflate for some

The PMLand World Globe Beach Ball Inflatable Earthball allows you to study geography while playing! Each of the six beach balls included has a clear and detailed world-wide design, with different colors and tons of geographical information. These vinyl beach balls measure 16 centimeters in diameter and provide a host of sun fun and educational opportunities. It is recommended highly.

GoFloats Giant Inflatable Beach Ball

  • Giant Size Fun for Parties, Beach Days and More!
  • Eye Catching
  • Durable Design
  • Questions on durability

If you’re following a giant beach ball, the Giant GoFloats Ball is the largest in our reviews. This human ball, measuring 6 feet in diameter, will bring a new level of fun to your beach day. To facilitate inflation, GoFloats large beach balls feature a rapid valve that provides five times more air. Furthermore, the multicolor Giant is compatible with electric pumps of all kinds.

Jumbo Pink Kangaroo Beach Ball

  • Features a classic flamingo standing on one leg on a pink and white beach ball
  • Includes 1 Pink Flamingo Beach Ball
  • Made of high-quality plastics, this beach ball is built to last
  • Customers have experienced receiving beach balls with holes

The Kangaroo Jumbo ball is sure to stand out with its unique flamingo print. It is 27 inches in diameter, which means it is much bigger than your average beach ball. You can also count on high quality from Kangaroo. It is made from 1 mm thick vinyl, so you don’t have to worry about it.

DomeStar 25″ Glitter Beach Balls

  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Rapid Inflation
  • Safe to Use
  • Small in size

Perhaps the most beautiful ball in our list is the DomeStar Glitter Beach Ball. Combining pink and transparent patches with lots of sparkles this ball will definitely stand out among the rest. It’s very light and made of tested PVC, so it’s an excellent choice for children.

Intex Jumbo Inflatable 42″ Giant Beach Ball

  • Transparent design with colorful panes
  • Colorful, rainbow dot design
  • Comes with repair patch
  • Size issues

The Intex Jumbo beach ball attracted our attention immediately with its beautiful design and high quality. The Jumbo Ball is fantastic, with its colorful dots on a transparent base. This ball with a diameter of 42 inches and a weight of 15 ounces is suitable for use in or out of the water. Finally, you can count on durability from a renowned manufacturer like Intex. This ball is made of tough PVC and will last for numerous beach adventures.

Does a ball weigh more when inflation occurs?

No, not really. The weight it adds is almost insignificant irrespective of how much you inflate it, as there is not much air within the ball. If your beach ball is deflated or inflated, you won’t notice any difference in weight.

Can you fill a helium-filled beach ball?

Yes, you can. Like a balloon, helium makes the beach ball lighter in the air. While a smaller ball (not enough gas inside it) would not float, a large helium-packed ball can float effortlessly into the air. But remember that helium leaks faster than air, so the ball will deflate faster.

How are you blowing up a beach ball?

Depending on the size and valve of your beach ball, different methods can be used. For instance, smaller balls can inflate the mouth. Don’t forget to pinch the valve to allow the air in. On the other hand, medium and large balls may require a hand pump or foot pump while giant beach balls are best inflated with electric pumps.

How can a beach ball be deflated?

You do this by pinching the air valve base to release the air. You can even put a paw in the hole to keep the valve open. If it is almost totally deflated, you may need to squeeze out the last air. When you use an electric pump to inflate the ball, you can also deflate it by reversing the pump.

What is a beach ball’s standard size?

The standard size of a ball is about 12 centimeters. This is the most comfortable size for most beach games. Some beach balls are well below 10 inches, while large beach balls are well below 30 inches. Be aware that some manufacturers list the diameter when deflated, which means that the ball will be significantly smaller when inflated.

Final Words

We all enjoy a pleasant trip to the beach, especially when the sun is high in summer. However, without the classic beach staple, a beach trip is not complete: a beach ball. Most people buy a beach ball without much thought, but after only a few uses, you want a sunny and sand-free ball.

The inflatable ball is cheap, small and allows for a range of activities, ranging from catching and volleyball to keep in the air. There’s something really satisfactory about the full force of a beach ball. There are now, of course, hundreds of beach balls. Those flashed with emojis. And while all of them enable the same play style, each gives a little extra characterization. With this guide, you should know where to buy beach balls and what option is best for you!

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